Destiny Cards and Love : What is a "King of Spades" relationship?

  • I have been told that my romantic relationship is a "King of Spades" relationship.

    I am a 10 of Clubs woman, and my partner is a 3 of Diamonds man. What does this mean in terms of being able to meet each others' needs?

  • Clubs (fire) and Diamonds (earth) meet with Spades (Air): You can meet on the mental plane, exchange each other. Besides of that I assure you, you will meet each other needs by meeting from heart to heart.

    It is a relationship not to be decided by the mind but something to be felt.

  • Thank you so much, Hanswolfgang!! You are the only person who has been able to answer this question!!!

  • New query...what kind of relationship is there between a 3 of Diamonds man and a 9 of Clubs woman?

  • He is good, isn't he?


  • Yes, Hanswolfgang is excellent! It's great that someone is knowledgeable about this amazing system!

  • Hanswolfgang,

    What kind of a relationship is an Ace of Clubs relationship? This is a relationship between a 9 of Clubs woman and a 3 of Diamonds man..

  • Cuspglyph - could you explain your "system" a bit more... I've read so many Divination Books, that it's CHALLENGING to figure out exactly if someone loved the BRITISH PLAYING DECK, or the Madam French LeMonde version... or does a person allows knights in a reading and such. (( One system has AUGUST 21st - ruled by the 5 of clubs.)) So, I'm trying to say is that I'm under the last section of LEO / ARIES which makes me a 7 of clubs as well. --- are both cards still valid ? Or do you use your own system that WORKS MUCH BETTER ?!? --- then again, which one would you go with ?!?

  • Sharon Jeffers sparked my interest in Destiny Cards; it's just hard to get hold of her book and harder to interpret her descriptions of what a relationship is due to descriptions of individuals born under a certain card. Her system is based on the yearly calendar; the days one is born (many dates can fit into a Card for a person) determines "who" they are. For example, my birthday is January 30, 1961--therefore, I am a 10 of Clubs. My fiance was born November 4, 1954 so he is a 3 of Diamonds. His female friend was born May 23, 1967 so she is a 9 of Clubs. Clubs people are driven by mental processes, but while the 10 of Clubs is sure of what they want in a relationship, the 9 of Clubs tends to be rather flirtatious, and depends on giving out knowledge to feel appreciated. 3 of Diamonds is idealistic but indecisive in matters of the heart, so can be easily influenced at times even with the best of intentions.

  • 🙂 At least you have something... that speaks volumes about what makes someone think.

  • Dear cuspglyph,

    This is interesting to me and I would like to learn a little bit more. I have determined that I am a 10 of Hearts and my bf is a 2 of Spades but I would like to know how do you determine what card our relationship is? Any information you or anyone else can give me on this I would appreciate it. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Hi 333Tanya!

    I am more than happy to help you!! What you do is consult the Solar chart--in your case, your number would be 10, and your bf's number would be 41. Add those two solar numbers and you get 51. You two have a Queen of Spades relationship!

    The reason I am concerned about the relationship of my fiance and his female friend is because she 'friended' him only four weeks after he proposed to me, and seems unusually possessive about their relationship. He had a romantic interest in her 15 years ago, and she had turned him down back then. My relationship with my fiance hasn't been the same since she came back into his life!

    He gets nervous when she tells him what kind of a relationship to have with me, and then does whatever she tells him to do. This really hurts!!

  • Thanks cuspglyph for explaining to me how to get the relationship number! I'm sorry you are having a hard time with your fiance and his female friend. Have you ever told your fiance that the way he is acting is hurting you? I hope he will wake up soon before it is too late and he loses you.

    Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Thank you so much, dear 333Tanya!

    I feel I have made a real friend's been tricky for me because while I was dating him, he had some issues to which he would keep telling me "It doesn't happen overnight" (change); he only dropped those issues (disappointment with late mother, self-absorption, spiteful attitudes) when I let him know I couldn't continue in a counterproductive relationship. Ironically, this woman is doing the very things that he found threatening, and does what she wants 'at the drop of a hat'. She is very glamorous and has many men adoring her on her Page--I suspect it's at least part of that that makes my fiance need to 'prove' himself to her. I don't like games and think manipulation of men's emotions is sick. So perhaps he will get sick of this eventually. Other than that, she provides a real outlet for him via networking; he has a hard time with that. Being a 3 of Diamonds, he can be very suggestible but the idea of having to 'suggest' to have him cooperate with me actually makes me feel ill. I am really stumped as to how to go about this.

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