Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • Keldjoran- "in his text he made sure to use my name so that I knew it wasn't just a generic mass text that he sent out to all his friends...what am I supposed to think of this? Clearly I was on his mind that early in the morning on xmas"

    Oh yeah you were. Sounds like he was really thinking of you that morning and missed you and wanted to know what you were up to.

    "I responded back wishing him a merry xmas and was flirty back to him, think that was a bad idea?"

    Awwww--- no way. I would have done the exact same thing. It's Christmas. He was thinking nicely of you and in a good mood-- I think it's good you kept in line with his feelings. If you would have ignored him or were a bit mean he might have been like "WTF it's Christmas" and who wants to associate Bad with Holidays???

    "Sounds like your Scorp is trying to get your attention 🙂 Sounds like he'll play by your rules eventually when he realizes his tricks aren't working"

    I hope your right. Read on-- what do you think???

    Hey Piscedream--- I strongly agree with two things you wrote #1 was the teaching part and #2 about the "act like a Scorpio". I met this guy indirectly through work. We don't work together but our work does cross and connect-- hard to explain without being specific.

    Anyway-- I now need his assistance on another issue that connects with the original one. When I opened up my mail from work I said to myself "are you F-ing kidding me??? Of all the sh%t in the world I really need this like I need a hole in the head-- and last I checked I do not need an extra hole in my head!!!". What makes it 100 times worse is that I have to ask "you know who" for help to fix it!

    Now before all this (that is before I was enlightened by the horoscope point of view) I would have sent him off an email asking him kindly and gently for his help. Because I need it so badly I might have come dangerously close to begging-- however, knowing what I know now-- I am going to take a different approach. AKA learning from a Scorpio-- and Acting like a Scorpio

    I am going to send him off the paperwork with a note-- where I am going to simply state "this is the problem" (state problem) then ask him "what is the best way to address (problem) without disturbing the first client's contract"?

    If I ask for his help then he has yet another bit of power over me-- If he questions me about doing the work I will respond just a tad sassy-- and try to say something like "of course your helping me why wouldn't you?" not quite assuming more like knowing-- I think he will do just that-- help me.

    Wish me luck!

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  • keldjoran>>Keep me updated!

    Sandran712>>How is your Scorpio treating you?

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  • keldjoran>>I'm trying hard to stick to my guns on this, it's been about 3 weeks since I've seen him last

    Sandran712>>Nothing here from Cappy either 6-7months.I hate being a Cancer.It seems all the other signs get more attention.We both know that going out to look for someone costs dearly too.

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  • keldjoran>>Maybe it's different for the females?

    Sandran712>>It is..Every other sign fawns on the Cancer Male.I do not see posts where the Cancer female is needing help for other signs.I asked questions about a Capricorn and it's been a month.I got 1 post.Luazinha/Leoscorpion offered help with Cappy male.And then it stops.

  • I dont think that behaviour is exclusive to male Scorps.My(X)boyfriend did that to me.We were living together and he hooked up w/an Aquarius and dumped me.Im still healing from that bc I Never saw it comming.Im a female Scorp and Ive Never cheated on anyone...

  • I wish someone would help me to understand why a Scorpio male born 11/4/1954 at 2 a.m. in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany would need to 'validate' female friends with compliments and sexual touching while involved with an Aquarius female born 1/30/1961. All I see is responses to others' queries for the longest time. What happened to LeoScorpion's reply to info I gave on this issue? I may have to leave this topic of discussion if nobody considers my issue...It's really hard to be so patient!!

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  • I have been married to a Scorpio for 35 yrs and he is a very good liar and a big flirt but he treats me right and if he has ever cheated on me I don't know it. He is very outspoken, puts his feelings on his sleeve and can also sting within a second. I know when I need to flee from the coop, and when to be by his side when he wants me. He is very intense about everything and a very good lover. I guess I would have to say the good outweighs the bad.

  • My scorpio says all men are dogs some are just bred better. He is 10/26/54. Maybe the age, maybe feel like its their last chance before senility, maybe...

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  • cinchecan>>My scorpio says all men are dogs some are just bred better...He is 10/26/54. Maybe the age, maybe feel like its their last chance before senility, maybe.

    Sandran712>>That's funny..Not at you.But, that is a saying would come from someone of this age.I haven't heard that one in a long time..

  • BGoddess>>Never saw it comming.Im a female Scorp and Ive Never cheated on anyone...

    Sandran712>>You misunderstood this post..Keldjoran and I was talking about difference in male and female Cancer..Keldjoran is dealing with a cheating Scorpio and Me..I'm not dealing with anyone..

  • Dear cinchecan, I have replied to you in another thread All things Libra

  • I am a female Scorp and I was married to another Scorp and needless to say the marriage only lasted 5 years, he cheated numerous times and said it was in his blood to cheat and to this day he is remarried and still swears he loves me, and I know better and because of his cheating ways it landed him in divorce court and I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt end up back there. so maybe it is the Scorpio men.

  • Hi all. Scorps your replies are so mixed. Wow.

    I decided to wait a couple of weeks before I send him anything. I will eventually have to send him the paperwork BUT I am holding out. Not for the very end-- just a week/week and a half more. I am courious to see if he contacts me.

    Oh, have my date tonight. He's nice but not the Scorp. The Scorp guy sizzles-- this guy BBQ's --lol-- both hot, just a different kind of hot. Got a cute pair of new boots just the same. Skirt, boots and a blowout-- UGH! It's so easy for men.

    Besides, I cant make him like me, miss me or call me. UGH! AND I CAN'T BE NUMBER 2!!! If I give in now I will forever resolove myself to the #2 position. He'll never respect me. It is killing me to move on but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. It's been two months from when we "ended" and went back to just work.

    I wonder if he is feeling anything like I am? It still bothers me that he could give me up so easy and here it is I am pining over a guy who has not the slightest bit of interest in me.

    Yeah, I need this date tonight. I gotta get my mind off the guy. His little ways of "keeping my interest up" are driving me crazy. That Christmas Eve call from him was NOT necessary. I think he wanted to know my holiday plans-- which I did not tell him-- even though he did not dare ask-- and I think he wanted me to think of him over the holiday-- AND THAT DID WORK. I can't get him out of my brain.


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