Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • sleep well shorty. i might take a bath i reckon with some nice smelly oils. hehe

  • Shorty,

    Sounds like things will come together for you two. If you already have similar thoughts then that is promising.


    Your welcome that is what life is all about in general.


    I recently bought a body scrub with lemon/minth in it. Divine stuff it has different kinds of oils in it. That I used before heading to Libra guy making my skin feeling like a baby bum. Enjoy your bath.


    Are you okay now?

    Well I am off for the day. If I get a chance I will pop in.

  • Hi all, I just wanted to check in right quick and I was already 5 pages behind!

    Ok so I will start a new thread... ASCLAC Thanks for the idea! This one is kinda long and I dont think the title applies anymore.

    I agree with flowsco that when I started this thread I was lost and confused about my Scorp. I have learned a lot through reading her responses. Things are not always what I think they are.

    ASCLAC is a good name. A group of people who like to chit chat about their relationships w/o being overly concerned and judged as our "real-life" friends or family may do if we had asked them for advice. We can all be objective to each other as none of us have anything to gain/lose with any comment we make, plus outsiders who have an ill will may opt to not comment, and new friends can read and join if they like.

    Oh, but ummm--- can somebody tell kel where to find us? --lol-- I need/love/want that man's input and advice! (he's just so

    crabby! --lmao!-- Must be the Cancer in him 😉

    Hmmm--- how nervous am I???

  • ok, trying to catch up on the last 10 pages...

    Flowsco-I didn't really understand what you wrote on page 160..what was that about? Spreading virus? Huh?

  • LUA

    I think when you go through the rest of the pages it makes sense. BTW WE GOT A NEW THREAD .....ASCLAC!! that's us.

    Post up there. 🙂

    KEL!!!!!!! lol

  • I'm posting as I read too-

    Kel>>Have some more confidence in yourself before I hit you with Flowsco's stick! lol!!!! Think about this, why would they look you up? They must have remembered you, you made SOME impression on them, I don't look up people from highschool that never made an impression on me...

    Lua>> haha true..I guess. I think I have more confidence now, I know I'm HOT now, haha that's why all the young guys come after this cougar, lol! I guess the old guys my age as well, although they haven't seen me in person..I was totally insecure in highschool though..I hid behind my saxophone and Scuba tank. If I made an impression why didn't they pay attention to me back then?

  • katie-omg, you guys are hot and heavy and so romantic, I am soo envious!! I'm getting tired of seeing my guy only for 2 or 3 days once every 2 or 3 months!! He's not getting his vacation dates yet so I may have to go see him during his layover again..I need to pick up more work so I can afford more time off..

    so "mincing" is the code word for s.e.x these days? Mincing crabmeat, lol!

  • Lua: LOL, Flow adapted this word, im not sure anymore whether she exactly meant having s-e-x, but definitely close to it... and i just started to use it for s-e-x yesterday. LOL

    don't be envious... you get your time too. did you talk about spending more time together once he has vacation? how long vacation would he get? look, i'm happy now, but noone knows how long it will keep... so as our dear friends say here: LIVE IN THE MOMENT. that's what i try to follow. 🙂

  • stranger-the tsunami thing didn't happen..we had a warning and they closed all the beaches but it was a beautiful normal day, but we had to cancel all the shore dives..they were enfocing the closed beach least in the am...I have a Chilean friend who still has one missing relative-I was more concerned about that..

    sorry stranger, I haven't been following this thread from the beginning and I haven't had time to go back and read, so I'm not that familiar with your story..

    yes, we Leos need a lot of attention, that's why i don't mind all the guys from my past stalking me but the guy I want attention from is my Brazilian cancer, who can be aloof at times..he does give me attention when we are together, he just lives 2000 miles away and hasn't been giving me much virtual attention lately (he used to until last October) just short emails, usually one liners..I don't know why I'm so hooked on him...

  • katie-he'll get vacation but he's spending most of his vacation in Brazil, it also takes him 3 days to get there and 3 days to get back, so he'll have 4 or 5 days with me. if he gets 3 weeks like he's supposed to, but if doesn't get that many days he'll just go to Brazil. .Four or five days is more than we've had together for nearly a year. A year ago he was here for 4 days. The last few times I've seen him it's only been 30 hours...he gets in at midnight and leaves at 6 am 30 hours I have to mince him as soon as we get together, lol! no time to waste!! last time he had to study so less time for mincing, lol!

    shorty-thanks for the encoragement-what is this about flow's spanking? She's got a stick?

    I think I'm becoming a stalker, lol! Even when I am not wth my cancer pilot, I feel better when I know where he is..I know he's in Shanghai tonight, leaving tomorrow..

  • Hey, I'm back!

    I'd just like to offer a little advice....dont heed this if you are newly with a scorpio or in an early stage of the relationship(you'll come off as controlling & crazy) but, if you have been around a long time and have established a bond with him...DO NOT LET HIM WALK ALL OVER YOU. He will not respect you, he will see you as weak, he will treat you accordingly to those thoughts. If you feel mistreated, make it known! He will be angry that you attacked him, he will probably shun you for a minute, but if he thinks your so angry you'll withdraw from him...he will soothe things.

    I have been having some issues with my scorpio lately and me being the reserved cancer that I am, I never said anything, just acted out here and there and went insane in my head. Finally i decided NO MORE I will NOT let him control my emotions (their crazy enough, right?) so I just let it all out. I went OFF on him. I said things I would have never dreamed of saying to anyone, I am usually so nice, but they were all true. I was honest I was sharp and I was blunt. Of course, since they hate being the one attacked, he just withdrew and told me to "lose his number" so I just responded "no big loss."

    I gave him the cold shoulder after that, and lo-and-behold, 3 days later he texts me saying he didnt mean to be acting the way he did, wanted me to come back, confessed he doubted that I would and asked me to. (which i didnt agree to yet...they hate to lose, so keep them hanging and they will go crazy and actually try.)

    Scorpios thrive on power...they love it. they love any type of power they can get, and once they believe they have that power, they dont care about it anymore. They are always on the hunt for more things to gain and control. If he thinks he has you, your not going anywhere and you'll do what he says and keep quiet....he will treat you like a book hes already read and leave you gathering dust on a shelf. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Let him know that you are there WITH him not FOR him. He will hate you for your resistance, on the surface, but he will respect you in secret and thats whats important. To gain his love you must gain his respect. he wont treasure a coward, he wants a woman as strong as he is (or thinks he is...).

  • Hey lil, we're all over at ASCLAC.

  • whaaa? lol

  • hey lilfrankenstein!

    I have been with a scorpio male (nov 4 1954, born 2 a.m. in frankfurt, germany) since May 2007; i am an aquarius female (january 30 1961, born 8:53 a.m. in s.f., ca united states) and we got engaged Dec. 23 2009...but after that proposal, a female former love interest (may 23, 1967, born in california) showed up to "friend" him on a social networking site we both are members of, and it has been hell ever since...he claims they are 'just friends' but I still have no idea why she "friended" him nor why he also told me he wanted a 'really, really close relationship' with her after 15 years--we nearly split over that (he 'exploded' during a conversation about what marriage meant to both of us which I felt had been relatively neutral up until that moment). Then, he called me back saying he was 'really, really scared' (--he'd hung up on me about what the word "friend" meant) and that he didn't want to lose me...he later called with a message about 'what I am willing to give up to be in a relationship with you' but never sent me the e-mail he said he was composing 'bit by bit' about that, either. He DID say "I'm not willing to give up my relationship" with the female "friend" but repeated the same sentiment about not wanting to lose his relationship with me, either. He and the woman exchanged long-distance numbers after I confided my concerns about his relationship with her and I really felt betrayed! Just what do you think I can expect with this man--or her? She is very free in her sexual relationships with men, so I don't know if she is trying to 'rekindle' anything, or vice versa. My fiance has moon in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio. She has moon in Scorpio, Mars in Libra, Venus in Cancer. Anything you could tell me about this relationship?

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