RebbecaAnn....I can't believe this!!

  • Hi, I am in shock at the speed of my thread being taken off!...yes, I will admit I spoke of "those"...we all know who I'm talking of, with extreme distaste, but I also know there are lots on here feel the same about them.... what has got to me is they have caused so MUCH ABUSIVE nasty stuff on here and was left to do that for so long!!...but I just wanted to warn others and show the extent of their awful ways, but it has been deleted SO FAST???...yes, I was sarcastic, I admit, but I never used disgusting language as they always did!!! but never mind,....just wanted to tell you my last post on there was to say to you I will certainly contact you on here when I feel I am able to come back, because I know what a wonderful soul you are, wishing you lots of love and happiness.



  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I know i realised that, sorry i didn't see this post yesterday or i would have posted, must have been to late for me, i am in the uk say so times may differ,

    i know how you feel about that, but i guess admin didnt want to course anymore negativitey, like they had on BrianTristans posts, at least they are trying to sort something out now though.

    Please beaware that those types of boards posted will be deleted pretty quickly, as it encourages more of the trouble makers, please try and stay out of their way and make no comments to them what so ever, thats what im doing that way they cant get to me and i cant get to them, and that wont course arguements, i am sure other people have the maturaty to ignore them if they want to, because arguing back means they have got your attention, its just like bullys at school, you just have to ignore them and get on with things

    Blessings to you my friend

    Best wishes

    RebeccaAnn šŸ™‚

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