Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • Yay.. she is baccckkkk... going to read and catch up aswell. Love that we all have a life to live to energize each other.

  • Not everyone is like you Little Coquette out flaunting the girls. Some stay home tucked up like there in a shell hating life and what all IT DID TO THEM so they have that hardness. They suck it up and then spit it out. Now the men I know aren't quite as snappy unless they are gay then they can sure act like the feminine side. They can be slower the men but I think they have nicer hearts. But they all pull back to an extent ya know. They are somewhat cautious. Allow them time ya know you can lead a horse to water but ya can't make him drink.

  • This post is deleted!

  • First of all before I continue responding/chatting with you guys I want to highlight LibrasLair comment. Perhaps some of you noticed that for the last month or so this I have been targeted for someone else’s frustration. I don’t have the time and the energy or want to spend the energy wasting on people who have fun at someone else’s misery or situation.

    For the ones that know me a while knows that is not how I operate or will never do. Yes, I joke around but that is to lighten up the thread that sometimes is very much needed. I can easily leave my own experiences out of it and just concentrate on you but in reaction to your questions I do share with the hope that we all learn something from our everyday experiences. They make me grow and I hope they make you grow.

    So if others think that I am virus that wants to take their half @$$ identity well that is a fantasy world I don’t walk or wish to walk around in. And I darn well know that my fantasy world includes bananas, vipers and chairs were I practice what I will be doing in real life.

    I have tried many times to keep the energy and the flow in the thread intact. And therefore Moonbeauty I didn’t respond when you were talking about your son and a certain member found that they had to answer something personally directed to me. I don’t have a problem sharing spotlight if a person feels the need to. I am honestly concerned and interested in that aspect of your life because I have grown to appreciate you and Keldjoran very much.

    I am getting to know Shorty and Stranger has my full attention as well. Katie is sweet and Lua is new to me. I have a busy life yet I take out a great deal of time to be up here. Sometimes I do be online until the wee hours of the night just to see how you guys are doing in good and bad times.

    The attack has been spread over the forum and I have noticed it yet I felt in that respect not to give this person the satisfaction. So this will be my first and last polite way of addressing the matter. I don’t surround myself with negative people or negativity. I assist when I see that it’s genuine and I don’t have to do it with everybody because there are enough other people on the board and in the world to assist someone in need of an ear or a shoulder to cry on.

    You guys are considered my cyber friends and maybe someday we can connect in real life.

    Okay back to business pumpkins.

  • Are you shinning you light on me? Well you know I don't mind at all. So shine away. There aren't enough people on here that do it. Keep it up Coquette.

  • Flow: i probably missed something as i dont even know what LibrasLair comment is about... i only say i appreciate that you are here, you gave me good advice, calmed me down and supported me enough times. and i do consider you as a friend too. 🙂

    i sometimes dont really get why the negativity on the threads. i guessed people come here to talk and share problems... if someone does not want to talk to the other... i think this forum is big enough to avoid each other. but wont talk more about it... i just wanted to comment. 🙂

  • Katie,

    In all fairness I will tell you not to worry about it. I am clueless just as you as in why I am the target I do have my ideas yet this person I never spoke to them and wish to do this. Because I have been on the forum for a couple of months and have seen them operate and I chose not to engage with them.

    It's a free world to make choises and I made mine.

    So no worries. I just had to say something.

    How are you today. I am still reading the old pages and responding. 🙂

  • She doesn't mean me either. Clear that up Coquette will you. They don't know you bother me everyday with e-mail and how you tease your Libra guy. LOL

  • The poor man doesn't know what to do with you.

  • Flow: ok, i dont wanna go on talking about it either... i just had to comment shortly.

    im fine thanks. last night was nice again (but you can read it more detailed in of my posts) and dont know about tonight yet. one part of me wants to see him again, the other would like to keep a bit of distance, just not to let things go too fast. otherwise have a headache... maybe migrane? no idea. 🙂 now i let you catch up with all the posties. 🙂

  • Wow! That was like reading "The Days of Our Lives" an entire season all in one sitting! --lol--

    Love is in the air!

    Flowsco- Awwwww.... sweet. Would you go and bake that man a cake please! I can relate when you said about the arm thing. I would have melted like butter.

    I dunno how you kept it in check with his hands up and down your spine-- I was like OMG when I read that. Oh, and the bit about "the girls" falling out, I was hysterical. He must have been dying!

    So you left the card and---- anything? phone call? nakedness? --lol-- blame it on Kel. He's a bad influence. Just kidding. I know you two are moving in the slow department.

    But really, any updates?

    Kel- OMG! 12 DAYS!!!!!!! I was dying when I read that. Oh yeah, he's crazy about you. No, I don't think respect is an issue or a problem. I think if I were you I'd stick to your plan of FWB and lets see what happens. But seriously, 12 days? Ummm HELLO, can you say.... counting the minutes???? -lol-.

    What is your next move?

    Katie- I read your posts. 3 days? yay! NO IT IS NOT TOO MUCH! -lol- I say he likes you a lot. I would be guided by him. If he is wanting to see you a lot then go with it, just pull in the reins every now and again for you--- and him.

    Shorty & Lua- Hi!

    Stranger- Wow. a lot of updates. First off- You cracked me up with your driving skills. Then the fish? He returned your fish? OMG! Well, it was an opener alright. I'm glad you two are talking and I'm glad you said your peace in regards to his sugar.

    This doctor issue may be a problem. Will he see any doctor? I am a big believer in drug companies looking out for their own interests with their profits. I am against a lot of vaccines for babies--- but they give them anyway--- why?--- money I believe, but I still take my baby to the doctor.

    Has he ever tried a holistic doctor and approach to his diabetes? If that's even possible I dont know.

    Ok, me

    Well, I've not made any contact with him---nor him to me, but that's ok... I think.

    I have to go to a training for my real job prior to meeting him so I'll be in a business suit when he sees me-- I've never wore one around him. But I am going to wear a black one (I know-- I'll get to the red in a minute) with a waist jacket. I always get a pass made at me in it, or asked out.

    Flow about this red issue- ok now last week I put highights in my hair. Now, my hair is long, pin straight (curls will never stay) and dark, dark brown. I felt I needed a change so I highlighted it. My partner at work (male) told me it makes me look younger and more bright and was a good look for me. The problem? I cant do red lipstck. I have tried like 10 shades and they all make me look..... like..... a..... hoochie momma! I am not kidding.

    I also have a liner issue going on as well. Would you wear VERY dramatic eyes? or would you wear a light look? I don't know what to do. My BGF said I look good with the dark eyes and good with the light look. This Scorp has only seen the light look on me. Hmmm--- maybe I can do a combo of both.

    Can I tell you I am so nervous. Oh, and the best? Mother nature is calling-- I wonder if I don't answer the door will she go away??? --lol--

    Kel- you're lucky your a man.

    Ok, now quick question. Can I flirt or should I wait for him? If I know him, he may not make the first move. It's funny, I think he fears rejection (if I had to guess).

  • hey flowsco- I'm glad to be a pumpkin in your cyber patch! -lol-

    HEY! What about orange instead of red??? --lmao!--

  • Kel- Mr. Sagg??? OMG! You are too funny. Yes, I do agree others can and will treat you better, but with others *&^%$#@ the same? Mine has me S-P-R-U-N-G!

    --lol-- but if your Mr. Sagg does do it with the same pizzaz-- keep him!

  • LMAAAOOOOO my bad LibrasLair. No she is not the one who targeted me. And yes I am bad!!!! LOL

  • LUA,

    I am glad to see that you’re okay. Let us know how your friend’s family is doing in Chile.

    “Ave Maria purrissima” I know that phrase. I think I will have to take Brazilian lessons from you when I am ready to go to Brazil.


    I love what you have written through the last few pages. Experience does mould a person. And the way you put many things into word are inspirational. Muchas gracias para todo (Thank you for everything)

    Hmmm romance by the sea...gosh brings back memories of my very first


    I might have missed it but who is Mr. Big? And I agree with Shorty when she said that you might be stimulating Mr. Scorp in more way than you know. I have that also with my Libra guy and vice versa. Many things I have shared and done I wouldn’t have done in a million years. Yet sometimes...just sometimes the person is worth the stretch. Aha so you have tasted of the other side of the gold medal?


    Reading back. Yeah abusing the fish sounded kind of Poor defenceless fish had his behind frozen and then put out in open to do some smack down!!! Gosh I think the zucchinis are glad it came along to take your attention of them. LOL. Girl I am glad to put a smile on your face.

    Keep doing that and get out of the house and finds other ways to keep you busy. It’s important that you do.

    And I agree with Shorty. Soul searching is a healing process I too have my daily sessions especially when I get back from Libra guy.

    Stranger for you to slow down and I am going to repeat myself find other things to do outside your home. Mingle, go to more concerts, movies, window shopping anything but just get out and put your mind on something else. You’re into art. Visit a gallery.

    We got your back girl.


    So you haven’t quite minced that crabmeat yet huh? I am glad you had a good time. The cat is becoming an issue. Hmmm yet it opens up other doors. I think I have to agree with the others slow down the guy. I know the cold we are having here makes you want to crawl up and cuddle the whole time. Believe me I have my moments yet I want a long term relationship or friendship. So count to ten before you do anything.

  • Flow: no, i havent minced him yet, rather to say haven't minced him since middle of november... which is a long time. strange though that sometimes i have the urge to mince him, but then again when there was the almost possibility (and then he did not come over to my place on friday) i got a bit scared and started to think i am just not ready for it. i mean i like mincing (gosh i just spoke it out LOL), but it is quite a serious business for me... and even if i had it with him already more times... the whole fall back we had for months emotionally with him pulling away... makes me think that mincing can still wait a bit until i see that he is a bit more constant in my life... and yes, im gonna do my best to slow things... 🙂

  • Moonbeauty,

    NO ORANGE!!!! Then stick to your black and white outfit and try to get accessories. Your lips I would do a very soft pink with gloss and then accentuate your eyes more. Liner etc. Try to get your eyes look smoky that’s an in-between dark and light right? Experiment and see what works for you. Smellllll good!!!!!! Ears, wrist and palms. LOL

    OMG @ mother nature. Uhmm it’s up to you. I can’t repeat what I did on the board...but uhmm’s up to you!!!! LOL

    I am happy that your part of the pumpkin basket. Gosh now we got a pumpkin basket next to a banana basket on this forum LMAO.

    I told you the man is nervous. So please call him set a date and let him get a chance to calm down before he sees you. We don't want him falling off the chair and then me and Shorty get to miss out on the fun!!! LOL.

  • Katie,

    It's understandable. It's a female thing. Let's see what happens when you see him. Today right??

  • --lol-- I will. He told me to call a couple of hours before so I figure my training ends at 1730 I'll call him around 1500. That gives him a good 2.5 hours to relax.

    I know he'll see a difference in me. I look better yes, but I think the secret is that this time I FEEL better.

    Ok girls, help me out, under eye dark circles from lack of sleep due to potty training... any advice? I've creamed and moistured, and now I'll be using a potato.

    Wait better yet, my 3.7 month old son will not go on the potty!

    Eye and potty help. I've tried the reward system with m&m's, the bubble game, just putting him in underwear (that was messy), pull ups! UGH!

    His potty issues are costing me my bright eyes! -lol-

  • Flow: no, it's not sure that i see him today. i mean yesterday he told he want to come to the city probably, but we didnt agree on anything. today we exchanged more mails already but he said he does not know yet. im thinking he is debating in himself between wanting to see me and the money issues he has... i wont mind if i dont see him today, as im feeling the danger on getting hooked on him too much too soon again. i wanna be with him and love him, but dont wanna lose my head so fast again and walk into something from where it will be very hurtful to turn back again... i wanna preserve my own identity and life somehow while being with him...

    strange for example cause the girl whom he dated before (the girl who is a friend of me too)... he told her after one month that he loved her... i dont think he ever loved her (deducting from pieces of info from her and him too), i think he was just toughly testing her reactions all the time. and i think that he will take a really long time to tell me ever that he loved me... and why? cause i think he is honestly falling for me, so if he tells it it will be true, which has to be scary for him.

    i mean i know him for long and i am a quite good observer... and i tell you, if i ever fully get this man it will be a first prize trophy cause he is REALLY not easy... and i think all what he is doing with me (except of the pulling back part - or maybe that fits into it too) are really big steps from him, what a lonely wolf he is...

    yesterday was especially cuddly, morover from his side and what im proud of and happy about that i see that this whole is not based mainly on s-exual attraction (of course it is there too, but not the primary motivator), but on really feeling each other. for example we hug and caress much more than kiss. and how he holds me i feel his whole soul (if it does not sound too stupid, i guess you know what i mean)... and when i was close to him last night hugging i could not keep looking into his eyes too long, cause i was afraid words just will slip out of my mouth... you know those big kinds like: I LOVE YOU... the whole being together and the quality and state of it... i feel these words are so much in the air... and i think that is why he is postponing the 'spending time together intimately' part... which is good... whatever, im babbling all around the place... LOL

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