Can someone read the cards ive drawn please.

  • Im speaking to this guy i like, and i've drawn 5 cards at ramdom with no spread, to see where we are heading these are the cards i got

    the hieophant

    five wands

    three wands

    the empress

    eight swords

    can someone help me read these cards please

  • 1.) Hierophant: The Supernatural, the Ethereal, Religious matters, issues of Belief, of Life after Death... of Doctrine, of Superstition, of Taboo. A Father of the Church, Pastor, or Religious adviser.

    2.) Five of Wands: A conflict, in the case of the Hierophant, specifically, a conflict of ideology and beliefs.

    3.) Three of Wands: A venture, a leap of faith, a journey--but specifically, one that leads to an awaited outcome or reward. Reaping the fruit of your efforts.

    4.) The Empress: Nurturing, Matriarch Figure, Mother.

    5.) Eight of Swords: Entrapment, Enthrallment, Coercion into Complacency, Being Spirited Away, Stagnation

    Just off a quick read like this--the theme is one of beliefs and of intellect, not of material belongings, or of emotional attachment. Be not quick to be drawn in by desire, but instead express your thoughts and feelings, and come to an understanding with this person if you can. Above all, be concerned with differences in belief... but be flexible.

    If he's not the kind of person who'd be comfortable with you asking for Tarot advice if he knew, I'd back away. chuckles

  • so basically what your trying to say is this person isn't for me haha?

  • It's just what it is. If that's what you think, then most certainly he isn't.


  • This post is deleted!

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