Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

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  • Keldjoran - - Why is this friend there? Invited by him? I would definitely get him aside for a few. Keep the your spirit up and just ignore the friend.

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  • Nooooooooooo no text unless it is for him to join you in the bathroom to talk a bit. You got to think like a Scorpio for a sec.

    It is his chance to show you if it means something that you are there.

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  • keldjpran>>You've read my previous posts, you know that sometimes Cancers get impulsive and impatient

    Sandran712>> mean like pisss someone off and enjoy it...LOL

  • When you get him alone you ask him personally then it's his task to get rid of the friend. Get an answer out of him personally. You got to break these bad habits that are in between you.

  • Keldjoran - - TV show?!? Yup I am up for it and I don't mind receiving lets say.... 25%. LOL

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  • No prob Keldjoran. I am just very curious into how he is going to respond to it all.

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  • Uhmm I don't want to say much. He knew you was coming and agreed to it. So I personally don't see the problem. And for one night the friend should have somewhere else to stay. If your Scorpio wasn't free...where would his but t be then?

  • keldjoran>>And jeans lol sorry guys, I'm just trying to distract moonbeauty, she sounds stressed

    Sandran712>>I'm getting all hot over here...LOL

    I would choose dark jeans and hoodie shirt.The green is pretty but, more of a summer color shirt..

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  • keldjoran>>f*ck just found out one of his friends is going to be there...not good...won't get a chance to talk to him one on one, oh well...:(

    Sandran712>>I am pretty sure you can get hiattention one on one..No one can be in the same place every single minute.I like the green shirt.It's pretty.But, I was judging it on the weather.

  • Keldjoran - - Yeah I agree. Do calm yourself down and detach from the forum for now. Concentrate on what you want to say and we will hear from you whenever you get back. Run!! Strech!! and Party!!! LOL

  • hmm.. wonder how he's going??

    t.v show. yeh count me in think we'd make a

    but its honestly like that. one drama after another. it never seems to end. just when things seem to be going smooth and relatively normal my god almost like what? god forbid a relationship with a possible future?? he goes and does something to destroy it. then blame me. great. so not only am i in shock when im starting to finally relax and he flips, but then left wondering what is going on, is it me? is it him? its like my heart and body turn inside out, it actually makes me feel physically ill.

    sometimes i feel more like his enemy than his lover. like he is constantly competing with is like he thinks if he lets go and surrenders to me i will eat him whole. its actually really annoying that he thinks i have no mind of my own , no feeling or care for him..then you see i think it is all coming from him.. he cant trust me because he struggles to trust himself. he wants me to be honest because he struggles with that himself. i feel like he is wanting me to do his battles.. is this where we merge? no wonder he runs away all the time. its like the thing he is fearing is already happening..but it isnt like that.. wherever the focus is directed is whats manifested. and i question my own ability to be strong, take care of me, and almost feel guilty for wanting to depend on him, like its a weakness. should it be that way?

    i said t o him the other day, this whole notion of having to be strong on your own because we all die alone.. well we will die alone regardless of whether we are alone or not. maybe it just takes more courage to say goodbye to love as well as life.and who knows maybe he might be reincarnated as the daily sleep in my eye that i have to wipe away..

    he sent me another text yesterday. said he had been to my place and he asked me if i was going to come home soon or not. god he's so demanding. why cant he just ring me? auuurgh. so i texted -can u ring me- he did but said his credit would expire soon which it did after a few seconds- ugh. i didnt call him back. in the past i would've. but i thought.. no. stop being a lazy bum and ring me properly. well i didnt hear from him. went to bed early, felt sad. then he rang , i didnt hear phone. sigh....

    yeah i wonder about maybe being with a nice nurturing cancer man..

    what to do. what to do. waiting for that storm.. its getting windier outside.......

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