Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • yes, kind of. im sick of his games. he should open his eyes and start to behave a bit more normal, maybe putting a little effort into our relationship would not be bad... and if not, soon the moment will come when i simply wont give a s-h-i-t anymore...

  • ps. right now i could further myself so much emotionally from him, that if he cant drag me back, i cant get really deeply hurt anymore and i can more or less easily get over him...

  • cool amsterdam. i went there once loved it.

    were you with your scorp for long? im in this crazy limbo land with him again. we"re hardly seeing each other.. its like neither of us can let it we are hanging on till the end.with some kind of s.e.x.u.a.l. mexican stand off! lol. guess it will unfold as it will.he has affected me in a big way.

    any more contact with libra man?

  • Katie- "im sick of his games. he should open his eyes and start to behave a bit more normal, maybe putting a little effort into our relationship would not be bad... and if not, soon the moment will come when i simply wont give a s-h-i-t anymore... "

    run this over with Keldjoran- but how about this-- if you told him the above in person-- instead of us?

    Have you tried this approach yet? forgive me if you have-- I have a bad case of the Scorp-brain-blues -lol-

  • Hi Moonbeauty - - I cook and bake. I enjoy doing it but it doesn’t have to feel like a drag. So when anyone starts giving me a headache my mouth is all over the place. lol

    I used to bake on orders but this client started ordering cakes that take time and he use to order today for tomorrow. I did that once and then let him to know that my “shop” closed. He wasn’t happy. Then when he was getting married he pleaded with me to bake him a cake because he forgot to order one from the bakery. But he was smart he asked my niece and not me. Oh well I was in a good mood and I did. Thing is he used to order my cakes to give away as a gift to others. rollseyes

    For Libra guy I would bake on regular basis when we are actually in a relationship but not now. Now it would be once in a while. Don’t think I am a cold hearted person or so but Libra guy is a very social person and he has people that cook for him and call him to come and pick up anything they make. I don’t want to “disappear in the crowd”. You know just another person that can cook/bake.

    About Scorpio guy. I can’t stress enough how disappointed I am of his ways in this matter. You need to protect yourself a bit more. Continue looking for any solution you can find without needing to close shop. I can’t shake the feeling that he might have used the romantic situation to his benefit/advantage. I hope that I am wrong.

    Was this agreement agreed upon by your partner and boss?

    If yes send the check and thank you is fine. You can add “to a fruitful continuation of the project”. But remain in your business role. I am afraid that if you fail to remain in your business role anytime before the end of that 3 months period (his payments) and get personal and things go wrong he is really going to make it possible for you to close up.

    I would work, finish the project and find someone else to work on the next project. Keep variation in who you work with so nobody can hurt your business/work/investment like that ever again. When choosing the next person let your partners have a say in which it’s going to be. If for some weird reason he ends up to be the right person for the project let it be a joint decision of you and your partner and not yours only. Then he would have to deal with others and not BS you only.

    And to answer your question would he think you were using him by being friendly. Uhmm, its business everybody uses someone to get the work done. You being so called cold is all his doing besides he is Mr. Toxic Freeze in my opinion. Ugh.

    I agree with every falter there is an opportunity for a fresh start and change. Yet does it have to be at all cost and because someone wants to be spiteful?

    I have been struggling for a few years to start up myself. My industry has had a blow also due to the crisis worldwide and I am still looking for that unique selling point. I used to calculate building project. I don’t have retainer or anything of the kind. There is many as me and so my search for that USP has been tedious. Yet I continue to have faith that it will be possible someday.

    Yes Libra guy is a jealous type. So am I remember on day at the health club I was talking to Libra guy and then this other muscle guy came outside and asked him if I was someone he (libra guy) knew. He said yes. The guy kissed me on my check right infront of him. I was shocked and looked at Libra guy. He smiled but I saw that he wasn’t amused. I stepped aside and let them be. I was wondering if those two power houses were going to battle right there. Nope they “talked”. Terrible men!!

    This (libra guy and cousin) is something between friends and I do wonder how this will play out. Neither can tell me what to do and where to go etc. My cousin knows I am a no nonsense woman and don’t take much. So my softer side that Libra guy has witness is not known to my cousin. You know what I don’t want to pounder about that they are friends they figure it out.

    What my cousin said to me has gone into one ear and out the other. It was entertaining for the moment but that’s it for me. If necessary I will enlighten Libra guy about it if not I will leave it to rest.

    Good luck with the rock climbing. I will be heading out to my classes in a few. Lalalalalala

  • Gosh...I do write a lot...sorry!!

  • moonbeauty: run this over with Keldjoran- but how about this-- if you told him the above in person-- instead of us?

    Have you tried this approach yet? forgive me if you have-- I have a bad case of the Scorp-brain-blues -lol-


    1/ keldjoran told me once that i can straight tell my problem, but only if he asks me because that means that he is ready to hear it and answer.

    2./ i have bad traits too. LOL one of them is, i swallow a lot and don't easily tell my problems. cause i expect that 1. people should know when they behave bad (and if he thinks that the present state or our relationship is normal, then there is a big problem with him) 2. i expect him to see that im not cool with something and then ask me what my problem is

    i know it is not a good trait, but that is how i am....

  • ha moonbeauty! lol scorpio brain blues-yep can relate to that one.. the ol sbb. wheres the remedy?? or more to the point where the fuck is he??lol. ahh good to have some space sometimes your cake analogy. yeh good to give and im prob like that too but if im not appreciated i won't keep doing it.i hate being taken for granted and then expected to do stuff esp the wifey stuf. not that i dont like cooking or nurturing- i do. but not just because they expect it. and i want to be appreciated. i think the scorps are very similar..

    think flowsco you have a good point.. gotta earn it. thats a very scorpio trait! i know scorpios love being doted on too and mine will eat and enjoy all thats given but might not say a word. hmm i do remember one night though and ...far out i think im having a flash. would you ever get suspicious if somebody lavished alot of attention on you? meaning the guy you were with..

    keldjoran-the status? do you mean are we together?

  • time for sleep for me .nite

  • Stranger 2.

    I am a nut! lol

    And yes we do like to be doted on too so I am wondering how this will develop. He said that he can cook so let's see what he can stir up. lol

    I can't get suspicious at the moment because he isn't the guy I am with. He is the guy I am very interested in and he knows it. I can't afford to let that kind of negative energy get in the mix because then I am no where.

    As I mentioned before I did throw all kinds of roadblocks I could think of not to like this guy but without luck. And I do tend to think very very much.

    I am not competing with anyone because I know who I am and any other woman doesn't have what I have or be me. So whomever thinks they are in any competition with me I wish them luck. ( Sorry..but that's how I do really think of it.)

    If a woman doesn't take care of her business and her husband cheats etc. Then it's both their fault yet the seed for that lies between them.

    Libra guy is a great guy and he is s*exy for his age and he knows that he can turn a woman on if he wants to with his hands ( his work). So if he was that kind of a man he could get any woman and not bother with me.

  • flowsco- what's a UPS? The shipping company?

    I understand better now about the cake thing. thank you.

    Flowsco- my business is hard to explain. I have my profession that I LOVE. Because of my son I had to expand my income. My profession is a set salary type. I can work overtime, but even a year of overtime will never equil the amount of money I needed for a special school for my son. The specialized Autistic schools START at $98,000. a year, The one that was reccomended for my son is $148,000. a year. So anyway, I had the bright idea to start this business to raise the money I need. What started out as a small project-- has spiraled out of control and has spilled into my profession.

    Now I am trying to save everything. I met Scorp guy through an attorney when I needed help, and unfortunately-- it was after everything started to spiral out of control. My Scorp is like the "clean-up" man.

    He actually is helping me when I couldnt get anybody to help me! And at not nearly a 10th of what he normally charges-- but he knew I could never pay his full price. He realized how much I needed help for my little guy and he didn't like that I was getting sideswiped. He saw that I had no assistance and he agreed to help me. This was before the s.e.x.

    I was the one who actually made the first move to him. I initiated it. I had a "feeling" when I met him that I would like him and one day I called him and asked him to meet me out. He turned me down at first-- then called back the next day and the rest is history.

    What I like about him is his honesty. I know this will sound absolutly awful to most but not to me. We talked about our kids one day-- he has two and I have three. He made a statement where he said he'd probably never be able to "handle it" at my house as he can bearly handle his own kids for an extended period of time.

    I liked that he was honest. He's like that with everything. He wont "pretend" to be something or like something that he doesn't. To me, with my son, that is very important. I don't want a guy who says "that stuff doesnt bother me" when really it does and one day out of the clear blue sky they explode and unload all this cr^p on me because they pretended to be something their not.

    With him he may not say the most romantic thing or be the most romantic guy, he does not cuddle or hold hands-- that's not him. At least not with me anyway. What he did do was help me when I needed it, give me good business advice. He made me a priorty to him with his actions.

    In turn, I think I gave him something he was missing. I duuno what that was as he never told me -lol- but I know I did.

    So back to the business-- even with the new higher price he gave me the other day it was still 70% less then he'd charge somebody else-- but very high for me-- and he knew that.

    I think he agreed on the payments not so much because he wanted money (God knows he has loads of it) but because he knew if I didn't adress the problem I'd fail. I think he understands how important this is for my son. BUT I think he was mad at me like you said and wanted to "spank" me for pulling away my affection. Which I was right to do and he knows it .

    oops phone brb!

    Wow-- I went waaay off base. You talk alot flowsco???? look at me. --lol--

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  • so.. im not on silent treatment anymore. that didn't keep long... got a mail from him, where he says sorry for replying late, leaves out the whole birthday topic (like it never happened), sends me a link to download the artist i wanted to watch on the 12th (whom he by the way does not like at all) and reminds me that we HAVE TO go and buy my mp3 player. plus asks whether i will go tomorrow to the cinema with the group....

    so how should i see this now? he gave in, is this a way of saying sorry, or avoiding conflict? or he does like nothing would have happened and then f*ucks me up later? im wondering....

  • keldjoran> i know you are doing your best and you know well that i appreciate it. and im sorry that im sometimes whining, but i have to let out steam to be able to go on. i dont want to confront him and not only because you told me not to until he asks, but for the reason i wrote down, that im not really a person who just goes and says i dont like this or that... i guess it has to do with pride, that i want that he realizes it, if he wont, i'll see, but dont feel like confronting him. 🙂

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  • LOL.. a quick response because I am leaving now. Not UPS but USP -> Unique Selling Point.

    I'll get back to that situation with Scorpio.

    Laterz people.

  • keldjoran> thats great... well then i expect some c*rap from his end... 🙂

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  • keldjoran: i havent done the two. i havent given him silent treatment, i simply got angry. and i wanted to know what comes out of it, cause i have this very bad personality trait, that i think i should never get angry... which is stupid. i always keep things inside... for years... and this time i dont want to. and anyways, somehow i dont just want to know what i always have to do to win him... i want him to think about it too how he can win me... how he should treat me... you know what i mean? so he SHOULD see that i can get angry.

    anyways, i know how much he wanted to know whether im going to the cinema. surely he expected (like always) that i hit on any occassion when i can see him and i will be there... and then he might can stand me up.... but i wrote him back that i wont go to the cinema cause im going to a gig. so dont worry, i behave aloof, i just really WANTED to show i am angry. and honestly... in the position where i am now, i am sooo much protecting myself and all the time expect the worst treatment from him, that i think he cant do anything that would surprise and deeply hurt me. i decided to wait and wait and see how things go, and dont misunderstand me, i still dont want to hurt him or take revenge. i still feel the same for him, i just dont let my emotions overflow me and make me vulnerable.

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