Thankful for being the person I am.

  • I'm thankful for being the person I am because I've learned so much about me since the death of my mother in 2003!, the strength i realized i had. After her death i had to make so many changes in my life at first i was afraid to make them,until my daughter went off to college, all alone wondering can i afford to paid for her college education, without the help of others,some how i managed it, with determination, hard work and lots of prayer... What i realize i had i still use today. is just trust yourself and believe in yourself. And most of all Let Go and Let God.......

  • Thank you for posting that reyea. It speaks to me.

    I just got clobbered myself, and I was (self pityingly) wondering IF I had enough determination and self trust to plow through all that I need to handle now. Thanks again. It's good to hear such great words of encouragement along the way. : )

    love light and many blessings,


  • If i can just help someone along the way, is what 's most important to me........ thanks for sharing and remeber to keep your head up............

    Be Blessed

  • That's a nice story you shared. I also believe in the power of prayer. And thats a great thing, how you have created something positive from it all. Believeing in yourseff is the key.

    Bless you all

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