Do your cancer man call you offten?

  • My boyfriend of 2 years doesn't calls me or texts, he says he is not much of a phone person but I am a capricorn and being with him is like an emotional roller coaster. I hate it when he doesn't call or text it makes me feel unloved by him. He usually texts back or call back if I do...and phone calls never last more than 10 min. Everything is great when we are together but how can i get him to call me more often? Does anyone have this problem with their cancer boyfriend?

    And my cancer boyfriend is not possessive at all, maybe because in his last relationship the girl he was with thought he was to clingy and needy.

  • Yes i do very much have this problem to with my cancer guy gone for periods of time and pop up out of know where but im a cancer as well.

  • ladyyx...... Please read my story.. " Have i lost my cancer b/f for good " I know you will find a lot of info there , but please keep me informed . your friend

  • ladyyx 2years is quite some time with u guys but us as cancers have this thing where we distance to clear our thoughts and we kind of like to be alone quite a bit but dont get so worried.

  • I have to admit that I did not have this problem, when we were on, we texts for hours, especially when we couldn't talk. Even now, when I text him, I always get a text back very quick! I do know that they like space too, they get so emotional about things that they do not share so much, and it gets to be alot going on in their heads...

    Good Luck to you!

  • ladyyx - i too am a cap n my bf is a cancer! So I completely understand how you feel... Mine doesn't really call me or text me either and says exactly the same thing!! It also makes me insecure!!!! I have learnt that it doesn't really mean anything to a cancer if they don't text/call they could be constantly thinking of you without all that.. Mine went away for just over a week - and we spoke everyday sometimes 3-4 times n he wasn't always the one to call - n all the time he was making plans for when he was taking me up there!

    I have also learnt to be a little more secure in myself - he is the insecure one being a cancer - so I just have to live with it... I have been with mine for 1 n half years now and he is starting to get it - just yesterday when we were making holiday plans he didn't call back to let me know yes or no - but we had said that we were going to book when I got home - I was a little disgruntled about it but it wouldn't have been a big deal to him as he knew he was going to see me in a couple of hours anyway... I guess my lesson has been that other ppl have stuff going on inside their heads and sometimes we as caps need to not be so hard on ppl living up to our expectations - they are pretty high!!! And I really don't know if anyone could EVER live up to mine!!! Even I don't sometimes.

    Not sure if that made any sense.....

  • thanks hiprincess i feel alot better knowing im not the only one who feels that way! I got to admit us capricorns set very high standards and really out of the signs i've been with cancer has been the only one that came close to what I wanted. I dunno bout you but I get this burning anger when he forgets to call or do other things I feel like im not in control of the situation anymore and I hatteee that feeling haha. (Im trying to deal with it tho) I've read some where in the blog that Cancer lives in their own time...

    and you are sooo right about they thinking about us all the time, when i didn't see or spoke to mines for 1 week (because he had gotten into an argument) he was having dreams about me and checked my facebook every chance he gets.

  • Hi Ladyyx!!! Maybe he's got a different Moon sign. Sometimes other signs affect communication style. But what I've usually found are cancer men are quite the opposite of what you've decribed with your BF. Usually they are possessive or at least, jealous type. They communicate all the time and that's what gives us a head wreck. Usually a cancer ex will still communicate with you. What happens is you get use to them calling, texting emailing everyday sometimes more than once and you get used to it, it becomes a norm and you start to expect it. And then one day you won't hear from them. Weird, but that's the head wreck there. You start to panick when they don't communicate and you don't hear from them...

  • I meet my cancer guy 8 months ago. I noticed that his eyes were sad. I wrote him a letter of encouragement and said if he ever needed a friend to talk to that I was here for him. We finally connected by phone about 4 days later and he admit, that he would of never approached me but glad that I opened up to him. That he was feeling me just as much as I was felling him. For the first 2 months we talked everyday and for hours. We talked for 7 hours one night. He had a death in the family and went out of town and we continued to communicate. We finally met up when he came back from out of town and I cooked him a very nice dinner. He said he was blown away by my kindness and how passionate our friendship was. He also felt that he was opening up and sharing to much with me to fast. Said I was a blessing in desguise, and blessed to have me in his life. Things in his life turned for the worse. He was going tru a divorce, not being able to see his children, working 2 jobs, and our communication slowed and then stopped. He would always say it's not you, I don't want to get you involved in my mess. I have learned to step away and be patient. It's hard because I yern to be close to him. Sometimes I do feel that my kindess is not appreciated. I heard that Cancer's are nuturing, and can get clingy. I have not seen that side. Mybe because he doen't care all that much? He did mention that he did alot of the nurturing and loving in his marriage. He was hurt pretty bad, I guess you can say he is fragile. He say he cares deeply about me, but he doesn't show it. I sometimes wish we never stepped over the line between friendship and lovers. It's been about 2 weeks since we spoke on the phone. I hope the best for him and all that he does in life. I feel that it's best that I give him the space he needs because I too need my space at times. The difference between us is that I have no issues in communcation. Even if my feelings get hurt I want the truth and I will also tell you how I feel and why. It's in my nature to give and love. I have to learn when not to give of myslef so much, especially when I don't get the love and support I desire in return. Sorry I wrote a short'') Please any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving.

  • ladyx>>Does anyone have this problem with their cancer boyfriend?

    Sandran>>I am not a phone person.But, when I have been away too long I will call first..And I desperately hate texting..I am a Cancer.This is a Cancer trait .The not calling~disappearing for long periods.I like a Capricorn male.And I am really afraid I may have made him feel I don't care.Because I cannot seem to call more often.We are on different planets.He works a job late at night and does his sleeping in the day.I recent met up with a classmate that isalso a Cancer and I am a little fed up with his BS.He won't email me when I email him.I won't give 2 cents for a Cancer man.

  • @VirgoCookie he doesn't like talking on the phone he rathers sees me in person. I think with cancer man is when they are hurt in past relationship they learn and try to avoid the same mistake twice. Like I was saying earlier his last relationship of 5 year went sour becauseee he was so possessive and clingy. He was always with her doing everything together and they grew out of the relationship because of differences. Even tho he loves having me around he doesn't express his feelings and lets me have my space (which is a very good thing). He is caring and nurturing, but he keeps everything to himself I don't notice his mood swings much either because he tends to keep quiet.

    @MySkittles Cancer guys who have been hurt in the past tend to surpress thier feelings of clingyness and nurturing because they are afraid of getting hurt. You just have to be really patient. My boyfriend broke up with me because he lost his job and became depress didn't want to drag me into the mess. I let him be didn't call him or came into contact with him for a month...But he still constantly thought bout me, had dreams of me, and asked around to see how I was doing. Thats when he realized that I was the love of his life (SO he says...haha) They need time and space to think and miss you especially cancer they are fragile human beings because they care so much. Cancer man are not like most men they are in it for the long haul they will not give everything to you right away they show it gradually over time it takes a while! Till this day i question sometimes if my bf cares about me because sometimes his actions are kind of confusing. But trust me once you have his heart its yours...he won't think of anyone else but you. But Love is not the first thing on thier minds tho...its family,security, and than love

    @Sandran712, I am trying hard to get use to the fact that he doesn't call, everytime I call him tho he always says I was just thinking about you and carries on a very pleasant conversation. It drives me insaneeee because Im a Cap and when I do things I do it right away I don't wait I like things at a fast pace...and Cancer seems to be running on yesterday's time. If i were you I would send him short texts nothing too much just to let him know hes on your mind...thats all I ask from my cancer not a full page text, letter, or an hour conversation. Just simply Hey, I miss you, Or hey i've been thinking about you.

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  • Aaaahhhh Yes the burning anger when he forgets!!! LOL I know that all too well - but it really doesn't go down too well with him - so i subtly let him know he has annoyed me!!! And he doesn't do it again... I really try not to let it bother me - even though sometimes it does - and I also try and keep the "big picture" in mind - as you said earlier - i haven't met anyone who can live up to my expectations apart from him 🙂 And i can tell you it was a shock to find out what he was really like after knowing him for about 10 years prior!!

    I don't know - I think it is different for everyone and no 2 cancers can be exactly alike as we are all individuals - but they certainly do carry similar traits!!! LOL

  • Ladyyx> My cancer man and I are in a semi long distance relationship, sorry, I should've have clarified. Hence why I mentioned texts, emails etc just from my personal experience 😃

    With my cancer, and I can only say from experience with him. You're right, they don't trust easy because of the reason you mentioned above as my cancer used to tell me this too often. But you can get them to open up. They do find it harder to do it face to face and say it verbally but can actually do better on texts and emails. My cancer said he's bad at expressing feelings and finds it easier to write them down and harder to say them, and that I've helped him improve a lot 😃

    I feel that you guys are a good pair and that your disposition will help him a lot, he's a sensitive soul and you're stronger emotionally. The inner qualities you have, are what he needs and admires. You've also helped him heal a lot. I would only ask that you watch over him now and again. Keep a side eye on him seeing that he's been keeping to himself. Good luck!

  • PLEASE......go to the thread "Wondering about the holidays" and give some support to a woman in need. A few minutes of your time, but will mean so much.


  • hiprincess>> no 2 cancers can be exactly alike as we are all individuals - but they certainly do carry similar traits!!! LOL

    Sandran>>That is so true.There is definitely a generation gap too.Because in this day and age.Texting is a rocket scientist option for me.I don't do the texting.Do not subject a Cancer to texting.It's hard enough just calling on the phone.Most times Cancers are with family or doing a hobby.Than seeing someone..Right now I can pissss on a Cancer man as it is...

  • Agree with Sandran. My cancer doesn't text too often. More email. But he will send a text if he can't email, usually just a short and sweet one..

  • I wondered why the 2 -5 word responses were about...... Just that he HATES it!!!!!! LOL i thought i was Booooorrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg.... lmao!

  • Virgocookie>>Agree with Sandran. My cancer doesn't text too often. More email. But he will send a text if he can't email, usually just a short and sweet one

    Sandran712>>Oops sorry..I thought you agreed to me pissing on a Cancer man .Not texting with one...LMAO

  • hiprincess>>>thought i was Booooorrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg.... lmao!

    Sandran>>Hardly.It's the Cancer man that is boring..BOOOORRRRIng As The Day Is Long..

    These guys can stick those smilies right up their butt.If They can't email or call like a normal person Don't bother me.

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