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  • Over the past month I have gone through quite a divine transformation. I have learned new abilities such as clairaudience, visions and have also spoken with The Spirit and Angels. I have not been told that I must offer prayer but I feel that I have been gifted and it's time for me to move out of my re-treat and give back. If any one would like me to send a prayer please let me know. Blessings to All!


  • Hi Sarah,

    How wonderful that you have been through a transformation. Thank you for offering to give back. Could you please say a prayer for Cris1962 that she will find a house to move to soon and that she will have peace and harmony and happiness in her life.

    Thank you

    Wenchie :-))

  • Yes, the transformation has been wonderful. I have let go of all negative including negative relationships. I also want to send thanks to every one who has helped me along the way. I will send a prayer for Chris tonight.



  • I do apologize I have changed my forum name. The name change was needed since most people think of scorpios in a not so nice way! 🙂

  • That's a shame, I don't have any preconceived notions of Scorpios. Actually, my Mum's hubby is scorpio and he is a great guy.

    Thank you very much for the prayer tonight, that would be really great! :-))

  • There are many here on tarot that could use a prayer. Lost jobs, living on a shoe string, children with no big Thanksgiving dinner, no little ones going to have toys or a home that is familiar, love ones in the service of our country. Thank you for offering and we will all help you out. Thank you very much. Love and Light and Peace

  • Yes, you are right LibrasLair, there are too many for me to remember and to name personally. A lot of people doing it tough.

  • Sarah how sweet of you to do this. God Bless you. Will you please pray for me to have energy and balance in my life when I return to school this January. I am a single mom of 3 and I am really nervous as I am already pretty burned out between work and kids. This has also been a very challenging year with heartbreak and financial difficulty and the death of my grandfather. I am going to be a nurse by the way and I am hoping this brings about better changes. Thanks so much your a sweetie. ( :

  • lovingmylife I am also the mother of three and soon to be single. I am a nurse too. I know you will make a great nurse! you have alot of love and compassion for others. I sense school will be a breeze for you. Yes it's hard work and alot of study. Stick with it. Also make sure you take time for yourself. You will be opened to a whole new world of possibilities. Good luck!

  • thanks so much b4icu, thats soooo encouraging. xo 🙂 I am already done with 2 years of pre requisits I took a few years ago then suddenly had to stop because my son became ill. Hes much better now and I am so wanting to finish what I started.

  • You will finish!! Sometimes it doesn't happen as quickly as we want it to, but it will happen.Sounds like you made it through the tough part already. Clinicals will be exciting and you will learn alot. I'm glad your son is better. blessings to you and your family.

  • Fearnotone would you please say a prayer for all the elderly people who depend on others for their needs. thanks

  • My prayer is Libraslair, that she be blessed with continued good health and continue to grow, show us through her wisdom, humor, and compassion, the ways in which we can be stronger and more open...and a great man to share her life, enormous heart, and gumbo with.

    For Wenchie, that peace, love, joy, and harmony surround her. That the healing she gives to others with such love be always returned to her and protect her, and that the one who truly deserves her find and fight his way to her, be by her side always.

    For Lovinmylife-that everything beautiful be given to this beautiful soul. For her peace, success, happiness, lov and joy to come and remain with her...along with the man of her dreams:)

    For Isaac to remain healthy and grow strong and wonderful, never to fight anything within him again.

    For Chris1962, that her new home be found soon and be filled with the love, peace, hope, light and happiness she so freely, unselfishly gives to others. That the courage and strength within her get through the difficult undertakings and the humor and love make the highs that much sweeter. For her daughter to continue to grow in her example and live the TRUEST life. And,of course, a strapping Aussie stud to rightly worship Chris:)

    For soapmaker to find success in her business and peace and harmony in her life. I know SHE knows the way, but praying for even though she doesn't need any help...she ALWAYS knows the way!

    For all those whose lives and struggles I have been privileged to share and (hopefully) helped understand, as I begin this journey. I pray that their worries, heartaches, pains, fears, illnesses, ALL be lifted and that they are filled from within and without with light, love, peace, and happiness.

    For manifestdreams and emeraux, that the sweetness, generosity, wisdom, and love they so willingly show others be theirs tenfold.

    For my find his peace and happiness, finally. With or without me because I love him enough to want it for him more than wanting him for me and because I know him enough to know he does deserve it.

  • Hi Bab, love and light to you.

    This message is for everyone who has some love to spare.

    KAY in the Psychic Forum DESPERATELY needs our assistance, so please give her your love and wisdom now at the Wondering about the holidays thread.

    Thank you!


  • Bab you are a very loving and kind women with a heart of gold,your light shines bright!

    my prayer is one of many,but yet the same.

    That everyones light and blessings continue to grow and shine bright.

    and that everyone find peace from the burden of money problems that so many of us have.

    and i pray for everyone that is still serching for their light and way,that they find it.

    and please say an extra big prayer for the elderly,homeless and wonderful troops that are giving up their lifes,so we can live ours.and all the men,women and children struggling with an illness.all of these people are the true Hero's in our world and need our prayer's everyday.

    God Bless All!



  • Oh my sweet bab. I wish I had read your request for prayer before I went to the grocery store I would of had you put in a good word for me to find that frozen yogurt I love but I didn't read it till now and they were out of my yogurt.LOL But I pray that you and your love forget what you were both mad about so that you can enjoy each other for the holidays. Peace and harmony my dear one.

  • Hisbablove,

    Your prayer was so beautiful and so heartfelt, you are such an amazing woman, so loving, giving, caring and deserve it all. We are all so blessed to have you in our lives and your precious friendship. Your love and light shines so brightly. You are indeed an angel, one whose enormous wings reach out and enfold us all. I just wish we were in the same country at least 😞

    Love always



  • Lovinmylife, I will pray for energy and balance for you tonight.



  • b4icu, I will most definetly pray for the elderly. 🙂

    What a beautiful thread this has turned into. I am glad that I have got to meet all of you! I will say though that specifics are always better!



  • FearNotOne, I hope that you have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

    PLEASE pray that I will get a job, and that my Exboyfriend will be able to FINALLY get rid of his negative and troublesome employees. I have been praying since last Thanksgiving, that he will be able to get rid of his manipulative and deceitful Program Director( her name is Tina)

    PLEASE pray that this woman goes forward in peace!!

    Thank You.

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