Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

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  • Moonbeauty,

    I am sorry I dropped out of the thread I have been reading from the 14th of December when you two had the blowout and I am responding according to what I read.

    Did I miss in your previous posts that he is married? Or did you just found out? I hate when men are that sneaky about being married. That’s why I always take my blessed time. Found out of another guy that I have been chatting with for over 2 years that he was Good thing I wasn’t interested. Jeezzz. Okay, I just read you found out. hmmm

    That your Scorpio replied nothing to your question means that you were very much on the money. And that he isn’t happy where he is at in his life at that moment and it didn’t have anything to do with you but you magnified it for him.

    I like the fact that you figured out that this was his way to keep in control of the situation. Good on you.

    Only thing is you said you need to learn to suck it up; I don’t totally agree with that. Not everything a Scorpio on a negative does is something you want to reapply. Remain true to yourself because that is what they fell in love with from the beginning just don’t lose yourself in the process of everything. Showing them you’re a better person teaches them allot.

    LMAO about the crazy nature of Scorpio’s in bed. Sorry…I really had a good giggle. But you know what I had that with a Gemini guy years ago. And when we do talk nowadays (he’s a dad in a relationship) we bring up that few things we didn’t get to do…LOL.

    We woman can’t do the just for sex* thing no matter how much we say we can. The ones that can are in my opinion so detach of their feelings for anyone that they do that. Or it’s for money. So I understand you fully on that one.

    Keldjoran is right he is playing the waiting game and I will tell you why. You are still within his reach and with that I mean you work together. So he can see you and he has access to you through these contracts. He doesn’t like that the sugar coating (niceness) is off but you are still “talking” to him. I am not encouraging anything but don’t think for a minute that he isn’t thinking about you just because someone else is around him. If she fulfilled all his needs he wouldn’t of started out anything with you from the beginning.

    You get another thumb up from me when you wrote: “The biggest ho's and players change all the time for the right one. Maybe the problem is they know that we could be the right one and they don't want to change their life for us yet?” YESSSSSSS this is a possibility but in your case he isn’t free to do that if it’s his intention to do so.

    Ah he called on x-mas eve? Hmmm and the timing was odd you say. Not at all. If he knows how you tick he figured that day was time to let you know he is still alive. We got a kind of telepathy we tap into when we want. We are very capable to separate work from pleasure so don’t sweat it thinking he will be reading between the lines. Overall we don’t do that when it comes to work.

    I’ll give you an example related to x-mas. I saw my ex and his wife at the end of last month. We had a parental fall out a few months before. Since then he didn’t call. So when seeing me unexpectedly he didn’t know how to behave. I didn’t give him any time day. He also noticed that I have moved on and so desperately was trying to get eye-contact with me. Okay to make the story short I left without addressing the argument. On x-mas day he calls the home number but I was engaged in a phone call so couldn’t pick up the second line…and so he decided to call me on my cell. I let my son pick it up. He then somewhat complained to my son that he wanted to speak to me and wish me a merry x-mas. rolls eyes

    His 6 sense was telling him that I found me someone new and he has no “power” over me anymore and I know he is going to use my son to get to me…but I am ready for him.

    With this story I want to make you understand that you got to figure out what you want. And I would advice to voice it to him and put him on the spot to tell you what you need to hear. Not what you want to hear. So that can make it easier to make a decision.

    Because if the guy you are going out with turns out to be a great guy...he would deserve a fair chance.

    So have fun tonight and see what the New Year brings for you.

  • keldjoran and moonbeauty,

    I just entered the forum and have caught up on all of your posts. I am currently dating a scorpio and have been for a year and a half now. I met him 3 months after my divorce and fell in love with him immediately! Although I did not let him know this because my heart was still bleeding from my previous marriage of 13 years with a Libra who cheated on me from day one. I have trust issues because of my previous relationship and did not want to let anyone in. My scorpio charmed me (virgo) with his kindness and intelligence and continues to rock my world in the bedroom...I am 29 and never knew sex could be so good lol! He was unemployed when I met him and 3 months into our relationship I let him move in and take over the position of daycare for my children who also love him to death. He got a job last summer and a month ago "let" me quit my job to focus on school and the children. I am a strong virgo and have to be in constant control, however, I felt leaving my job would make my scorpio happy and of course my children, so I did. About a month ago I discovered some emails sent to his ex girlfriend, who lives 2 states away... in the emails they were expressing their undying love for each other and that they wanted to be together, but that he couldn't leave right now because there were too many things up in the air (ie we are supposed to be starting a new company in January with MY RETIREMENT money from my previous job!!!) But that she should wait for him because he was just mapping out THeiR future!!!!! She cheated on him while they were engaged and had a child from the affair. He was explaining how he wanted to take care of her son (who is 1) and her blah blah f****g blah.... I confronted him about it and he told me that I should not go snooping through his stuff, because I don't understand and that I am the one he loves and that he is never going to leave....we are even trying to have a baby!!!! He said he was trying to get back at her and that is the reason for leading her on... Doesn't make sense to me, but I love him so much I want to believe him. I will not try to pretend like I understand what he is going through, but my ex husband hurt me severely and I find no pleasure in seeking revenge on him so I don't understand!!! This is the first time I have caught him contradicting himself, so I don't know what to believe. He won't talk about it now. In fact, he knows everything about me because he wants to and makes me tell and the virgo in me wants to tell him, however he does not tell me much about himself or his past. I already suffer from severe stomach ulcers since the beginning of my divorce. I had them life seemed perfect. We are happy, we never fight, we are ok financially and our bedroom life is anything but boring!!! But I am finding myself slipping into depression, having gut renching pains again, can't eat, can't sleep, losing weight (I don't need to I am 6'1 and 130 pounds...for a female that is 25 pounds underweight), I am paranoid that he is still communicating with her and I am second guessing myself including my looks and body type....she is completely opposite. I am long and slender with small breasts. She is petite and shapely and very beautiful with large breasts and wide hips (the perfect image hollywood now displays for the women of america). I need to know if I should cut ties now to avoid being hurt again, or tough it out trusting that I am the only one for him. I just cannot bear another long term relationship where the only thing I end up with are children who wonder why they have no father!!!!! I am worried my children now, will start second guessing me because I brought another male figure into the picture who left just like their dad....I mean it has to be something that is wrong with me right?!?!?!? Please help me!!! I don't know what to do!!! I love him soooo much! But I think I would rather be alone, than be at risk of having my heart torn to pieces again (if there is anything left of my heart to tear to shreds!!!)

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  • Thanks, but I did that before and the same thing happened--people 'bounced' all over the place, and the original thread was completely ignored. It just makes me wonder why people say they want to respond, and then totally disappear...

  • Thanks for your thoughts! I really do not know much about Scorpios...My first love was an Aquarius and he died when I was 16 and my ex husband was a Libra. Funny thing is, I got a call from my ex husband today asking how I was...he said he had a feeling things weren't going so well for me...I haven't told anyone!!! I think he was just looking for a way back in though...he continued to tell me he had a bad feeling about my Scorpio. He only calls me when he is having problems with his current relationship (the little girl (21) he left me for) I am not taking much of what he said to heart. However, I am still aching all over. I decided I would let this go a week ago and just go with the flow...however I am having a hard time with it. Anytime I bring it up (which has only been twice) he clams up and gets all defensive! That is what makes me suspicious because I am a virgo and I am open and honest. I am a "here I am...this is what you it or don't kind of girl so I have a hard time with him clamming up on me. I want things perfect and in order and will do whatever it takes to make things that way...even if it means spilling my guts to my lover about a past relationship that is hindering my ability to focus on the current one. If I mention the children he always tells me to stop! That he is their father and he would never leave them. He is never mean and rarely raises his voice...except when I bring this up (honestly it kind of scared me when he raised his voice!!!) He just has my head spinning!!! I went to take him his lunch today and he frisked me!!! It was awesome and I love feeling like that, but I associate sex with love. Maybe he doesn't? I find that hard to believe though because he is so passionate about everything including how could he be so passionate and not love me?!?!?!? what to do...what to do... maybe I just need to work on understanding his emotional side a little more. I am not sure how to do that though because the attention is ALWAYS on me when we are together. He never shares personal information with me unless I nag and nag and nag. And I hate Nagging!

  • Saeree,

    I know you have written to moonbeauty and Keldjoran but I wanted to say this to you. First…there is nothing wrong with you. Trust your gut feeling in this matter. And please stop trying for a child at this moment. Starting a new company and a baby isn’t a good combination. I have seen that around me and really it’s stressful and since your body already can’t take stress well it will be only adding more to it. Fix the legal papers in such a way that he can’t walk away with your retirement money in any form.

    We Scorpio are vindictive only when we still want to be with that person. And it could be mind games up to just being very cruel. So for that BS about just trying to get back at his ex and his heart lies with you uhmmm what can I say? A Scorpio standing with her/his two feet in relationship opens up after the initial time into the relationship. That you got to nag to just to find out what moves him means he doesn’t trust himself or you for that matter.

    We love sex* and all the games surrounding the topic and as you have experienced you’re also We also associate love with sex* and to answer your question he loves you but how deeply is a second. He loves being around you for all you represent inside and out.

    You know the bad luck that you have at the moment is that he just got out of a relationship when he met you. And he is still licking his wounds from that relationship. And you being a fresh breath of air for him he welcomed that big time. I really can’t tell you where your relationship will be going unless you get him to talk to you. And that is a tricky one.

    Next question is if you do what are you going to do with the answers you get?

  • FIRST Saree-- Ok I'm going to try to be gentle here so just know I don't mean this to hurt you--


    Saree please save yourself from some heart ache and go invest in 5 things. #1 a key stroke-- know what loverboy is saying-- to EVERYBODY! #2 GPS. GPS his car and know where loverboy is driving #3. a cell phone tracer-- know who loverboy is calling #4. A digital phone recorder for your landline and lastly #5. nanny cam your home.

    I am sorry but two things to remember #1 TRUST AND RESPECT ARE EARND. In MHO he risked/lost them when he was "plottting" revenge. #2 YOU are the teacher in your childrens life. Children live what they learn. Always remember that YOUR LIFE is a model for your children's life. When you act in a way that shows you to be weak you are teaching that quality to your children. Also YOU are their first line of defense. What will you do if loverboy gives you another kid and runs off and loses your money??? Tell your kids "sorry kids we have to go without things because Mommy gave her money to a bad guy"???

    Please, get strong, suck it up then GPS and Keystroke his ass!!!

    As for feeling all like "oh but I want to trust him" well, after a year then you can dissconnet everything and then trust him.


    Dangerous situation. ANOTHER B-A-B-Y AND YOUR P-E-N-S-I-O-N M-O-N-E-Y. Girly Girl go in--but do it with open eyes!!! If you lose it all and have another child YOU WILL HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and if loverboy find the devices and gets all mad then tell him something like "hey, if you didn't give me a reason I would not need them" He'll get all defensive but always remember GUILTY MINDS THINK GUILTY AND THAT IS HOW MOST JUSTIFY THEIR CRIMES!!!

    Good luck.

  • Oh and back to my post --lol-- Yes we went out yesterday and I wore jeans and kept my mane long and straight because of the freeeezzzing weather --lol-- one great plus is that cold weather = great hair! --lol- oh, and I had a fun time.

    He's funny, I like him. BUT I miss the dark way my Scorp would look at me. Like he was starving to death and I was--- lunch! Sexy. Damn.

    But My Scorp guy is not calling -- this guy is. I'll give him a chance, go out and have fun. I sure wish he had that sexy eyes thing going on. I looooove the dark sexy look in a mans eyes. You know what's sexy to me? When you look in a mans eyes and you get that uncomfortable feeling because you know what he's thinking behind his devious grin (he-he).

    Oh, a guy you like that is-- as for a stranger-- mace him and run! --lmao!--

    Flowsco-- I wont take my Scorp unless he is single. I was ending my marriage and he told me he was in the middle of the same situation. Mine ended-- his did not-- I'm not a home wrecker and I'm not a number 2 girl. So I had to let him go. --lol-- somewhere along the line I don't know how-- but he twisted it to be the one letting me go --lol-- but I know the truth and so does he. I guess men need to save face.

    Is there anyway to "win" in my situation? And Keldjoran agreed with me about the unecessary phone calls/texts as "mindf-ing me" to keep himself fresh in my thoughts. Do you agree?

    You know what bugs me most? It's that as my little heartbreak over him is ending-- I hate that with one phone call or text he can bring it all back-- but I have noticed-- it's much, much less.

  • Hey moonbeauty -- I know you let him go and yes for his ego he turned it around. That's a man thing. Don't worry about that. I won't go asking why he didn't end his marriage as he said he would....his lost.

    Is there any way for you to win your situation? On short terms NO. I am sorry if he wanted out he would of done that. So before he takes that step again and clear himself of the situation we are talking about another good year or two. And I am not only talking divorce but all the rest that comes with a break up. The question remains do you want to pick up the pieces then?

    I fully know and understand what you mean with him contacting you brings everything back. Been there it sucks big big time. He knows he lost ground with you and he will remain evaluating how much ground he lost between now and the next time. So prepare yourself in that way. And yes it's mindf*ck.

    Girl you got one heart and people shouldn't mess around with it that way Scorpio or not and this man knows your a good woman and that's why he is still interested but he isn't man enough to let you or that other woman go. For him in both direction it isn't a win-win situation. He needs to grow up and decide and you can't make that decision for him or wait until he does. He had the time to do it without you realizing that he was still married and he didn't.

    And something else..stop comparing any new guy you go out with ..with the Scorpio guy. That will never match up but now you know what you seek in a man. The dark look you can teach them. 😉

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Flowsco your right about the short term thing. My breakup with my ex went kinda easy and it took a year. His-- who knows. And also your right because i cant wait for him. If our paths cross and it's meant to be it will. I do always say King Henry uprooted an entire country's religon for a woman.

    "And something else..stop comparing any new guy you go out with ..with the Scorpio guy. That will never match up but now you know what you seek in a man. The dark look you can teach them. 😉 "

    I do have to do this. It was like eating carrots all your life then somebody gives you a scoop of icecream and says "try this" and you do-- and you love it!-- only to find out it makes you fat. What a big GIP!

    I have a question, how did you honestly feel about your Scorp? Do you think that if you guys could get together that that would be "it", you would get married and live happily ever after? When I think about mine, I have a pretty good feeling that we wouldn't work out long term, but for some reason I still want to try; is that weird? lol

    Awwww-- no it's not weird, at least I hope not. I have young children so what I wanted from him was not marriage but a boyfriend type of guy. I don't need his money or for child care I needed-- or should I say wanted was somebody to "be" with. To go away with. Have fun with. I want a man who understands that my children are young and their father is very much in their life and that he is their dad. I don't want a man to step in and confuse my kids. One man in their life is all they need. I don't want a man spending the night or moving in. I don't want a man who will revolove his whole life around mine-- because I revolove my whole life around my kids. I want a man who will respect me and understand the value of family-- his and mine. Eventually after a very long period of time if we were still together then I would introduce him to my children but for now-- what's the purpose? I find it serves none.

    My outlook is like yours. Let's have fun and see what happens. I want somebody I can talk to about work or my day or the kids BUT no big commitments, no big ideas-- just fun. BUT, BUT, BUT because I do have little children and people are nuts I have to be VERY careful who I let into my life. Also, I don't want to be intimate with somebody who is going out with every girl he meets. I have some serious disease issues. I'll be 40 in a few years and I didn't come this far just to have some guy give me something now. NO WAY!

    I guess i'm just a bit lonely and I'm looking for a man who wants a drop more than casual but not fully commited. I had a husband I'm not looking for another one.

    Oh, and I am picky too. I'm sorry but he's gotta be handsome, funny, sexy and smart. I'm not a 10 but I'm also FAR from a 2 so I don't think it's too b%tchy that I want my guy to have a bit of va-voom. --lmao!--

    Gotta have the Va-Voom! --lmao!!--

  • Moonbeauty – I like you comparison. Eating carrots and being fed ice cream. Nicely put.

    And you should be picky. I mean you know what you got to offer and it doesn’t make sense to rush into anything no matter how strong the attraction is. Lots to consider.

    I am doing just that. Believe me it’s not easy but circumstances makes me slow down anyways. A New Year is around the corner so I am hoping that things clarify themselves.

    And I totally hear you on the Va-Voom department. I am no better….lmao

    If you want you can a peak into the Men of Zodiac thread for your temporarily portion of Va-Voom.

  • I'll peek in now. I wanted to ask you before what is the deal with your ex? (not to be nosey) He foo-foo'ed you and now has another and now wants to wish you Merry Christams??? What's up with that???

    New Year's ahhhh-- out with the old in with the new. I don't mean this to sound shallow, but I was thinking of a change. Nothing drastic maybe highlights in my hair or a new look with makeup or some new clothing-- or all three. I dunno. I think this guy has my mind in a rut. I need a change.

    Anybody ever need change after a break up? oh! new thread?

  • hey sagscorp

    my scorps initials are m n s so i was just checking i have found that they will not tell you things and if you snoop on them then you will find out a lot of stuff that they should have told you and i consider that lying. I hope you are feeling better, I am still heartbroken and my scorpio is gone again and with no communication and when i try to communicated it usually ends in nastyness i think he is not worth it i have put up with enough of his abuse..take care and invest your time in yourself because you can only count on yourself in this world.

  • Hmm I see some typo's in my post. I was tired. The deal with my ex? Ha! When I met him we both were kinda young mid 20's and I was kinda green in the relationship department. Previous to him I had a 7 years relationship with a Gemini and after some "snacks" I met him. Fell for him hard. We hooked up, shared a home and the problems started but I was determined to get things right. But he didn't trust me or himself and started pissing outside the pot. Messed up my body and due to circumstances after that I got pregnant. It wasn't my intention to be a mom but it happend and I decided to follow through. That gave extra tension in a already not so peacefull and silent home. First he agreed to go through with it all but I had to leave the country for a few days and when I got back he changed his mind. I said goodbye, packed and left. He never forgave me for that so years and years he played the mindfck game. Mind before I even gave birth he met his present wife and to spite me he moved in with her and still was talking to me about getting back together. She did her thing and he settled for that. I objected only when they was getting married and told her that he has been two timing her with me but she still went through with the wedding and was verbaly nasty to me. Mind he was the one doing wrong and persistently pursueing me. So this is the base of our present situation. She doesn't know that ever since their honey moon this man has been constantly calling me and talking all kinds of stuff. But she sense it. It's not my problem because I wasn't the one calling all kind of hours of the day!!! After a good time I managed to wake me up from all this and put a full stop to it. And now his only reason to call me is our kid. But since we recently also argued about that he doesn't know how to approach me because he owes me an apology big time. He knows I am a family person and enjoy x-mas etc and so being in the Holiday Spirit I might say merry x-mas to him. Ugh. He sensed the last time he saw me and also how I was dressed that I moved on and his mom knows so maybe she said something. I dunno and I don't care. He is not getting a chance to mess up anything that will be possible with Libra guy. Beside I already told Libra guy how it went down and he respect my actions at the time and already said that my ex needs to back off. Hmmm men.

    I have seen that you been in the Zodiac thread. Do take your time and start from page 10 or 17 and enjoy!.

  • I understand what your saying so much. My ex and I broke up not because he went outside the marriage but because he was mean and hurtful. Everybody else (mostly me) was to blame for his poor actions.

    When we finally seperated i joined the gym at work and then WW. I was down 30 pounds in just over 14 weeks and THEN he decides he wants to go to a marriage counsler-- AFTER we have seperated and I have moved on and met somebody else. (the Scorp --lol--).

    Sorry, I don't work like that. Once I do finally write you off then look out because you are off, gone ka-put from my life.

    As for your ex-- his new wife is soooo in denial. I hope it does not happen to her but it would not suprise me if you posted one day that the rock will fell on her head too.

    Women are funny I think. For the most part we will give you all the love, help, security in the world BUT once we write you off-- your written off. It's then-- after the write off-- that the guy wants to change. Amazing.

    Keldjorn-- If he texts or calls for the New Year please post-- I need some hope--lol--

    Happy New Year All!

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  • Ugh! You talked to him on Monday??? Maybe my silence is the wrong approach! WTF! I am soooo confused. ---lol---

    It's been 2 months since we "broke up" 2.5 months since I have seen him. You are doing the exact opposite and getting results aka more conversation and attention. I ignor him and what do I get? Some half assed phone call on Christmas Eve talking about work that he really didn't need to make. ---lmao!--- I am laughing at myself OUT LOUD AT WORK!!! --lol--

    "I actually talked to him on Monday for a little bit, he was like "This one is doing anything for new years..."

    In Scorp language that means, I want to know what you're doing...I hesitated but ultimately I told him that my sister's 21st bday is today and invited him to come with me

    His response:

    Thanks for the invite s*exy...I'll let you know later this week

    Which means, hey I'm going to wait around until something better comes up, if nothing does then maybe, just maybe I'll consider it."

    OMG Keldjoran this situation, to me, is dead on balls accurate. I think you are 200% right.

    "I have a feeling I might get a text tonight saying something like "Hope you're having fun at the party" or something to that extent, something to sting me...and you know what my response is going to be??? NOTHING! He is going to get silence from me"

    He may be expecting silence-- or it may make him think your talking to somebody else. What if you text back-- if he text you that is" something like " Awww happy new year to you too! Left the party a few hours ago I'm in the city with (make up a name) I'll text you the address in a sec-- brb" and then don't be right back. Would that work? Make him wonder? I don't know.

    Maybe my advice is bad. --lol-- I'm not getting ANY phone calls or texts. Maybe you should stick with the ignoring plan you have.

    I hate games so much.

    "I'm so tired of his ****, I deserve so much better "

    I agree, me too. What to do??? (tick- tock- tick-tock) now that is the question.

    I know!!! Act normal, move on, meet other people and in secret--- rant online --lol--

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