Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

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  • moonbeauty: dark circles under the eyes? i never could make them go away entirely... but potatoes? arent cucumbers better for it? i keep seeing women in movies with cucumber on their eyes. LOL (no, but seriously)

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  • Kel: i know what you will say... so you dont need to tell it. LOL and it's not sure im gonna see him tonight... it is already 7pm and no sign of him telling that he is coming. maybe (most possibly) better this way... need a bit of fresh air from him i think.

    oh forgot to tell (though it is not that important for you guys, but wowow for me). last night we stood again like 20 minutes saying goodbyes in front of my building. and then i was already opening the door when he jumped back, grabbed me and gave such a passionate kiss that i thought im gonna drag him up in the apartment and mince him. LOL but joke aside, he is REALLY CRAZY FOR ME i think...

    Kel, can i ask something? sorry you might have told me already but im not sure. why will he probably take two steps back again? i mean you described the CRAB DANCE already (with back and forths) but can u explain what goes on emotionally?

    first we hooked up really strong... then he got disturbed/scared or whatever and took some steps back... then i guess he either had issues with my ex's stuff and so on or he got scared of things and he had to think and he did think and came back and he is better than ever... and now what will make him go again? that he will feel again maybe even stronger that he is hooked on me? sorry, im not venting im just honestly wanting to understand...

    now im gonna run down to the supermarket for cigarettes... be back soon 🙂

  • keldjoran: moonbeauty - here's a little g*ay secret....but two spoons in the freezer for like 15 minutes and then put the spoons on your eyes when they're iceeee cold.

    katie: yeah, just take care they dont get too frozen and get stuck on your eyes... LOLOLOL like children's tongue on icecream... sorryyyyyyyyyy i could not miss this one....

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  • Moonbeauty,

    OMG I just saw what you wrote to me.

    That’s a thought to bake him a cake...hmmm I was thinking what to bake but I was hoping to do it together with him. Hubba, hubba. And then feed him.

    His hands....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I mastered the art of control. Not easy when you see those chest through his working shirt. Jeezz. I remember in the summer he used to just change shirts. I got all twisted and had to leave that area in a hurry. And it’s only my back that had a rub down. 😛

    My girls they were like trying to lead their own lives and wanted to speed up stuff. LOL

    I left the card and no nothing this is typical him. So I am not sweating it.

    About you’re the darkness under your eyes...uhmm I usually don’t have that problem. Yet when I look run down I wash my face with really ice cold water or I use a mask to energize the cells again and then rinse with cold water. I do that before I leave the house.

    Maybe the other ladies has other ideas.

  • Kel: thank you!

    first of all for your question: how do we put up with you... because you are loving and caring people... ive never met anyone before like him... and i know also, that the greatest price to win is when it is that hard to win. essentially when you have to fight for something, it is more appreciated once you have it already.

    i believe in honest love breaking through everything, it just takes different time for each person. and look at me... i rushed into my first love (my ex) so fast, and i had beautiful moments with him, but we moved together after 2 months or so and we spent extremely lot of time together... and things got ruined fast and i got sucked up in the whole thing and before i realized i was a freakin housewife with 23... i dont want to make that mistake again...

    so dont misunderstand me... my incredibly big love for this crab stops at simply being 'for sure' /fix together and spending beautiful days, here and there sleep over on weekends etc. but god help me i dont want to move in with him... im not even seeing that right now. so if you know what i mean, i just want from him a bit more emotional security and somehow (even without words) the declaration of loving each other and for me MOST IMPORTANTLY 'belonging together'! i dont ask him anything about girls and we dont talk about it at all... and i accepted that he might have seen/still seeing other girls... maybe. maybe not.

    but once we get closer and i dont want that. so i do want commitment from him. which is simply this: dating only me and that i can count on him. that is all... i wont ever ask/demand to know where he is with whom and when and why...

    yesterday we had a moment though... i asked him whether he is going to a certain gig... and then he somehow slipped out that he is going with a certain girl whom i know too... and i wasnt really happy about it... havent told anything though... and then he added after a while... it's not like we have a date... i just know she goes too and so i probably join her...

    Kel, was it maybe a check on me? whether i get jealous? and if so... does it make him happy if i get jealous?

    ok, the last thing for now: yes, i think the first time when he pulled away things were really messy... my ex-relationship was still hanging in the air... and i was messy too, maybe too pushy and demanding cause i was loosing my mind between ex and him, all feelings stirred up etc. so he might got offended/worried about stuff...

    i thought too that look: once i moved away to my new place, he is all around me... dont you think Kel, that he wanted to see whether i really leave my old life behind, burn all the bridges and start new?

    ok, so update: i wont meet him tonight, kind of half happy about it... i mailed him that i have a headache and i will stay in (which was not a lie i really have a massive headache, but normally i am insane enough to go anyways)... and he mailed me the same time that he still does not know what he wants to do... then again, that he is sorry for my headache...

    see Kel??? im slowing down... LOL are you proud or what? 🙂

  • Katie,

    I am a jealous person and I know what jealousy can do to a relationship. It would be possible that I still got competition from Libra’s ex. Yet I know my strength and I can’t go and let his past dominate my moment. Of course I think and I wonder but I make sure when I am with him that I make that moment count. And the little info I have about his past and what I deduct of what he says I make sure not to do what his ex did. When you move on you try not to get yourself knowingly into the same situation you left behind.

    So take it easy and see what Kel and the others tell you.


    Yes Red!!! Can you believe it? That’s why I said I met my match this man is incredible. Perhaps he paid attention from the first time I went there to shock him. Because he loves blue so this was a welcome surprise. I sooo hope your wrong about reading posts then I would be in serious trouble.

    I knew that you picked up on that other issue and I silently thanked you.

    About your Scorp my opinion hasn’t changed yet I can give a person a benefit of a doubt. And I know you want this so we will see what happens next.

    LOL@ the beauty tips. What length do we go to look good for the moment. LMAO!!!!!!

  • hehe,

    kel- gotta say i also had an image of spoon stuck to eye! but you know what? i might even try it just for fun! i get the dark eyes occaisionally..

    ah so thats who mr big is. just had a thought you could rename mr sag- "mr bigger" .lol. btw you have no reason to feel guilty sure he enjoyed your company. good that you are getting clear on what you like and dont like though. do what you have to do to keep clear and strong in yourself. stick to the path that makes you feel the most fulfilled , the most happy. there are no rules to it all. as a friend sometimes says to me- more will be revealed..

    moonbeauty- cant help you with the potty thing! but as far as the eyes go..yes something cool to tighten and close the pores. and .. some endorphins of some kind.. you need to get a bit of laughter in your day today. s.exy thoughts.. does wonders for your skin. eyes... well if you are wearing black you dont want your eyes to be tooo heavy.. dont know what colour your eyes are, but i think middle not too light not too dark sounds good. can be tricky finding right shade of red for lippy.. maybe a reddy pink but slightly darker. i agree with flow -mayb not orange.. im picturing atouch of pink- but a darker sexy pink almost pinkky red . maybe a scarf?or nice top, or bra strap? and yes .. smell divine..and be fresh and clean. the most important thing.. keep feeling good in yourself like you are. YAY

    ooh im all excited for you! love to be fly on the wall..

    just remember to stay calm and keep those eyes sparkling clear! its 9am here so not sure if i will get to speak with you again so if not.. all the best to you m.b!! ill be thinking of you 🙂

    flowsco- hehe, zucchinis, pumpkins, bananas, homebaked cake served with cream. man i kinda wish he would just turn up at your house with the massage oil and! ahh.. hows singing going?

  • haha moonbeauty ** = s.e.xy! lol

  • lua- sorry i was a bit caught up in my own stuff to reply to you before. that tsunami thing full on.. everyone on east coast oz on alert too . think the sea level rose a bit from it. and down where i live the wind was crazy nuts!!! and surf allover the show.

    i have a leo friend and yes she is a little ray of sunshine to me, very generous too. just needs lots of compliments and attention which i don't mind giving to her cos she's gorgeous!


    you do have a way with words my friend. i love those sayings you put up. great. and yeh i'm not meaning to flatter you. just wanting to thankyou for the insight you shared.. and yes does come from a higher place, beyond you. i understand that stuff. i know you think about things alot and i do think you have wisdom, you can just take it in. doesnt mean that its final, or that i cant have wisdom of my own. but yeah.. the old ego is a sneaky trickster sometimes hey!

    so.. i cooked the fish for my mother. she loved it. then i heard from scorp- a text asking if he could pop in for a chat. (smile) well i couldnt see him at that point ( funny how the cosmos works sumtimes) , asked him to call me bit later. he did. think it flowed well. i wasnt feeling consumed by him, there was no pedestal. he said that he didnt mean the things he's said to me the day before. and that it meant alot to him all the thngs that i said- and then he told me about all the good healthy food he had bought in his shopping trip. i praised him. then it got a bit tricky cos i mentioned doctors and he said that if he is eating right then it should all be ok. ahh. stubborn little .s.hit! of course i agree that if his sugars are good then yes whats the point of going to a doctor. ah he's so sensitive..he then mentioned my back ( which has been playing up) and said well that i cant talk cos im not going to a chiropractor, yes thats because i have always preferred stretching and massage. he's such a competitive thing! anyway, its his life, but i was very happy to hear him happy and motivated, and he was then caring towards me in return, encouraging me with my art, and being his open sensitive gorgeous self.

    so he is cutting out all flour and sugar.its full on, but its what he wants to do. and he is an extremist when it comes to stuff. he has done it before and it hasnt lasted. i will try to encourage him to keep it going when he struggles wth it. i am proud of him. and feel gooey inside. good gooey. but im not putting anything else on it. we'll see what he does..

  • s.hit katie i forgot you! yes i think get back to what you had before that feeling of going slow. keep doing your own thing, still make time to be together too . you dont want to see him every day though or do you? hmm i can get jealous too.. i wouldnt want my man going out with other women. hmm he told you this.. what does that mean for you? how do you interpret that information?

    man these full moons are always intense hey! maybe its my scorpio moon. but there has been a build up for sure. just a good thing its not full all the time hey!

    hmm remember when you did the cake thing? worked well didnt it? i think sometimes if its too confusing too put the l.o.v.e words into actual spoken words then random acts work too. and its creative. which is taking it beyond the two of you.

  • wow spoons? I just threw two in the freezer for tomorrow. Spoons? What a great idea. The potato is along the line of the same theroy but the starch gets messy.

    Flowsco- I do a mask as well. Love them. I live for my spa days. I save all my pennies, and nickels and dimes My freedom for liberty--- but my love--- for a spa day!

    Katie I am so glad that man planted one on ya pucker! Finally! Ahh!

    Oh and I agree with Keldjoran- I can go days, weeks, months, even years hidden in my shell. I still have not talked to one of my bridesmaids. I love her to death, just still in my shell. Now, it's been like 15 months. But, I love her to death.

    Night all. I'll post tomorrow night and tell you how it all went. Wish me luck! (with the money and the Scorp... even though I'd rather have both... I'll take the money first. Hmmmm... am I going to H^LL for that????) --lol--- night all.

    Thanks stranger I'll try a little laughter throughout my day too, but I think the spoons might win.


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