Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • Stranger,

    Hmmm food. It’s lovely for what all kind of things you can do with it. Ahem. I read that wish of yours. If he can single handily find my house that would be great and I am sure I will disappear from the forum for a couple of days. 😛 He knows what city I live in yet doesn’t have my home address. My home is my temple no man comes here just like that. I don’t like headache and he knows it so for him suggesting it ....well it’s a brave move.

    Singing is going good. Tuesday I will be going to the advanced group. I have no idea what to expect so you guys will hear about it Wednesday.

    Girl, I was reading here saying you see!?! I knew he didn’t mean what he said. And then you said stubborn little s.hit. No! Once again it’s not your battle it’s his!!! Be the listener and that’s it.

    If you do talk to him tell him to lower down also on the starch/sugar within potato, plantain, rice and those kinds of food. Pasta in small portions. Etc. He doesn’t need to cut of everything just in smaller portions would be good and balanced throughout the day.

    Looking at the circumstances and all that went down before I am happy to read this.

    Please, please don’t think because you guys had this moment that you and him are good. He gave you a list of things that he has issues with concerning on that!!! He didn’t mean everything but those things he did.

    And yes I agree totally the cosmos has a way with things. Tell me about it. LOL

    Good luck Moonbeauty!!!!!!!!!

  • yep funny shorty - when i wrote that last bit i was also thinking of me and dropping something off at his house.. it was going to be some litttle flowers..maybe a card. i dont know. havent done anything like that with him in years. i will have to research naturopaths near here.. i know he has seen them before.. actually i think he doesnt like spending the money.. his mum works in a chiropractic clinic and can get him homeopathic drops i think. ta for the thought. i will look into it.he did seem to feel i was pushing hm though yesterday he said cant you just let me see how i go with this first? if i push him too much now it could all backfire. yes i do agree there are alot of shonky docs out there who just want to push pills, and truly have no idea..

  • Hey Shorty,

    I understand what you mean with kill with kidness but to be honest I am not that nice when it comes to these kinds of things. So either I am silent to save you or I am all over you to crush you. This time I chose the middle way.

    Well enough of that.

    But honestly I wouldn't mind becoming a fly today just to see what Moonbeauty and Scorp do in the first seconds. I hope she remembers to strutt!!

    Well we all are keeping everything that is flexible crossed for her. Lets see if this is a new beginning for them.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • moonbeauty: GOOD LUCk!!! we wanna hear all the details once you're back! 🙂

    stranger: first of all i'm really happy for you. though of course things are not completely back to good again, but still something is happening and it's great. he wants to communicate, i think that definitely means he wants to solve things. 🙂

    for your questions regarding me. NO, i dont plan to see him every day. somehow i dont only wanna go slow for things to work out long term, but also cause i dont wanna lose the sparkle. LOL i want to appreciate and enjoy greatly all the time i spend with him... if it were every day it would get boring or we would get used to each other really fast. i dont want that. 🙂

    about jealousy... i can get jealous but only if i feel insecure. at the beginning when he was all over me i didnt care with what girls he is e-mailing or meeting, cause i felt he wants me... and why on earth couldnt he have female friends??? he can. now i am a bit more cautious, cause he just came back and i dont really know where we stand just yet... even if he is so much hanging on me... though i know the girl with whom he is going to that gig, she is fat and she has a bf. otherwise he told me much earlier that he does not fancy her that way... so i guess it's ok.

    and about the 'putting into the words - i love you - is hard... yes, it is... two things: once i appreciate much more actions that are sweet and show love, than the words themselves... otherwise speaking out - i love you - is a tough thing cause somehow stating in changes things. if you know what i mean...

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  • Shorty,

    wonky?? what happens to the other threads then?? I think I missed that. I don't have a problem with ASCLAC. Lets see what the others say.

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  • shorty:

    Katie-"cause i think he is honestly falling for me, so if he tells it it will be true, which has to be scary for him."

    yes my dear he is

    Katie: ISN'T HE??? LOL (ok after last night's headache i slept like 11 hours and i feel all good mooded and cute today LOL)

    oh and he is so caring and paying attention... when i wrote him last night that i wont be able to go out (even if he decides to come) because of the headache, he immediately answered that he is sorry etc. but when i woke up, another mail from him waited in my mailbox... letting me know that he is not going out at the end either and mentioning a band's album which cover i liked once i saw it at his place (3 FREAKING MONTHS AGO). situation was i was looking at a music magazine and i guess there was the album cover and i simply mentioned 'ha, cool cover', but NOTHING MORE. and 3 months afterwards, he suddenly just tells me, 'hey i remember you liked this cover... why dont you check out the band too?'

    WTF??? LOL he DOES pay attention to me. 🙂

    oh shorty! smoker too? i dont even try to quit yet. though i can balance it quite good... i mean at work for 8 hours, i dont smoke. oh and my crab does not smoke. so whenever im with him, i dont even bring cigarettes with me. not that he ever mentioned that it bothers him, but since the beginning i never smoke while with him. so imagine... if i sleep at him for two nights that is 3 days without cigarettes... LOL

    "but once we get closer and i dont want that. so i do want commitment from him. which is simply this: dating only me and that i can count on him. that is all"

    this the ultimate prize of all mutual fulfillment Cancer's do ultimately want this also.

    katie: well i am commited to him already, and since i got together with him end of October, im not seeing anyone else... though i dont know whether he knows that. i told him at the very beginning that i am the exclusive kind. though with him withdrawing... no idea whether he dated/dates other girls too, but im not dumb, i wont ask him that...

  • Katie,

    Uh oh ...I don’t believe you went there!?! LMAO. You called the girl fat. Tsk, tsk. It’s the interior most men look at girlie. Fat you can burn if you want to!!

  • shorty: i agree!!!! ASCLAC!

    Flow: some threads after reaching a certain amount of pages start to behave funny. like you see on the main page that moonbeauty commented the last on the thread, you go in but her comment does not appear. you write something and it does not appear immediately... sometimes just a day later etc... i am guessing it is because of the amount of pages...


  • Flow: sorry.... i know it is the interior, but she is really big... not that some guys does not like that exactly... well im not that slim either... so yes, i take it back.. LOL it was high school type jealousy cause he is going with her... why didnt he ask me, whether i wanted to go with him???

  • Katie,

    LMAO.... your funny!!!

    about the post not appearing I had that here once but I think it's because at that time me and shorty posted at the very same time and she kind of blocked me out. It happened to be a post to you a week or so ago.

    Well if we start a new one I think Moonbeauty should have the honours to do that.

  • hey flow, yeah you're right. it is his stuff his battles. gotta really try and catch myself the millisecond i start to fight them for him. i know what it is... essentially it is fear. my fear starting to trickle in.. that its not enough that he will lose interest, that he neeeeds me or fear that he doesnt.. yes its a contro; thing i do . damn! i do wish he would take my advice more though..i have told him heaps of times that i think he should just do everything in moderation .. still have flour sometimes etc eat normal healthy balanced food.. but he just keeps saying nup he cant do it like that .. it always just creeps up. the scorp thing- all or nothing! i so wish he could learn some balance in his life.ANYWAY..

    yes i know things are only what they are.. we still dont live together,don't truly know if we can do it again. we still have to work on other areas..he said he might get a laptop to get online support.. he is someone who has never had that, never been into computers.. ok, i got stuff again.. are we jsut going to drift further apart if he gets one? i know what he's like he'll spend hours on it..he sensed that i got nervous and he said gently- where are u going? into the future again??

    thanks for reminding me cos i do know how easy it is to get all excited and fall into the rush of a slight success and become complacent.

    i really understand the home thing being your fortress.. im the same. but i would love to share my space but as long as i still can get yes it would be brave of mr libra.

    advanced class hey? sounds great, do you do harmonies with each other?

  • Flow: yes, funny, but i know you're right though... i can be soooo critical sometimes (most of the times). Virgo in me working... though at least, im incredibly self critical too...

    and i agree... since moonbeauty started this thread, she should have the honour to start the new one too...

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  • This post is deleted!

  • katie, yeh well sometimes the words are a bit cagey.. all of a sudden you are in this thing once you have said them.. have to confess.. with my scorp it came out really had been a bit over a month i think, and we had spent alot of time together. it had been passionate and intense. then he started to pull back...well i was feeling all f.ucked up and insecure and didnt know what he was feeling .. think i was scared i dont know.. any way think i had a few drinks.. then we had been sitting in his car looking at the sea.. i was getting toey and pushy ( really silly me) not a clue! anyway i think i said something like " well you dont love me anyway!" it was heated and emotional. he retorted" yes i do!" lol. one way to go about it... perhaps not the best way ..!

  • Katie, i am a Virgo also (rising) and yes I am critical and analyse things a great deal yet in that comment I saw that jealousy head sticking it's head up. So the fat comment wasn't the issue it's that you used it to justify that you don't have to worry about her...LOL.

    Shorty/Katie: Gosh it would be a bit weird to be in another thread. Well we will see. Yet it could be time to leave the cheating part behind because everybody is more in the understanding of their relationship than worried that the buggers are running behind another skirt.

    It's a shame that you can't copy and paste or save the thread for a longer period of time.

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