Need advice plz!! Dont know wat to do!!!

  • K heres da story, I once had so much anger 4 my neighbour. At da sight of him all dat was der was anger. I tried not to be angry at him and developed feelings for him. He is a taurus and i am a libra. Believe me I had good reason to resent him to da degree dat i did. I still do .i cnt forgive him for the hurt he caused as he never apologized. Even if he feels sumtn for me now i doubt it will work out and he sees it da same as my family will resent him for life. I cnt tell them i have feelings for him cas they wud tink iv lost da plot. I wonder myself have i ?how cud i care for someone who was so cruel and heartless.Though i do believe ppl can change and sud have a second chance if he did say sorry it would be a start. This guy drives me mad.Are taurus guys strange.He is v intelligent. He is an attention seeker. He knows i like em he did flirt wit me through expressions. But at dat point he had a girlfrnd hu he cheated on and is currently wit dat girl wel so i believe. I describe him as being strange you cant follow him. He stares at u and he dnt care who sees. Is he still been cruel r s he lukn at me for he has sum feelings?.Why used he pick on me?..Why wud he wan me to grow up hating him wen we cud hav been da best of frnds??

  • first off! damn that was hard to read!!!! LOL hmmmm so you knew this guy as a kid and he used to pick on you?? and now you have feelings for him? hmmm ok first off it kinda worries me that you are attracted to a guy that treats you so badly, and i cant help but wonder what has happened in your past to make you like him so, guys want a girl like there mothers correct? and girls want a guy like there dad, REGARDLESS of how bad your dad or mom was you still tend to be attracted to people that are like them, so this makes me wonder how you relationship was with your father, and what kind of person he was.

    secondly, he has picked on you for years, there might just be something there beneath all of this, maybe he does like you? you say that he stares at you and you cant tell whether if thats good or a bad thing?? HE KNOWS THAT YOU LIKE HIM? and he has flirted with you through expressions.....hmmmm, i would say that yes he does like you but doesnt know how to go about saying it to you cause he probably feels bad about how he has treated you in the past and maybe fears that you wouldnt like him back if he said something to you about it, but you said he has cheated on a girlfriend before so thats something to worry about too. i have heard about these kind of relationships happening before where there was bullying then it lead into something else. this one is a difficult one to recommend something for you to do. maybe find out for sure whether or not he is single and if he IS maybe confront him about things about all these things you are asking here? ask him "why did you pick on me so much? was it cause you hated me? or was it cause you secretly had a crush on me? see what he says, AND HOW HE SAYS IT. if he seems to give a sarcastic " NO or HELL NO" or says something like this

    "what? you think that i like you? ive never liked you, your just fun to pick on"" watch his face and body language when he replys to what you ask him, if he says something along those lines, i think you should say """ well, you put alot of time and effort to pick on me, it makes me think that you like me but cant express it, and now that i like you i cant let myself feel that way cause your just an ass-hole""" LOL well i dunno if that works for you, but all this is coming from a sag guy, and if i were him, thats how i would want you to tell me the way you feel,

    your in something ive never experienced before but i think i did pretty good in helping lol, maybe someone else can help better than i have

  • I agree with the above 95% . But sweetie! please post in words we can read! --lol--

  • To chevelleman 71 I have heard that a lot that guys regardless of what they may think will always seek out a partner like their mother and vice versa girl seeks guy like their father. The thing is my dad is absolutely nothing like him whatsoever..And am his mother im nothing like her at all if anything i can see some of her personality reflected on him and not in a good way. The thing is this guy is an attention seeker so he is very heard to understand. He could easily flirt for the sake of I know you like me. And if I approach him hell say the opposite in da most cold hearted way. Well so i believe. The thing is it hasnt really been me at such he picked on it was a family member but i alwayd jumped in to defend my family and in doing so he picked a fight with all my family. Whether his bullying days are well behind him and if he did have feelings for me i know it would be hard for him to express them in giving that my parents do not like him after his past behaviour as a teenager. And he knows that what he has done cant easily be forgotten.Latest to date i went walking past his house like ive done for over a year now and on my way back he came out to the car by the roadside to get something but he never stuck around long enough to even say hello. I cant understand this guy at all. He loves attention though. The way it is giving my recent behaviour of walking and attending matches that he plays in his parents have started to think something is going on. Whether he said something to them or not I dont know. But he has made things obvious that something could be going on. He passes in his car and he waves one day not another day. Is he just moody? Is it typical for a taurus? I dont know why he does what he does half the time. And i mean when he stares o he STARES..He dont care who sees him looking. Hed stare at you tell you turn away..O I just dont know.................P.s sorry my last message was so hard to interpret....Thanks for your info though it does help....

  • Hi. I don't know if this will help you but here it is--

    When I was in school I was an "ugly ducking". I was teased horribly everyday by this one particular clique of kids.

    When I hit 20/21 years old I blossomed. Completely transformed.

    3 years after we graduated (when I was out of school and "changed") i saw one of the "jerks" from high school who teased me horribly and i put him on a pay no mind list, even after he appologized for acting hurtful to me. I never gave him a second look-- Nothing.

    I then saw him again 5 years later-- I was still looking hot, and he looked good too-- he came up to me-- in the mall. He confessed that in school he always thought I was sweet and that he was just going along with the crowd. He also told me when he had seen me later on and changed he wanted to ask me out but I was so cold he just left me alone.

    He asked-- I went. Against the advice of my friends and family who had known how mean he was to me in school. We had fun. A lot in common. I couldn't get past all the old hurt to let him in. He tried but it was no use. My guard was always up.

    He may be uncertain of how to deal with you-- especially if he likes you-- because of the fighting history you two have. If he is single then I say be nice-- if you like him. If he has a girlfriend-- stay away. Follow his lead. If he waves-- wave back. If he says hi-- say hi back. unfortunately I don't think I would make a move and ask him out. I hate rejection.

  • Sometimes when we invest a lot of emotion (anger being one of them) we find ourselves thinking about someone all the time and trying to understand them and make sense out of something that is illogical. The female mind has a way of confusing this with love because we wonder why elese would I be thinking of him.

    Let go of the anger you have about him picking on you and you will think of him less. Forget about an apology find someone who is nice to you. You don't like him, you just can't get him off your mind, so it gets confusing. How old are you?

  • Ms Libra, that was so hard to read. I am like SexyGem how old are you? And is this guy older?

  • I turned 20 last october and da guy in question s 22!!!!! I dont quiet understand him at all like if he doesnt care he still seems to draw attention to the two of us. For example i was walking one day and his friend was nearby in the car he waited to see where i was going and when he realised i was going further from home. He went back to dis guys house. Da guy sat into his friends car I waved to the two of them and they luked at me as if i wasnt there.

    Another day da guy himself passed me in his car. He tuk me by surprise as i thought the car was his sisters. I frighted him as well as he didnt see me as he came off a side road. I nearly fell. Anyway i quickly thought to wave but he didnt. He turned his car bout five minutes away to come back to his house where i was now passing on my way back as i had turned on the road..He waved to me at that point got what he needed from home and passed me again on the road..He is strange..He was leaving the county that day for college....the advice is good thanks keep the messages coming plz!!!!

    I often wonder is it anger like one minute I like him the next i hate him..

  • You hate him. Stop waving and being nice to someone it is making you feel all crazy inside. You don't lkie him and he (if he does like you ) will only keep hurting your feelings and making you feel small. Eff this dude you are young I'm sure you are beautiful, and can make better use of your youth pursuing an education then some mean ol' boy.

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