Need Prayers Please

  • Thank you, but I am miscarrying. He's just saying that things are OK for next time. He said "once the process is over, it can start again".

  • I am sorry to hear that and that I missunderstood. Well then you'll be able to try again. And that's important.

  • Oh my, I have missed alot since I have been gone the last few days. Needed to tend to my sicky self and sick youngster. The battle continues. Manifest i am very sorry for the news. I dont know what else to say except I am sorry. I have missed you guys on here. Talk to you soon. hugs

  • Thanks LibrasLiar and lovin. Don't be sorry for misunderstanding LibrasLair, I probably didn't explain it too well. lovinmylife- I hope you and your youngster get better soon.

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