Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • I cannot find your story--- still looking--- lol!

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  • "What I don't get is why people chastise us cancer males for being picky with who we give our heart to, yes we test you, it's because we want to make SURE that you're our soulmate; we want to love you 100% until death, that's a big commitment and not one that a cancer can make so easily. But once we decide on someone, we give you everything!"

    --lol-- O-M-G Keldjoran --lmao!-- are you part Scorpio??? --lol--

  • Keldjoran- I read the post. The part where you wrote that you caved hit home like a ton of bricks.

    This is what I think. You tell me if you agree. A Scorp man that has been hurt-- one who is so covered in his hard shell--- will-- before you see under it ---is going to hurt you. Hurt you so bad. Hurt you and make you walk through fire-- well, throw you into the fire.

    They are going to give you all they have. Hard ball 100% (ha-ha no pun intended). I think only after they do this will they consider you for a real potential relationship.

    I think your Scorp has a lot more stinging-- in store for you-- if you let him.

    Mine will do the same before he even considers leaving or anything even close to it.

    I think we need to harden our own shells and learn to suck it up. Do whay they do. Enjoy them when they are in our lives and if we have to-- in secret pine over them when they are off in thier own world.

    I think if they keep comining back-- it shows an interest. I think also if there is an interest there is potential.

    Maybe if we don't cave, nag, push, annoy, or give them anything at all to pick on-- and live our own life-- in time they may want to make it "official" -- I think the secret is don't be 100% eclusive and available to them until you have the commitment-- FROM THEM.

    What do you think?

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  • Leoscorpio, i am very exp. to a point..i honestly think i would try it if the girls don't scare me at fun at all. I just like to try everything three times..1 for the try, 2 for the benefit, and 3 to decide if i like it or'm crazy and free at times, too crazy and it though:)

  • LOL shiny

    3 times a charm!

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  • Hey cattiecat,

    I was away from this Forum,, was licking my wounds too after this separation..Well he came from UAE to India in September,,his initials are S.M.R..but yes he has his family in US. Can you give his birth date? What about you guy?

  • keldjoran- "when he said "I have to make a lot of changes in my life if I want a bf", isn't he really just saying "I haven't deemed you worthy enough to make the changes in my life to have a bf?" Which means I'll have to be put through many more trials before it comes to that"

    You just hit the nail on the head I think. I understand about the other guys. I have met a bunch but nobody that even gives a drop of interest. And it's not that I'm not giving them a chance-- it's just that my Scorp had this dark look about him. He always looked as though he was thinking --lol-- more like plotting on how to take over the world --lol--. I like that in a man.

    It's also not a "you always want what you can't have" type of thing either. That expression is true for most but not for me. When I get what I want-- I tend to really want it-- and I am really happy when I get it.

    I am going to do what you are doing. I am going to mirror his actions-- only do a drop less. Like I have to send him a copy of the contract from my buyer-- I generally would have always sent a note with it. This time-- no note. Just the contract in an envelope. If he mentions it-- I'll say I was in a pinch and I had somebody send it off for me-- BUT I'll be VERY nice when I talk to him. --lol-- if I talk to him that is.

    I think he at first will get nasty again, but I think the secret may be to keep the interest up while I keep my distance. It's not going to be easy I think.

    I want my guy-- but I want him single. The only way to do this (I hope & fingers crossed) is to keep him interested while I increase his desire for me. My whole situation reminds me of "The Other Boylin GIrl" and although it's not the real story of what happened, it has a lot of the same qualities.

    I think it comes down to 1. how bad do they want you and 2. what are they willing to do to get you-- and all the while they'll test you to see if your worth the price they have to pay.

    Oh, PS

    Day 2 no response to my response to him when he said he ment "nothing" and I said "well I mean it" ugh! he is either thinking and processing it -- or laughing at me. I hate that.

    Oh, PS PS

    This has been going on for a year with him. Everything was great-- until 2 months ago when I found out he still had a "her". It's my fault. I just assumed she was out of the picture.

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  • Banned

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  • Keldjoran- Well, I sent them out to him yesterday in a big old manila envelope with a simple scribble "thank you" across the outside of the back. He is getting n-o-t-h-i-n-g from me. Ugh. This goes against my nature. Have you ever read on DXP the threads "Scorpio men and your moon sign" or "Best reading ever found on Scorpio men"? I liked them.

    I can relate to when you said about the boring in bed thing soooo much. I have always secretly wanted a guy who was "crazy" in bed. He was. I love that! I am from a rather conservative background and--- judgement? well, let's just say that's an understatement.

    My ex's talked a good game but when push came to shove-- that's all they were-- just talk. I am sooooo annoyed because we had talked about certain things we wanted to do --lol-- and I still want to do them! I FEEL CHEATED --lmao!--

    I think your doing the right thing with going out and having fun. I am doing that too. Well, trying anyway. So far-- not too much fun.

    I have a question and this may be a "guy" thing. When you said you were going to use him for sex-- I would love to do that! How do you do it w/o getting so attached??? I can't just "be" with somebody for a night. I have so many hang-ups. Plus, I get so attached so easy. How do you detach? What is the secret?

  • scorpios in general love to cause pain and heartache trust me don't listen to people when they say they're noncheaters bullcrap!!!

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  • His birth location and time is Frankfurt, Germany at 2:00 a.m. Thank you so much!

    (I posted before about this, but wasn't sure if it reached you, LeoScorpio).

  • cusp, is that oder or am main?

    don't speak german here, no idea which one to pick

  • Scorpio men... LOL What can I say? I wouldnt say they all cheat BUT 95% of them do. Now as far as a scorpio telling a woman what she wants to hear to get what he wants from her that could be the case. They are excellent master manipulators. Ive had my scorpio cheat on me numerous time especially when I was pregnant and boy would he promise these women the world. But after he got what he wanted he would discard them like it was nothing. So unless you are married to a scorpio or around him 24/7 chances are you probably just one of the many women he may cheat on his wife or mate with.

  • Happy holidays to everyone

    from me and my dear Cap hubby

    hope only the best for you all in 2010

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