Interpretation help!

  • I asked about getting this job I've been talking to someone about. Drew one card: The Devil.

    I'm not one to think it's necessarily a bad omen. I'm inclined to see it about control, what do you all think? I drew one more as a clarifier: The Lovers.

    Any takers? I'd REALLY appreciate any insight. I think I want to see a positive outcome so badly that I'm too partial.

  • Good mornin, Your right the devil card is not necessarily a bad card. It simply means you are aware of what your needs are. The Lovers card is about using your intuition. Trust yourself, is what I am getting. You know what you need and you have everything to get it accomploshed. Good luck and have a Great Thanksgiving.

  • Thank you very much! I appreciate your help. I feel this job is right for me and it's a bit of a dream job, so I was scared that there was something bad I wasn't seeing.

    In case you feel like sharing more insight...I asked about taking more immediate action than I originally intended regarding this job. This impulse to act sooner, I admit, is due to fear of missing out if I wait. Technically I asked if I should call this person about it now rather than later...I drew Temperance.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • The Devil card is very misinterpreted. One of its most popular meanings is in regard to habits, addiction, or physical need. It is a card representing attachments that hold you in place. In that respect, being about "Control" is not necessarily wrong. One possibility drawing the Lovers might suggest is that you listen to your heart about this job, in order to prevent yourself ending up slave to a job that's not right for you, that you'd only be doing to put bread on the table.

    As good as it is to have a job in these hard times, you always have to be looking out for the betterment of your situation, and sometimes a demanding job can chain you down.

    Hope that's insightful! Happy Turkey Day!

  • Very insightful Kitsunetsuki!! Thank you and a very Happy Turkey Day to you too!

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