Capricorn Woman with Scorpio Man

  • Ahhh, where to begin...=) Im a capricorn woman (Jan.16) who has been involved with a scorpio man (nov.17) for about 10yrs now. Well, the more that I continue to evaluate our relationship the more I come to realize that we really dont have much in common. For instance, I am a home body, no matter how much I've tried to make a routine of going out and hanging out with friends the more I realize I am happier at home...with my scorpio man or just going to dinner and a movie. My scorpio man, loves to be with friends, outdoors, and socializing within his circle of friends, not necessarily bars/clubs just at the homes of friends and family. I think it drives him crazy to stay at home, even if hes had a long day at work. Also, I am a very dominating person and I like things my way. He is the type of person that will not be dominated (which most scorpios have this in common) So we are constantly butting heads...I want to go left he wants to go right and neither will compromise....haha. The only thing I have found that we may have in common are our values such as the importance of family and honesty within the relationship, we also strive to live the good life and want to have things that we weren't able to have growing up. The *** is always amazing. So, are these two signs even compatible or are we wasting our time...even though its been 10 yrs were still in our 20's so we are still young?

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