Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • man i think im in a rambly mood..

    im getting reaally mucked up in my head now.. ha! and yes like some kind of master plan to solve the world in a physical way. lol sorry if i sound like im going mad. thats cos i probably am.i was reading some earlier posts .. how things evolve and turn, its interesting to say the least. but you know its like a surreal piece of art, who knows whats going on really. but like something in a similar vein keldjoran said earlier.. is it just like a kind of projection on my part? projecting some future fantasy that is not real. and scorpio man is feeding that fantasy in order to keep me interested in him. and his true motives are that he doesnt actually want things to change or deepen. in this status quo he can thrive.and i can just survive..

  • Keldjoran- GOOD LUCK YOU HOT GUY! I thought about you today but I haven't had a free minute all day long! I agree with Flowsco "When you get him alone you ask him personally then it's his task to get rid of the friend. Get an answer out of him personally. You got to break these bad habits that are in between you." she is right 100%.

    Flowsco- did you post the kind of music you sing? and if Libra guy has heard/likes it?

    Katie- have you ever told him you like him?

    Sandran712- helloooooo! --lol--

    stranger- If I may be nosey- how old are you two? have you or he ever been married to anybody???

    Ok my day- I sent Scorp an email with the payment schedule. I know you said not to flowsco, but I had to put a bit of an end to this situation between us. I sent him an email like the one I posted a few pages back. I need some closure. I also put myself in a position that if he plays games again-- I can walk away. I'll be poorer-- but wiser.

    I wish he never did the thing with the money. He showed me something I did not like very much.

    Now what to do. I am obsessed with a total jerk. Oh, I went out to lunch today with Boat Boy. I really don't like him much.

    Time to start looking--- again. Oh joy.

    Flowsco- tell me something to get my mind off Mr. Toxic.

    Oh, he never responded to the email. Hope he's not plotting against me. -lol-

  • Keldjoran- I hope you post tomorrow or the next day and tell me how things go. I hope things go good with him and he gets rid of the friend.

    I hope you get to have some convo with him, I wonder what he will say???

    Oh and I hope you 'out-hot' his friend.

  • hi all!

    moonbeauty: to answer your question, i dont think i've ever spoken out so straight that i LIKED HIM. but i told a lot of times that i really love to be with him, that i miss him a lot when we dont see each other, and that i 'had feelings' for him. i think that kind of equals to 'i like you.' no?

    anyways, since he knows what gig i was going to last night, he disappeared know i had a terribly controlling sag (with scorp rising) boyfriend for 5 years... and i thought gosh, finally im lucky and found a not controlling guy... what a mistake i made again... i am honestly and "emotionally handycapped men" magnet. it's like normal men are too boring for me...

  • moonbeauty- no thats ok-we are both 38. both never married, no kids. he's had a few more long term relationships than me.

    hope you get a good reply soon from your scorp. man if it wasn't for their sting i'm sure we would be more open to giving them what they really is like a catch22 sometimes.

    katie-i can relate to the magnet why is it?????? more will be revealed...

  • Moonbeauty – hi busy girl. I understand what you did and won’t bug your head. Let’s see what he will do.

    I understand your state of mind. You can’t help it since he is in twined in your life the way it is at the moment. If it wasn’t romantic it would have been for business. So stop beating yourself up about it. Only thing with him is expect everything and expect nothing.

    Okay I will ease up on Boat Boy also. Even though I wouldn’t have gone to lunch with him right now due to the way you’re feeling. Not a fair interaction. 😉

    And don’t look for any guy. Someone is going to cross your path. With the hips you got....what fly can stay away?? LOL Seriously do take your time to digest all of this and never use someone to get over the previous one.

    I wrote you a “love letter” on page 57 LOL

    Nah, just kidding I responded about the music and Mr. Libra.

    I’ll wait to see your reaction...LOL.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • keldjoran>>I have no idea how the friend managed to manipulate Mr. Scorp to spend his whole vacation week basically taking care of him, I need to learn that trick

    Sandran712>>Well..You hurt yourself the same way and see how fast he comes running.LOL

    Your Mr Scorp is probably going to get wayy tired of the awkward friend.But,,,really is this what you really want...compete for Mr Scorp's affections?.I guess is it really worth all of this??..In that awkward moment I would not have stuck around for one minute..I know that may have looked like a jealousy tactic,But, if the guy was hurt for real..Mr Scorp was busy and did not have your complete attention.I guess me being a Cancer I would not have tolerated that!...The awkward friend was milking that for all it was worth.You could have walked and explained.. You would see him later..

  • keldjoran: first of all sorry that your plans didnt succeed. 😞

    other than that, let me be (like always) the naive one. you said that this other guy is scorp's best friend no? or at least one of them. what if the guy simply really needed help? i mean if one of my best friends were in trouble i'd help too. i know he s*crewed up your planned night and all.

    otherwise i think you finally got your answer that bugged you... whether his earlier silence was just a trick or he lost interest. you say he flirted all around... means he DOES have interest.

    on my end: after one day of silence again, i got a mail today. nicer than the earlier pinching ones. (dont know if it is just tactics or honest). he asked me how the gig was AND... how many guys hitted on me... is that now jealousy?

    and THEN he told me that yesterday he had his namesday, and added to it, that he only tells me this that i dont complain about him not telling me anything... is that now acknowledging that he actually DID NOT tell me his birthday? and then asked me about my weekend plans... thats all. feel free to comment, though there is not mcuh to analyze.

  • 1-0 for Keldjoran. Nice!!!

  • Keldjoran- "I have no idea how the friend managed to manipulate Mr. Scorp to spend his whole vacation week basically taking care of him, I need to learn that trick ;). " Damn! when you do can you teach it to me??? -lol-

    "So not only did friend manage to suck Mr. Scorp into taking care of him all week, he also has been camped out day and night ALL was such a strange awkward situation. "

    Hmmm--- I don't like the sound of this--- who is this masked limping man??? (And what are his intentions?)

    I am glad you left. That is something I would have done as well. Keldjoran- please don't be mad at me for asking but "what is this scorp doing? pulling the ol' jealous card? are they really good friends? or are they FWB???

    I am so annoyed with Scorp and his friend for you! I am so glad you gave Mr. Scorp a little somethin' somethin' to think about and you left with your hot ass and he was stuck with Mr. One-Legged-So-You-Know-His-^ss-Cant-Be-That-Much-Fun-If-They're-Playn'-Anyway-Guy! I am so glad you out hotted him! Good work keldjoran! Ahhhhhh--- Just throw it in the bag!

    A Sagg??? Why you evil, naughty man you! I love it!

    Flowsco- I do need to digest all of this. I wanna go back and read the posts about you and Libra guy tonight when I put the kiddies to bed---- chit chat in a few hours!

  • Katie- whats a namesday? I should google it.

    I think you should just lay your cards out on the table with him. I am a Cancer and I never tell first how I feel unless I know--- for a fact--- how the other person feels. Also, I wont invest myself more than--- say--- 50 to 65% 70% tops! depending on how I feel. I always hold back unless I'm certain. Ask Keldjoran his opinion.

    Flowsco- I went back to page 46 and I still cant find it! I must be a total birdbrain because I missed it! I am so sorry. Sometimes I can be a self absorbed phsyco. Please, if you would, post again. I remember you posting about the singing lessons, but I dont remember you saying what type or if Libra Guy has heard you. I think you said it was your cousin you used to dance with his band? I am a mess. Forgive me.

    I am going to take a Scorp break from m guy for a while. I guess it's easy with him not calling or emailing me. I guess you could say he is taking a break from me. UGH! Why did he tell me that cr^p about moving out. I'm angry. I feel stupid and played.

    On another note: I met with my BGF and her tiny tots at McD's (I love that South West Salad-- NO CHICKEN!) and I filled her in on Mr. Toxic. Anyway, while we were munching a guy came up to us. He was a guy we went to high school with. He chit chatted-- he was with his daughter (he's divorced 3 years) and asked to "facebook" us but we told him we don't facebook! We're not that type of girls! -lol- So we all agreed to meet next Friday with the kids because they were getting along so well.

    We cant figure out who he was making a play for because he's such a nice (and hot-- father time has been VERY kind) guy. Hmmm--- something to look forward to.

    Oh, Flowsco- i re-read my email and--- oh yeah, I wrote a "I still miss you because I am a sap" letter. Did your put your stick away??? Time to bust that badboy out! after you give me a good hard whack with it--- you can get all kinky and use it on Libra Guy--- meeeeeeeeeow!!!

    By the way--- What kind of Valentine will Libra Guy be getting this year? Sexy or Sweet?

  • stranger- hmmm your guy is going to be one hard nut to crack. Have you tried the "stay away game?"

  • This post is deleted!

  • keldjoran: I am the same exact way, Katie, you should tell him directly how you feel.

    katie: i 'ran after him' for a month and he just stayed pulled away. and im too hurt to tell him now how i feel, me making the first step again. it is not pride, it is being incredibly afraid that he hurts me again. i have a very very bad day today, i feel that this all leads nowhere and i have no idea whether he is 'suffering' too, or he does not care at all. and i dont know at all what to do... i was considering telling him that i cant see him like this anymore (having this huge 'wall' between us), cause it HURTS me incredibly much...

  • moonbeauty- think i crack that nut then grows another one !lol. the nut bag tree. think i need a chainsaw. sorry im being nasty and vile. and the stay away game? played it.stupidly keep playing it. yes its funny how as soon as i back off altogether and give him the impression that im either not interested or looking for someone else, he is straight back sniffing around. but if i show him interest or get comfortable- whoa look out! here comes sabotage man! its totally twisted really and ..yes i am a sucker.but truly it is exhausting.

    saw him finally last night ..and what started as a psychological mind wrestle then continued to be played out naked. until we hit that moment.. and im not talking orgasm(dont worry im not gonna get too explicit).. anyway...... afterwards, he changed. wanted to bring up past discrepencies. going into PAST .sigh. we dont live together i own he doesnt big issue for him i think..we rented together before but didnt work out so well,i struggles with his moods.he has diabetes too which doesnt help his moods all in all challenging.although there were some good times. i just neededt o do this on my own. see what happened for us first. anyway the long and short of it was he picked a little fight. i felt pushed away.the whole money house thing came up an i said if he was to move in he'd have to sign a pre-nup. well he lost it got really angry and said i had really insulted him etc etc. just kept going on about it then told me to get out. blah blah.. anyway its ridiculous cos i bet he wouyld do the same and if anyone understands protecting what they own it should be him!! oh and then i came back with the kids thing- yeah it got slightly intense.. i said that seeing that he doesnt have a place at his age and that he hasnt settled yet tells me that he prob doesnt want it so i asked him well do you see yourself having kids with me? and he went silent then said well we cant live together let alone have kids! bahh i left.. then he texted me saying he didnt want me to leave, that i had hurt him. fuk knows now. im thinking he said that cos he knew he had disclosed too much.. but maybe i took it wrong?

    keldjoran- kudos to you for standing your ground.. yeah you didnt give him what he wanted.which is just what he wants. lol. you hit something on the head i think about what you and your friend were discussing, i ahve sometimes thought the same thing-like they manufacture themselves to suit you. manipulation at the highest degree. the thing ids i really do struggle to believe that someone could be that untrue- meaning my scorp.. its pretty low but there have been instances where i have detected this weirdness. like all of a sudden i am not even someone he loves anymore and it is like he is enraged in battle even though nobody is fighting him out of nowhere i become a strange enemy. sorry getting bit over the top. i know hw can be incredibly seductive and if he wants something then nothing will stand in his way..he will be relentless in the pursuit , whether it be information- prepare to be labrat! or food or sex, whatever he has set his mind on..

    it is actually a really scary thought for me.. the untruths. the little lies make me wonder. am i being played for a fool? is this whole thing a game?what does he want from me? is it really just sex? i dont think it is. or am i blind.

  • god that was a long blab!

  • katie- i really sympathize with what your going through .i have been really hurt too. i think they just get hurt themselves so easily they take alot of things very personally and read way too far into things . i feel like it is literally like tearing down walls sometimes to get to the truth of them. i keep forgetting how they will not tell you when they are upset, well rarely, they will do something that will hurt you ten times more so you get the message of how hurt they were. yeah it is really full on. and it hurts. sometimes fells like back and forth hurting game. they really do treat love as a game sometimes and they hate to lose. i dont know what to suggest to you. as you can see i am in the throes of it myself.have been for five years. the only thing i think is that the more we truly understand the better we equipped to handle them. but there are limits with everything. just keep taking care of yourself no matter what!

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHH. sighs Moonbeauty - - I don’t know what to say anymore. Really...the stick is put away and I am not getting it out. You have enough blisters to take care of.

    It’s astonishing what s*ex does with you guys mind. Why do you forget you who you are and what you stand for as it was someone else? What is the blurriness really about? That, I would really want to know now. Explain me that.

    What was your BGF opinion about this all? We are strangers to you here anyways so for someone who actually knows you what was her verdict?

    I am not a facebook person either but it shows that he (high school guy) is out there dating and is a family man. Good!! Fresh air I like that.

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