Need Prayers Please

  • The two DD's I said to her meant double.

  • Thank you luv2laf. That was a nice story. I do hope I have some coming to me.

  • luv2laf thanks for giving some information to the woman with the kidneys shutting down. She is in Tennessee and I don't know if she is close to a bigger town where she might find what you told her to do. My first husband was born in Hazard, Ky. And it was a well know fact that his grandmother was a healer. She was a Cherokee and the called her the witch. When anyone was hurt they sent for her. This woman needing help for her kidneys may be in an area where they have a healer. I hope something get done for her.

  • I've sent the names and photo. Let me know if they came through.

  • Hi Manifest,

    Yes, they have come through, thanks. I have sent the photo on to LibrasLair for you.

    Wenchie :-))

  • LibrasLair, I love the native healers, my Grandmother was called a witch and she was sought after as well, one of my favorite stories was of an Elder I think she was Cree indian, she cured a man who had severe lesions on his skin from having Psoriasis, the lady saved her urine for a week and bathed the man every day for a couple of weeks in the urine until he had newborn skin. Just one of the many old healing ways.

  • Yes manifest she forward your picture and I have done my very best for you. I have done 3 healings today and I am going to bed now it's after 11. My best wishes to you and your husband. Much love and peace.

  • Thanks again.

  • My first husband's grandmother took the burn out of his skin when he was a toddler cause he pull a pan of boiling water done on himself and she just laid her hands on him. The skin didn't even blister I was told and he had no scaring. This ability was pasted from male to female and he was the only living child of that generation. But she died before she could teach him. Yet he was afraid of me. Isn't that funny. Just cause I predicted two accidents he had before we got married.

  • Your very welcome.

  • Hi LibrasLair, my whole family thought that I was scarry because of my premonitions, like I would have the power to create these things, yet I only told them to save their lives. I hope to one day be able to have a center or an open organization where we can all share and not be misunderstood because of negative fearmongering from the general public. I don't mean your husband, just religious belief's from controling leaders who are afraid that we will take their power away to control the people with fear.

  • Yes I read that you wanted to start a center in your thread and I wish you well in that. I have a goal also. My family wasn't afraid because I do as much when I was growing up as I did when I was in my late teens. And for years to come. But my daughter was telling me of this that happened and she was only 3 yrs. old. I took it very calmly but I think my mom was shocked and didn't show it. Manifest how are you feeling today better, worse or any change?

  • Hi LibraslLair,

    Thank you for asking. I think my mood is starting to improve. I had some low spots today, but in general I think it's better. I was feeling a bit of pain this morning but that has subsided as well. I see the Doctor tomorrow morning. I was second guessing my decision to go off the progesterone, but I believed it was the right thing to do at the time. One of my major flaws is second guessing my decisions and always wondering "what if ". Thank you again for the healing. I do believe it helped.

  • I understand not knowing which way you think you should go I just don't want you to live up to the name you use here. I don't want your fears to manifest the negative. I worked last night and this morning for what would be for the best. So a more positive way of thinking and not letting your fears take over will help. I will work on this some more tonight. Talk to you tomorrow. Much love and light.

  • Thank you, I will try to stay positive about things.

  • Hope you are okay Manifest.

  • I am Poetic, thank you for asking. I'm moody though. I thought that was improving yesterday, but my moods seem to be all over the map. Hormones, gotta luv 'em.

  • Good evening Manifest and how did it go at the doctor today?

  • Hi,

    It went OK. He said that there were no significant fibroids and the uterus looked normal. I guess there is still a chance of an ectopic but it is very low. They're going to follow my hormones (HCG) and make sure that they are decreasing.

  • I am really glad to hear this. This is very good news. So keep telling yourself you will carry this baby full term. This baby is going to be fine and healthy.

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