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  • I'm hopelessly infatuated and "In Like" with a Cancer Man I have never met. Sounds bizarre, I know. We know each other through mutual friends and talk often online - Well used to. It started out that we would talk almost everyday. Then circumstances changed and now we don't talk as often. He has always flirted with me very very subtly and sweetly. And now it seems as if he's a little harsh. He teases me in ways that are funny to him but not so much to me. I try to brush it off but it makes me believe that he doesn't like me. There are times when we are both online and he doesn't even contact me.. And it bugs me because I think about him CONSTANTLY. I know how slow they like to take things and I respect that.. I learned after giving him my number and having him NEVER call (but blame it on the fact that he lost the paper he wrote it down on.. right) that they are very shy. Likewise me being a Capricorn.. I'm not used to making first moves or initiating communication. I don't know if I should pursue him, lay off him, chase him.. or what. I'm usually the type to lay low and be chased but it doesn't seem like this man understands my program.. Very soon we will be living within minutes from one another and I am anxious to see where our -ship is headed. At times he seems just as anxious (Says he can't wait.. Always asking if I'm still coming) but other times he doesn't acknowledge me. I guess I'm curious on the Cancer/Capricorn relationship... Or any of your experiences with the Cancer man. Do they like to be pursued/chased? Should I keep my cool exterior even though I'm burning with passion inside? Should I contact him when he fails to contact me? Also, how do they initially respond and go about pursuing the person they like? I'm very intuitive and something inside me tells me that we are compatible and ill end up together.. But I don't want to rush or over analyze anything.

    Thanks, The Cappy Girl.

  • Hi

    Well numeorus threads on here has been on the mystic puzzling evasive cancerian male.

    soem will say pursue him as much as u can. I however say DONT, do ya things ya stuff n await HIS move whenever that may b.

    meanwhile study up on his sign n the animal he is represented by. Ive not contact the one i know for weeks n often morethan when i kept in touch with him where i got nada in return am i now bombarded by his requests n stuff.

    im still waiting 4 him to pick up the slack n move his ass u know.

    Some men hunt women n once they have em lean back n see how they keep pursuing em. sick if u ask me.

    Some say when they pursiue one they do it like their animal the crab, they may start in full force but the sidestep right or left n we feel whoa whereΒ΄d he go. however like thr crab the wise who has captured such a being has said while sidestepping has he his eyes on the goal n the sidestepping is a ruse a trick.

    ive not much expert on this area, i find many else are.

    Threads such as cancer man confusing may b of help. search the site n the threads regard cancer men will show.


  • @CancerCancerCancer --- WoW !!! It still amazes me to see new posts about 'Cancer Males'... πŸ˜„ I've been on here almost 5 months and can say one thing... THEY'RE THE MOST POPULAR HERE ... haha :):):) Jokes apart, your cancer seems to be playing games like others do all the time sigh Check out other threads on here...some of them have replies/comments by Cancerians themselves...I'm sure you'd get a lotta info just by going through them...Wish you all the best with ur crab meanwhile :):)

  • @Astrodame> Hi Astrodame... haven't seen you lately. Hope all is well πŸ˜ƒ

    Yes, what is it about these elusive soft shell crabs?! They're getting plenty of attention!!

    @CancerCancer> With my personal experience with my cancer and from what he said. He doesn't like women who are too keen, most men are the same. So hold your ground and try not to pursue/chase. But apparently they dont chase either... You gotta trick em. And do read the other posts about these Crabs, you may find some useful info. good luck πŸ˜ƒ

  • @VirgoCookie --- Hey there πŸ™‚ Was 'busy' having fun... haha. No seriously, was out most of the times with a galfriend who travelled 600, put her work on hold, just to be with me for 3 days!!! I truly have to be blessed to have such friends in these times!!! How are things with you n your crab? Got the ring? πŸ˜„

  • Cancer Cancercancer

    im also dating cancer and thats exactly how they act sometimes they full force into you and other times what the hell is going on here. my cancer normally contact mme evryday but there are times i dont hear from him 3 days and i dont contact him either. so this just happened this week end. nothing sunday, nothing monday and then tuesdayevening i got this read it below

    " hi D, "how are u ? What is going on?"

    and my response the same short and sweet lol

    im good , what u mean?

    dont contact him follow his lead thats what i do.

    Read my post you will wonder why im still with him. To be honest i do love him but trying to wean myself off him. really wish i could just go cold turkey. keep in touch

  • Forgive me for imposing myself on your thread. Love and light to you all!

    This message is for everyone who has some love to spare.

    KAY in the Psychic Forum needs our assistance, so please give her your love and wisdom now at the Wondering about the holidays thread.

    Thank you!


  • Thanks for all your responses guys - Very helpful.

  • @Astrodame - Lucky you!!! Just been enjoying the 39 degree weather here in Sydvegas πŸ˜ƒ Nothing much exciting happening. Seeing my soft shell crab this Sunday, hopefully talk more about me getting that ring! I have a feeling it will be in the New Year, certainly not longer than March. If I can help it or else... he can take his crabby 'sexy' buttocks and crawl back in the ocean. Hahahah. But I will keep you posted!!! xoxoxox

    By the way what's been happening with you and 'Hunk-A-Crab'???

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