• I recommend that no one goes to this site and relies on any of their so called experts.

    I had 1 leave me a really rude message in my Inbox which I have now reported 3 times and have heard nothing from their Customer Service Department.

    I say pay someone in your local area or ask 4 a reading on here.

    : )

  • Namaste Taurus. As a client of readings and an intuitive who has worked online, I know it can sometimes be tough to find a reader you love and trust, who delivers expertise with exceptional commitment. It's why I serve the community in private practice now. This way I am able to freely practice what I love - guiding others - with passion and commitment, and I'm able to give my clients a guarantee that if you don't feel you received ten times the value for what you've paid, you receive your money back. Private practice also allows me to serve a client's real needs with flexibility, rather than pursuing a bottom line for a company which may not be committed to honest to gosh client support and service.

    Anyway, just thought I'd put my two cents in. lol

    I'm sorry you got a rude message from a reader. We're not all like that. : )

    Love, light, and blessings,


  • I ahve also used and have had no real sucess with them. They are mostly scammers with a few decent ones thrown in. the good ones don't last long.

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