A Sign From. . .!

  • My son stayed w/me this past weekend. He had to go home Mon. eve. I was very saddened when he left. He lives about 60 miles from me. It's hard to get away sometimes to see him. We are close. Anyway, early Tues. am, I got up to make coffee. I had my cellphone on the bed. When I returned the screen was lit-up, so I watched to see what was happening. The screen started forming the constellation of Gemini (my son's zodiac sign), stayed on briefly, then turned dark again. My phone forms the constellations when in use. It normally starts at Aquarius and will go thru the others, but only when in use. I feel this was a "heavenly call" that can not be explained. The phone did not ring and I didn't miss any calls.

  • Wow Dalia that is very cool. It sounds like a sign to me that possibly your son was thinking of you at that time and you all were still connected. I firmly believe there are signs all around us and whether or not we stop to watch and listen to these. Haven't you ever had someone on your mind and you can't stop thinking about them then they will call you? And when you finally talk you find out that you were on their mind too? Kind of the same idea, Obviously you and your son are VERY connected, awesome!

  • Hi Avacara, I told him the next day what happened and he said that he had been thinking of me a lot. He said, "Mom, I don't always tell you, but I miss you a lot." I also got the feeling that God was letting me know that he is looking out for him.

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