What I am Thankful For......

  • I am most grateful for strength, perseverance, and the understanding of the bigger picture. From time to time we all have "life happen" for all of us. Whether it be things don't go the direction we want, ill health, major life threatening occurrences, and the ultimate, death of important people in our lives, we need to understand there are lessons in everything and we are the culmination of our experiences good and bad. The "human spirit" is astounding and I thank the universe and Spirit everyday for my enlightened outlook. It has taught me also to find joy in the smallest things every single day. There are so many gifts available to us and everyday to enjoy " in the moment", and I have learned it is the gift of the moment and not to try to hang on to things. I guess you could say I have learned to appreciate the joy of just being.

    Have a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving Day !

  • beautiful Stevi


  • I am thankful for everyone who lives on this planet. The diversity keeps me from judgement. It reminds me that there is more out there than just me and my little world and worries. It makes me more compassionate because of all the people who are worse off than me. It keeps me humble because of all the people who are out there making a difference and because of all the people who still have hope in situations where there is none. It keeps me humble because of the joy people less fortunate than me find in living. It reminds me to live my life authentically, one day at a time. It reminds me to always let the people important to me know that I love them. And best of all, every person on this earth reminds me every day that it's not all about me and that the more I love i give, the more love I have to give.

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