Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

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  • Oh my these men have you ladies jumping through hoops, don't they! Scorpio men I feel from personal experience and very dramatic and multi faceted. You might be the woman in his life, but they'll probably be hints of past lovers hanging around or in my case he had a baby with a woman he never married and the child of course would always be a part of things along with the woman. Theres always gonna be something with a Scorpio. The question is are you secure enough within yourself to deal with outside influences in your relationship? Its hard to keep up with a Scorpio man, because when you least expect it...he will produce it. Whether it be his undying love for you or a marriage proposal out of the blue. Fasten your seat belt with that Scorpio man and get secure within yourself to deal with the extra baggage.

  • know what...Ignore that new years text from him......My dear you deserve consideration in your life. You invited this man out and he put you off...Now put him out. That might be what he needs..but he doesnt sound like what you need. I know once your on that marry go round..or merry go's hard to look objectively though feelings and attractions to these sorts of men. Put on your sexiest and make up..and hit the party it for yourself...forget about this player....

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  • bpaliath- It was Keljoran who was lucky enough to get a New Years text-- I, on other hand was---hmmmm---- not lucky. I got no text, however on the other hand I also didn't call, text or email him either.

    I have that contract package that I have to send to him. i'm going to send it on Friday with a very brief note. I think I may have to let this fish swim away.

    For me to get this Scorp HE would have to be willing to give up 1. him living with his kids 2. his money-- She'd rake him over the coals 3. His life style--- their friends (trust me I went through it) 4. His in-laws 5. his house--- ect, ect, ect...

    Ugh! I think it's time to start pre-heating the stove --lol-- The date I had last week keeps calling. Gotta change my number I think --lol-- Think it's time to look behind curtain number 2 "So tell us Bob what's behind curtain number 2?" "Oh I'll tell you--- It's a cute Italian architect complete with his own new boat!!!!" --lmao!--- that's who I was stuck sitting next to most of last night. I had my very, very old gameboy with Tetris and we played all night. He was sweet. I gave him my email. I'll see what happens.


    I had the BEST hair day!!! --lol-- night---lmao. I will not be cutting anytime soon.

    Keldjoran- OMG! What happend?????

  • Woke up to an email from "boat man". Kinda soon, no? Desprate? and two texts from date guy. Am I a magnet for desprate lunatics? I must be wearing an invisible sign that only they can read saying something like "Hi, I'm single and date nuts, call me!'

    Boat guy typed "I had fun freezing with you last night. Want to have dinner one night this week?"

    I haven't responded. Ugh. I have issues but I also don't want to act desprate. I hate games.

    Date guy text "are you awake?" Nooooo, at 2:00 am??? I was sleeping. Then text 15 minutes later "guess your sleeping call me tomorrow if we're meeing up because I have to call in resevations". He casually mentioned to me on the phone the other day about meeting for dinner and I said to him "Ok, I'll let you know, maybe". When did maybe become a yes? Most certainly not after a 2:00 am text. I didn't even kiss him goodnight after our date just kinda skipped off and said "I had fun tonight, I'll call you!" and--- I didn't call--- he called me! Now he wont stop!!!!

    I wish my Scorp picked me. I hate even more that I still have to deal with him for work. It's like impending doom. I know I have to send him this package. I don't want to see him. It will make it worse. Friday. A countdown. UGH! And on top of it-- this means more work for him so he wont be happy about it. Did I mention impending doom???

  • Moonbeauty -- Happy New Year girl. Lets us both leave the past where it belongs in the past. For the first time in all these years I actually forgot about my ex on New Year day. I was talking to a friend and she mentioned something in his direction and I went OMG I totally forgot about the man. LOL

    He and his wife are tied to the hips, legs etc. He isn’t going nowhere because he simply cannot.

    Hmmm Scorpio guy and work. I sense you’re strong enough to deal with him. Let’s him “smell” that you’re out there doing fun stuff. And you are enjoying every single milli second of it. And most important of all convince yourself that the “doom” feeling will go away soon enough. The thing is you were working with him before all the emotional stuff...get back to that feeling and you will be okay. You’re not his mother and you’re not his keeper, you’re his colleague and its work.

    I have read that you been on a second “date” with a new guy - boat man. Niceeeee. Enjoy the attention girl. Don’t worry about the invisible signs I have that problem too. Since I am talking to Libra guy I noticed other men are looking at me at the strangest places and they all confident enough to say hello or something...LOL.

    You want to hear the funny part of this. I received a text not from Libra guy (he doesn’t text) but from a former boyfriend. I am saying boyfriend because this is someone that I know more than 20 years and at the beginning we were a couple like for 6/7 years. And the message was the kind that you got to read between the lines. So I don’t know exactly what to do with this since he knows that I just started seeing someone and to my knowledge he isn’t exactly single the last time I checked hmmm. Libra guy has been out of the country and will be back today.

    So what I want to say to you if boat man wants to keep you warm these cold months and you’re up for it....I would say warm up!!! If he is desperate I don’t know. I usually make them wait for the actual work but you should follow your own feelings. I can’t say much about the lunatic comment because you picked them...LOL No but seriously they might seen what Scorpio guy has seen and failed to do something about. If this is what you need right now...I would say go for it. I am not a person of taking risk but I have learned one or two things the last couple of months and especially the last couple of days last year and I decided to take risk and live.

    And depends what game your playing. I love games but not of the heart. To seduce yes but only when I know I really want you. So again it’s up to you.

    Well girls and boy...I will be less on the forum tomorrow work starts again and I have a huge project to swing all by myself. I will be checking in once in a while but have no idea when. So keep your cool and sanity and enjoy life.

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  • "Well on New Year's Eve, I got an IM from him saying happy new year's eve, i responded back the same....then he proceeds to ask me if I'm doing anything fun..."

    I think he knew 100% what you were doing just was checking to see if you were still doing it.

    I confronted him on this in a joking manner and his excuse was oh sorry, there's just so much going on at once I forgot....WTF?!?!?! Earlier in the week he has said that the was mad because no one was doing anything for new year's so...his excuses are always so lame and I can poke 9000 holes in them but I usually don't bother. Can he really be that stupid? Or was he just trying to **** me off?

    Sounds very familiar. Mind F%ck? I think so. Now he's got you all twisted again.

    "I'm going to assume that he's just a moron, I don't want to fool myself into thinking that it was one of his games and he was trying to upset me"

    --lmao!--- YOU SOUND LIKE ME! With the Christams Eve phone call. You told me that it was probably my Scorps way of seeping into my brain to get me to think about him. I don't think he was trying to upset you. HE TEXT YOU! YOU DID NOT TEXT HIM FIRST! That means at that moment in time YOU were on HIS brain.

    I don't think him having s%x with other people is the reason. I know I sound out of my mind but I still think it's the emotional factor.

    If he gives his heart to you then you can hurt him. BIG risk for some people. I think they are emotionally backward. To me they fear just what they want most. I think in you he sees a potential partner and thus can't let you go BUT is scared to death you will hurt him thus-- Welcome to the "Scorpio Relationship Olympics"

    What do you think?

  • LMAOOOOO ...sorry Keldjoran but Moonbeauty just initiated a new Olympic theme...LMAO


    I am sorry I know to you it's a serous matter and I shouldn't be laughing but she is on role today.

    Keldjoran I think to give yourself some kind of piece of mind you need to meet him and talk. He might be like me scared to commit. I don't do the things he does but he is still hanging around so perhaps a little more digging from your side is necessary.

    I will check in to see how things are going. Good luck.

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  • Did you do that already? Confront him I mean, I forgot. Or did you just say "let's just be friends?"

    I think keep you should just keep doing what your doing. When HE is ready to move closer-- he will.

    He knows you like him. Keep it no pressure. Start to be a little more scarce. Let his brain start to wonder. I know your all just friends but don't answer a text or a call. See what happens. Can't hurt.

    I know you hate games. Like I said Scorpio Relationship Olympics. They've got games galore! I think the winner may be the one who can withstand all his tests when HE is ready. If it's worth it is up to you.


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  • Hey everyone, Look, you guys shouldn't stress yourselves out over these lunatics. Especially you, moonbeauty, that dude is texting you at 2 am one day after you met? stalker. sorry to just come in to the convo, but i just wanted t say that it is not a common scorpio trait to cheat. Not every scorp is gonna be a decent guy, but from what i read here..... Seriously? you could do better at a freak show.

  • Hi SoScorpio,

    Just a quick's not the Scorpio guy that is texting her at 2.00 am but a possible new fling. Scorpio guy is a collegeau that she will be dealing with the coming week.

    I am off nice!!

  • Awww soscorp sweet. No my story is not about a mad texter --lol-- I was in the middle of my seperation and met a man through my job (we don't work together but our work crosses-- hard to explain) anyway he is married with kids and said he was in the middle of the same situation. That is my Scorp.

    I separated, he didn't. In fact he got all mad at me because I ended it with him. When he finally calmed down he explained that I was not his first affair just the longest and that he never expected to like me so much and I confused his life.

    Now it's all sticky and uncomfortable because we have to work on a common project (the thing that brought us together to begin with). I wished him happiness in his life and marriage and told him I'm glad we met I learned from him and now I'm moving on.

    My whole issue is that every now and then he does or says something-- I think on purpose-- to seep back into my mind. I have been reduced to ignoring him except for work only and that I make as brief as possible however I must be honest he has been ignoring me just as much back. But like I said every now and then he'll email or call. It hurts.

    There was no pressure i didn't want another husband just a boyfriend type of guy BUT I can't break somebodys family and I refuse to be #2.

    Men. Ugh. OMG Keldjorn I am starting to whine all over again. I am SO annoying --lol--somebody throw me off the bridge I am starting to annoy myself!!! --lmao!--

    thanks soscorp.

  • oh, my mistake. Either way, texting at 2 am... am i the only one who finds that a bit weird? Do what you like with that one, MoonBeauty...

  • OMG I know. Wierd. I've become a wierd magnet. --lol--

  • But you have self respect - you're not allowing yourself to be a number two, which is what he wants. you didnt know that he had no intention of leaving his wife, you didnt do anything wrong. But he still has a hold on your heart, which sucks. Have you explained to him how you feel, that you're not willing to be #2 or destroy a family? A man that cheats to be with a new woman once will most likely do it to the new one when the first one is out of the picture, so its good that you're not giving in to him. Stay tough.

  • keldjoran- I am going to ignore a text every now and then lol I'm curious to see what he'll do. I'm going to continue not starting any conversations with him and definitely making myself much more scarce.

    I am curious too. I am not kidding your posts give me the most teeny tiny bit of hope. I need some-- I'm attracting lunatics! Well, we did have a full moon last night.

    Good luck on your project flowsco!

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