To hanswolfgang, May I please have a moment of your time?

  • Hi, my name is Peggy. Born 9/26/72 @ 11:28am. I was wondering if you had the time to help me with a few things or at the least just give some friendly advice. I have gone on this site and purchased every possible report/chart/cards and with the exception of my birth chart report, (which is eerily accurate), I am usually left somewhat confused about the direction my life is going in. My biggest concern involves my potential relationship future ie, "my love life". Let's just say I'm a true Libra. I have made some courageous changes in my life in the last year and have made some pretty uncharacteristic behavior calls that caught me off guard with the true nature of my being. I've been either married or in a relationship literally all my life. At least since I was 15. As soon as one ended I was in another within weeks sometimes days. I have always been the one to end it. I have usually been the backbone in the home. I have tended to get married to men who are either, dislexic, slow learners, or need something done by somebody else because they have no clue how to get it done otherwise. I seem to be all too happy to help them. So, I made a promise to myself about a year ago, that no matter what, I would be true to myself above ALL others, and do whatever I felt I needed to do to make me happy. So, I left my husband who was really a good man, and set out to get to know who I REALLY was underneath the hard exterior I have accumulated over the years. Somewhere in my life, I had lost who I was. Now that I'm finally comfortable in my own skin and I can honestly say " I Love Peggy", I find myelf consumed with searching for my TRUE partner. The one that doesn't NEED me but, WANTS me. Whose attentive and affectionate but not smothering and is independent enough to not need mothering. MUST be ELECRTIFYING intellectually, emotionally and physically.

    But, I seem to attract men without trying. It seems as if I have some sort of pull that is not intentional. A magnetism that is at times extremely strong. I could be filthy, in my workboots, just got off of work at the plant,(asphalt) and I'm still hit on. I don't wear make-up or dress "sexy". I don't behave in a way that warrants the attention. I'm an average chested, slim brunette that talks like a sailor. Then, there are the other times, when I still don't get dressed up, but I intentionally draw their eyes to me. All I seem to have to do is make eye contact, and that's all I have to do. And around the full moon, I'm like a tiger on the prowl. I literally go searching for a mate if only for the night. I'm terrible. But, I do have a lot of fun at times. 🙂 I guess what I'm bothering you for is some kind of possible forsight? What do you feel (if anything) for my future. I don't mean, "when am I gonna die?" kinda thing. But, do you maybe feel that I might actually attract the right one any time soon? It has become my "mission" to find this person I feel exists for me. It's such a big world and only one man to find. I'm not settling for the same hum drum kind of connection. It must FEEL electrifying to me to just be close to them. Many have loved me or at least thought they did. I have loved very few. But, cared deeply for all. Or I should say it just wasn't the same magnitude of love for me as it was for them.

    Anyway, Thanks for listening. If anyone else whose reading this has some insight or hind sight to contribute, by all means, please do.

    Thanks Much,


  • Peggy,

    you might actually attract the right one any time soon.

    Besides of this your life has no direction, the way is blocked. As some kind of possible foresight: Find your great hope, a goal, which will help you collecting your energy and gives you a direction.

    For your future I feel shame about your inner impulses.

    My friendly advice: Your materialistic mother still is an influence in you.

    You feel strongly about your version of love. You are surrounded by the Christ spirit of sacrifice through love. Even though you are sometimes immature and crafty, you are influenced by the wisdom of the Christ spirit, which gives you higher guidance and higher motives in general. You must watch, however, that your martyrdom does not get out of hand. Love is your power and birthright. You have come to love others and to show them the way by your example. You often make sacrifices in your life and your personal fulfillment may be given up for some higher cause or philosophy. As born leader, you must be successful in your own profession. You carry the spirit of higher love within you and all people you associate with are in some way uplifted by your presence. You will find your greatest fulfillment on a spiritual path.

  • Dear hanswolfgang,

    Wow, that was deep. I'm not sure I understand the Christ spirit thing,( I don't believe in God), but I do believe Jesus was an amazing philosopher. What do you mean by the way is blocked? Shame about my inner impulses? Are you able to reiterate for me a little bit more. Martyrdom? Sorry if I seem a little ignorant. I really want to be sure I understand the full meaning of what you have said. Thank you so very much, I realize there is a high demand for your attention and again, your time is much appreciated.

  • All your problems are selfmade and you will care for them. You are defending your space by closing against others.

    You are living in your world and still you feel, you are extraordinary trying to be ordinary.

    You are celebrating your subjugation, your deception and your pain.

    In a love relationship the other is respected, respected tremendously. The other is not reduced to a thing, the other is not used; in fact both enhance each other, both enrich each other.

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