Trying 1 more time 2 get answers.Worried!!

  • I've known my friend Chris since I was 15 and we met up again a few months ago.

    We started talking intimately with each other then he just cut off contact.

    He has now been deployed to Iraq and I have a few questions.

    1.Why has he cut contact with me and his friends?

    2.Does he have feelings 4 me what so ever?

    3.Is he currently single? He's divorced with 2 kids and I heard he had a bad break up.

    4.Will I see or hear from b4 he goes to Iraq?

    5.Will we ever be together as a couple or even intimately?

    6.Will he be ok Iraq? He's in the Navy.

    His birth date 25/01/1974

    Mine 15/05/1974 9.50am

    We're both Aussies.

    This situation is worrying me a great deal.


    Blessed be

  • Hey taurusgirl, I wish I had all the answers to give you. I know this situation has been a great deal of difficulty for you. I am usually not one to tell people what they should or shouldnt do but I want to give you some of what I feel would be "helpful advice" and hope that it helps you have some peace of mind as I can see this has been quite torturous for you. The fact that you continually want to know about this Chris guy tells me there must be more to your relationship then meets the eye. You must know that there is something between you two otherwise you wouldnt keep asking about it. I know very well how it feels to want to know the truth about a relationship especially one that you can not stop thinking about. Whether or not Chris is the "one" for you I do not know but You must have some unfinished business with him. You will most likely see him or hear from him again. Also, I think its very normal to worry about someone in the military that you care about and I am sure its kind of scary. What are some things you can do to ease your mind and get some peace? Its not wrong to ask questions or want to understand why things are the way they are. People keep giving you opinions and advice but it seems as though you arent getting the answers you need. This tells me there is something deeper going on with you that you are possibly ignoring. I think it would be a good idea to get control over your worried mind and start trying to enjoy the life thats in front of you. I feel that you are plauged by these questions in your mind and its creating a perpetual state of worry and fear for you. So undo this cycle so you can start finding the truth. Ever notice how when you are frantically searching for something lets say car keys for example that the more aggrivated and paniced you become the harder it is to remember where they are? then you throw your hands up and surrender looking then you go about doing something else and they seem to appear magically out of thin air? Well, I think with you that is how you will get the answer by surrendering your fear and stop looking so hard so that your mind can relax and you become open to the solution coming to you rathar than looking so hard. I am not saying you are wrong for wanting to know I am only saying out of care that in this situation you are having so much difficulty with you may want to surrender your search for a moment and let it go temporarily so that the answers will come to you. Best of luck, Lovin. (hugs)

  • Thanks.

    I'm worried cause it's not like him 2 cut contact with his mates.

    He's really loyal to them and none of them have heard from him.

    He deleted his Facebook page.

    Just irrational behavior which so isn't him.

    Now going to Iraq now has me really worried.

    I'm going out with my best friend this weekend which I'm really looking forward to.

    I've already thought that once every 2 weeks I'm going 2 go to my favourite club so I'm not sitting at home worrying about him.

    : )

  • Right. I'm going to give ya a reading... But first, let's go over two things.

    Firstly, you need to know that Tarot can't give you answers to what is or isn't going to happen, because free will is always a factor in the outcome of things. It's up to you to seek what you desire, and up to your friend to lead his own life. His choices will always have an impact on things; and asking a deck of tarot to make decisions for either of you is an impossibility.

    You cannot tell whether he is single or not. You cannot divine his motives. You especially cannot find out for sure how he feels about you from Tarot. Generally, any question that begins with the words "Will this, Will he, Will she," is inappropriate for a fortune-telling. Do not lose heart, however: What fortune-telling IS good for is deciding how to react in situations like this, when you've lost your way.

    Secondly, you need to know that the signs I draw from the deck are merely that; signs. You can't just take what I say for stock. You have to interpret the signs as they apply to you personally, as well as the pre-defined meanings the cards have in them. My recommendation is to write down the results I draw for you, and look over alternative meanings. Get a second opinion. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you do with my message. Most people are opposed to Tarot readings from the start from a religious or cynical inclination, and for those people, Tarot is useless because they have already deigned it to be so.

    That said, I will take your question thusly: "Should I be concerned for the person of my affection, and if so, should I try to establish a love relationship?"

    I'll start with your Cross, the elements most intimately related to your question.

    1.) So we begin. The tone of the situation at hand is Nine of Pentacles: wholeness of your domain, of the things you possess, of the wellbeing of everything you own. One possible interpretation would be the well-being of your boyfriend, since it's of great significance to you. It can also suggest a matter of financial security, which is present in any relationship.

    2.) The problem at hand, in the present, is Two of Cups: finding compromise, forming a connection with a balanced opposite. Love between two people, and also, wholeness of self through interaction with another. Most blatantly, this can refer to your attempted love life with your object of affection... but beware--it need not necessarily be this person that brings balance; this merely represents obtaining balance with another. It can also suggest that you need to also be open to relationships with unlikely people.

    3.) Moving on, the Root of the Problem, from which it's stemming... I dealt II. The High Priestess reversed. The High Priestess reversed is a suggestion that you are overthinking the matter. You are missing critical knowledge or insight about this situation; something hidden from you that you're not getting. It can imply also that you are conjuring false images for yourself, and taking them for given.

    It's a bitter pill to swallow, but we all want to see what we WANT to see. Consider swallowing this pill from time to time: Your friend may not be making as big of a deal over the separation as you; it may simply be that he needs to be alone... and he required distance from you to do so. It may even be that he isn't letting on about his situation because then he would have to explain it to you and endure your reaction. It is his life, after all.

    Alternatively, he may not be that into you... try not to decide his feelings for him. It's hard, since you're separated from him both physically, and socially, but bear with me here: With all false-images, we often over-think the situations at hand, and they're not as bad as they seem.

    Perhaps your friend is using this distance from you to have peace of mind, since you're clearly, strongly attached to him. It may be he got in a little too deep too fast, and needs a breather to get his feelings sorted out. Or maybe he's regretting that he spoke words of love he shouldn't have so soon. Do make sure to contemplate whether this relationship is one-sided or not, however. That can make the difference between a tacit apology and a tragedy.

    4.) This brings us to your Past. The card dealt was III. The Empress reversed. What this suggests is a lack of nurturing and needed support in your past. A lack of a caring hand to guide growth. While The Empress generally represents a matriarchal figure; most often a mother, it does not have to be. It could be your boyfriend was not, did not appreciate that need, and so did not provide... it may even be you, who was not nurturing of him during the time it was most needed.

    Taken in context with the rest of your spread, however, this can suggest a couple things. First, you don't seem to have 'perceived' (as the reversed Priestess suggests, it may be a matter of unawareness), the nurturing you need, that would grant you a sense of completion, and balance in your life (as suggested by the Two of Cups). Looking at the general tone of the situation (Nine of Pentacles) would suggest that what you have is already there; it just hasn't been understood or appreciated--yet. Maybe your friend has liked you for a long time, and he thinks it's already implied, and you're over thinking his silence as a sign that he doesn't care.

    You need to also be aware of a distinction: between what is beneficial and nurturing, and what is too much distance. Don't be too distanced from others in your life, or you may lose out on that chance for the support you need. You can't help the distance between yourself and your friend, admittedly, but it could well be that by chasing him for your answers, you are failing to appreciate the nurturing of another key player.

    Keep up your efforts trying to contact your boyfriend--while respecting the fact that he has a life of his own to lead. Don't be afraid to look to family for support regarding love... especially your Mom, if you can. She's been in similar situations; being a mom and all, and may provide in ways you might not have thought she could. Maybe she'll even be able to provide you your missing love insight. Mom's are a better place to start than fortunetellers, in most cases.


    5.) In regard to the 'ideal' outcome; The Three of Wands. You have put your passion into something, i.e. your relationship with your friend, and you are going to ultimately reap the fruits of your endeavor.

    When the outcome of your endeavors reveals itself, it may come to you in new ways, which you did not expect. This is a message: Coming out of your trial, of seeking your other half, you need to keep your eyes open to the reward that will come when this whole mess pans out. Try not to be so fixated on your attachment to your friend that you can't take a step back and look at what else you have to gain. If this falls through, it's not over; new things come with every sacrifice you endure. It will be up to time to tell the tale; make sure your ear is open when it does, make sure your heart is open when it does, and make sure that false insight doesn't win out over the experience you'll have gained. Take the leap into the future, do not cling to what was or was not in the past.

    And if he expresses a continued desire to be with you, next you hear from him (make sure to ask before presuming his feelings; this is a warning of the High Priestess card), by gods take every moment to appreciate what a friend he's been to you, and don't begrudge him for the time he was separated from you. Show him the nurturing love a boyfriend should have.

    6.) The immediate future. The thing everyone thinks fortune-tellers know, that is furthest out of our hands to determine. laughs

    The Card drawn for this placement is XIV. Temperance reversed. Your spread and your situation alike speak of a lot of things that are out of your hand, that are more a matter of how you cope with what you already have, than of obtaining things you do not. One thing I must observe is this: your question regards things that are already a part of your life, and the tone of the question is of things you have already. This is not a stranger, this friend of yours... he is someone you already know, even though he is separated from you. Your problem then, is not so much about seeking something missing from you, as it is finding balance with what you already have.

    However... Temperance reversed speaks of an imbalance in your future. You are going to face irreconcilable differences between the way you see your relationship (The High Priestess) and the way the relationship is going to turn out to be (Three of Wands). These differences are spurred on by (The Empress) a need for nurturing (or to nurture), and a search for harmonius balance (Two of Cups). Ironically, like a weeble, the more you push for the things you need, the more violently you're going to be pushed back on. Remember, you are one side of the scale, and your friend is on the other. It may well be that the weight in one pan is not equal to the other; that you are not going to feel equally strong about being together. Be ready for conflicting interests, and weigh your decision through carefully.

    Try not to get hit too hard if he shows disinterest, and don't feel inadequate that you can't provide for him--he's in the military, after all; there's not so much you can do for him as it stands. Assume too much (The High Priestess), and you'll be exacerbating the situation, as your eagerness for unrequited affection (The Empress) outweighs his ability to provide, and only frustrates you both further.

    Next, your Staff. These are more abstract influences that need to be appreciated.

    7.) First, you, the Querent, and what lies within. Consider the Page of Cups, reversed, which I dealt for you. The Page of Cups is a romantic idealist who has a big heart and a full glass, but he's not especially road-wary--not so battle hardened, when it comes to love and loss. While the Page normally suggests a young person, or child, it can also represent unexploited potential, ready for tapping. However, when the Page is in reverse, it suggests squandering of these faculties; the Page's cup is spilled, his heart is turned upside down... his love becomes the means to the end, not the end itself.

    You seem to have a great desire for love with this person, but ask yourself: is it this the person you love, or is it just your desire for love, and this person is simply a convenient outlet?

    Don't be too hasty to draw in company that may bring you impossible, unfulfillable attachments. This fellow has an obligation to his country, which may come between you and he. Don't promise something to someone who cannot be there to receive it. You need to ask yourself: are you spilling your cup, your heart, out on barren earth, and only 'perceiving' that it will lead you to happiness? Remember that sometimes friends are just friends... and remember that you can hurt people with poorly-thought-out displays of affection, that can never be followed through on.

    8.) After you consider yourself, consider your world, and the people and things in it. XVIII. The Moon reversed reflects that there are unseen matters at hand, which are going unappreciated. Feelings, thoughts, concerns that you can't appreciate directly. It's a matter of perspective, and of drawing images of the other person's heart. Rather than stumbling in the dark, you must use what guides you can to find the way in your relationship--and frankly, from what you've said, and what your spread suggests, that illumination is just not there right now.

    Let's face it: you two are not communicating as it stands. Rather than stumbling in the dark, pretending to see the way forward (The High Priestess), you need to rest on what you have (Nine of Pentacles) and await harvest time (Three of Wands). Do not turn back or give up the ground you have gained with your friend as forgone, or you will not be able to make up for that lack of nurturing (The Empress). At the same time, be prepared for the backlash (Temperance) of spilling your affections out aimlessly (Page of Cups).

    Now is not the time to move forward. Now is not the time to retreat. Stay put, hold tight to your faith in your friend, and see what he has to say when he can say it. Be aware of the feelings of others, which you can only ask for--do not assume you can see them before they reveal them, as your intuition (The High Priestess) would lead you to believe. Ultimately, you are not going to know what your friend has planned, what he is doing, or what he wants, until he makes it clear, because that is out of your power to decide.

    9.) We're winding down to the last two cards. Numero nueve is the position for hopes and fears. It is the best to long for, it is the worst to be prepared for... and you've got the Five of Cups. Five of Cups is a double edged little ditty that basically says: "You're going to spill milk, don't weep when it happens."

    In your case, this is entirely appropriate; you must be ready for disappointment. As the impassioned individual you are, you will inevitably spill your endeavors on barren earth somewhere along the line (you're not in a relationship with a copy of yourself), and when you do, there's going to be disillusionment. It will not feel good when you find out. When that happens, you must not bemoan your loss, however. It is one thing to lose, and another to burn your chances for more, trying to hold on to what you could have had. Compare this with the Three of Wands, which says to prepare for the result of your efforts. The worst thing that can happen for you is to get lost in a failed relationship, and never escape what could have been, to have what can still be.

    Don't burn your bridges with this person, even if he expresses that he doesn't want to be your other half. That is probably the most important thing you can remember from this card. There is always something left over, if you choose to accept it.

    10.) Finally... the outcome, the Seven of Pentacles. This is what will come to pass, and what you will have to live with, and this is that--you are taking what you have, your feelings, your efforts, and your life... and you are investing them in your friend, where they are out of your hands. If you go through with a strong commitment to him, this is where your efforts will be invested for some time to come. Because of the nature of his military service, you may not always be able to have the fruits of your love close at hand. You need to carefully assess the commitment you'd be making, before tearing your heart open. Especially over someone who you might never hear from again.

    As a certain chicken says: "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it." So make sure you know that. This period of silence is but a testament to that fact. You'll be dealing with more silence ahead, when he is expected to arise to his military duty, and it's not going to be all rainbows and butterflies. Be prepared to love a man who's not around, if you decide to put in that effort.

    I hope that's revealing to you, and not too general. I could not address your concerns so directly, because of the nature of the questions.

    I would love it if someone else with experience reading could provide this lady a second opinion. Until then, I'll rest on what the cards have said.

  • Thanks that was a long reading but insightful.

    My concern is he has cut himself from friends he plays sports with who he has known since he was a kid.If it was just me I wouldn't be as worried as I am.

    I've always said I'll take what ever he gives me.Friendship,relationship whatever.

    Just as long as we're friends cause I lost contact from him for nearly 20yrs and I don't want that again cause he is such a nice person and men like him don't come along very rarely in life.

    I was born into a Military family so I know the choice between personal life and country so that's ok with me.

    For him to cut contact from EVERYONE is unusual.

    He is the type of guy who always has ppl including women cause he's flirt around him.

    I know he has feelings 4 me but I don't know the extent of those feelings.

    Example: B4 deleting his Facebook I saw pics of his ex's and they resemble me.You could swear they were related to me if we stood side by side.That weirded me out a bit cause I thought Chris you have the real deal in front of you.

    I'm in 1 of those periods where it's pouring not raining.

    I've had such bad luck and I'm keeping my head high and waiting 4 the next hit so I can deal with that and survive cause that's what I do.

    I'm a born fighter and will always fight to live another day.

    : )

  • Well, provided you can tolerate somewhat long reads (I'm quite a typist), and have questions... I'd be happy to try further readings. It's good practice for me.

    Just, try to stray from "Will this happen" questions, and look for insight instead of exact predictions.

    There's an art to phrasing good questions for fortunetelling, and an art to making good readings.

    I'm still perfecting it. Hehe. ^_^


  • Dear Kitsunetsuki,

    I have tried to do readings on my own, but I never can understand them. Would you be interested in doing one for me? I am not sure what I need to be asking or what info you need from me, so just let me know.

    My life has been pretty chaotic for a few years, but 2008, was devastating. I do have some really good things going on in my life, inspite of the past year, but I am needing direction to what I need to do, to keep things from not turning really bad again.

    Am I on the path of recovery and finding what it is to make what is left of the rest of my life, better then the first 41 years have been?

    blessings and light

  • Well, kay, I'm gonna be straight with you: It's not something I've been doing long. A matter of weeks to be honest. But I've picked up on some things from reading, and from my girlfriend... and from being a good interpreter of literature.

    The thing about Tarot is there's a lot of background behind each of the 72 cards, which has been built over time, and is also interpreted personally, through viewing the images. For instance, if I drew XIII. Death in your spread, the Death card is not literally predicting the death of an individual, except in certain, very specific cases. Rather, Death is symbolic of time, of change, and of beginnings and endings. Just so, other cards of the Minor Arcana--cards of the four suits of Swords, Wands, Cups, and Pentacles, have their own meanings. Coins cards focus specifically on the material world, of money, belongings, and practical things; wands are in regard to ideological belief, faith, inspiration, art; cups tend toward affairs of the heart, romance, dominion over the things that are special to you; while Swords are about matters of the intellect, of law, of logic. Noticing these tendencies will help guide you. They are not absolute; of course.

    Furthermore, you need to understand that you need a strong question in mind when you make a telling. This is because Tarot readings are not set in stone simply by the cards you draw. For them to have any meaning at all, you have to decipher your own strong, consistent meaning out of the cards. There is no fallacy in this, provided you have a strong definition for each card made in your head before you perform a spread. For instance, I have a different style of Tarot deck from most, where the illustrations are quite different. In the Nine of Swords, half the swords are depicted facing left, and the rest facing right, unlike some depictions. Also, a small demon is hanging over the shoulder of the woman in the bed, who is awake, and biting her finger. To me, the meaning of this card is "The Storm", a card that represents being troubled by matters one has little actual control over; an issue of indecision, and looking for ways out, when the only real way is through the Storm. Traditionally, it's a "Nightmare", and the context is similar. As you do more spreads, and study Tarot more, you will learn deeper meanings from individual cards. Depending on your deck, it can all be seen in the symbolism--you just have to be good at noticing it. It's alright to have your own meanings for certain cards--just keep them consistent, and know that some cards just don't lend themselves to certain meanings--you're not going to catch me dead telling you that Four of Cups--a card about Apathy--is grounds for a good love-life, for instance.

    It's like reading "Hamlet", and at first thinking: "I'm reading a Shakespearian play about royalty." Then, when you've read it through, it becomes "I've read a revenge tragedy." Then, after a few times reading and studying it, it becomes "This is a play about existentialism, and nihilism--about how little control man has over his world, and what merit that gives him to do what he pleases--since he's going to die in the end either way." The gist is the same. By familiarizing yourself with the actors and the plot; by familiarizing yourself with card meanings and how they interact, you can make better tellings.

    I should mention something: Reverse readings are pretty tricky. Until you get a hang of things, my advice is to deal all your cards upright, and don't throw another confusing matter into the mix. I'll get into reverse readings later.

    Anyhow, I'll stop prattling. I'll let you try on me if you want. I posted a spread of my own for people to try and interpret on the forum: Of Foxes and Tarot.

    That said, I can give you a telling. Let's get started.

  • For starters, go ahead and tell me what's the huge setback. I'm guessing it's a matter of finances, but I need a little more to go off of to guide me. Don't worry, I won't ask for specific numbers or names or anything, your financial life is safe... but I do need to have a general idea of what's happened since last year.


  • Can't help the way I question things.

    I'm a straight forward kind of woman.

    Been mucked around too much in my life for bs.

    But will take your advice though. : )

    Btw luvin I've been told by friend who does my cards now and again told me Chris and I have had past lives together.

    I think in this life I want the issues from our past lives resolved but it's not easy.

    But what is these

  • Does anyone know why Chris has cut contact with everyone??

    Born 25/01/1974 Aquarians are private ppl.I've never asked Chris 4 his number or address cause I respected that he is a private man but this behaviour is very weird.

    His closest friends have not heard from him.

    Will I hear from him ever again?

    What are his feelings 4 me?

    Will my bad luck end soon??

    Thanks : )

  • Well, I can tell you those things too, but their won't be any value in them. Fortune telling isn't any good for those kind of questions. It's not that you're a straightforward person or not that matters... There are just some things Tarot can't do.

    *Only your friend knows the exact reason why he cut contact with you and your friends. It's his motive. Tarot doesn't mind-read.

    *Depending on the kind of person he is, he may or may not come in contact with you again--a great deal of it depends on how long and how well you knew him in the past. I do mean in your "present" life, though.

    On the alternative that he was playing with your emotions, or jumped into an intimate conversation too quickly, he may feel guilty and avoid you. He may even be tight with someone else, and it's a relationship he can't divulge to you and your friends.

    *His feelings for you are likely as a friend or associate. I cannot judge the material of your intimate talks, since it would not be the same to overhear them as to be part of them, but I do know that people don't come close enough for real love over just a couple talks. It's rarely that simple. That doesn't mean you can't build a loving relationship with him in the future, of course.

    *Your luck is solely a matter of what you want out of your friend. Expecting too much is going to lead you to heartbreaks, and thus more bad luck.

    How you act on this situation determines the answers to the questions you asked above.

    If you want absolute yes or no answers, they're going to be bold-faced lies, no matter who answers you. Only time can tell those things absolutely.

    One thing I will remark is this: The High Priestess reversed points to false insight as a part of the problem. Maybe part of that is that you are looking for answers you can't possibly get from people outside the relationship--i.e. your boyfriend and yourself.

    Sorry if that sounds like a cop-out, but that's how it is. If a fortuneteller sets up false hopes, the querent is just going to get hurt.


  • This post is deleted!

  • It's cool.

    Hopefully 1 day I'll get answer from him.

    My friend says 2 me girl u have to patient and I said 2 her do u know who your talking

    1 trait of a Taurus I don't have is patience.

    I think my Cancer rising is the reason I'm

  • Hi Kitsunetsuki

    I recently purchased some rider-waite tarot cards and have been playing with them to get a feel for them. The small booklet that came with the cards was quite hard to interpret. I am trying to find information on how to best interpret the cards. Do you know of websites and how did you gain your understanding of the cards?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Love and light


  • Hi Talisa72,

    How are you? I saw this posted on another thread this morning, haven't had time to look at it properly though. Hope it helps.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Hiya Wenchie 🙂

    I'm going with the flow 🙂 how about yourself?

    Thanks for the site address will take a look later on

    Tal 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • kitsunsetsuki would you give me a general reading about my life what direction its going? I have been somewhat perplexed in the love dept. also I am going back to school this coming semester to get my nursing degree. I am really nervous. I want to make sure I am on the right path. Any advice on either situation would be appreciated. Oh yeah btw, the love question involves a past lover that I would like to have another shot with. ( :

  • Hey lovin'

    How are you precious?

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