Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • keldjoran- go naked! lol. whatever you wear i reckon you should be comfortable..cliche i know but from my experience if you try too hard he will pick upon it and ..god knows..! hope you have a nice time with him!!

    ahhhhhh these men!

    moonbeauty you are a classic- you describe it so well... the corpse but man its so true! and yes i do agree with you that i like the fact that a scorpio is true unto himself and will not follow the masses, only does what he wants to do..yes that self containment is so damn sexy..they don't need us..they make us want them crave them...withholding. the s.e.x is delic

  • LOL Keldjoran.. I would go for the green T and the dark jeans or do what Stranger2 suggested...go naked!!! Even though I think you would get logestic problems...LOL Any cute jacket to go with the sneakers?

    Going to bail on you guys tonight's nearly midnight. Wil check in first thing in the morning and Moonbeauty don't do anything else in between. Okay? We got to get this thing right. Night night, peeps.

  • sorry for my half finished my phone rang.. i am on the other side of equator to you guys i think so time difference.. anyway logged back in to see those photos LOL! thanku keldjoran i needed a laugh! i like the dark jeans too, nice. im sure you'll look gorgeous! just make sure you feel it inside too. have fun.

  • continuing on.. although i do like the scorpio mans ability to be true unto himself.. i know that i need affection and caring from the person i love and that if anything were to happen to know he would be there for me. reading both your tooth experience moonbeauty and flowsco your pregnancy experience made me concerned. how can someone who supposedly loves you not care in that way.. and yes i have made allowances to him knowing that it is difficult for him to express himself blah blah. BLAH. he is afraid of commitment . WHY????? i am staring to get really tired of that crap..hah but i know im in it and understand it and resonate with it for my own reasons.. so the dance must take a different turn..who leads who? and when does that cease to exist?? in death? is that when it becomes equal? seems like everyday it happens just to survive with him. yes the wondering..

  • First Keldjoran-- let me just say "HOLLA!!!!!" with that green top, you looked jacked you say???? then I say go owwwn with ya bad self fly guy and wear it!

    I like the light jeans. Ok so one vote for dark and one vote for light. I just happen to like light jeans with light polo tops and white sneakers.

    I am soooooooo happy you two have plans on Friday. I hope all goes well.

    I can't stop thinking about what you wrote. Do I like him or the idea of him. It's funny you said that because I've never thought about it that way. And OMG that was such a baby, immuture thing to do with my work. I mean really, I guess in his mind it was the only way to get back at me for "hurting him" how easily he forgets the reason why.

    I need him for work. If nothing else happens then I am not going to stress it.

    Hmmm.... no thats not true, I'll still stress it. -lol-

    He's not emailed or called me again. I think I'll just mail him out a check with a note. He hurt me and I feel a little shell time coming on.

    Maybe a check with a note and in the note be honest:


    Thank you for your assistance with my ______ as it is ever so appreciated. I'll have the next payment out to you in a couple of weeks.

    I know you have a lot going on right now so I think your probably best with some space away from me again... or at least I am with you. I mean really, there's no reason to shop if you cant buy the shoes (and the bag, and the scarf, did I mention the coat???).

    Take care and I'll talk to you in a month or two or six (just kidding).


    Flowsco- that whole situation is off the hook with your cousin! I am not kidding!

    Katie- I'm lost I'm going to catch up now so I can comment and drop my nosey two cents!

    Stranger- These guys are tough. I'm thinking myself....

    g'night all- I must get some sleep, last night killed me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Morning y'all.

    Moonbeauty - - I would leave it all to rest. You already mentioned in the other letter that the payment would be in 3 payments and since he is seasoned into the project he knows when the payment date is. If not, let him ask the questions. You are being too ready to please in this situation. You wouldn't do it with your kids so don't do it with him. To me there is no big difference. He showed your place so show him that you know it and he should know his.

    I'll give you an example. Libra guy got a cake from me last month. I made that with love and good intentions. He liked it. Then when he called me to thank me he automatically said: Oh you know I love cake you GOT to make me a chocolate one. I said: NO, I don't have to and if you want any you got to earn it. His reaction? OH!

    You see I wouldn't do it for my son either and he too is a cake lover besides I don't see myself as the little wifey in the kitchen baking cake for the sweetheart. If anything becomes’s not right in my book. The other thing is with some men they are accustomed to have their way with woman and when they finally meet the one that dares to say no they don’t know what to do. Well I am sorry I am nobody’s momma but only to my son. And these are grown men!

    I will tell you something I recently said to my sister when she had some issues with her boyfriend. Remain true to yourself. Others does so why shouldn’t you? People meet you in a way and liked you like that so why change? You (moonbeauty) met him with his attitude so why should you be the “servant” to his needs and moods? You are your own person. So f*uck that!!

    And that note you wrote is too personal. That is leverage. Not good.

  • Keldjoran, I forgot you mentioned your blue eyes. I recently had the pleasure to gaze in some blue eyes the other Well it was my carpenter. The guy had some amazing blue eyes and dark brown hair. Not my type but the combination was sweet. lol

    Stranger2 where on this planet are you?

    Moonbeauty -- it's a long story with my male cousins. Don't know what invisible sign I got on my forehead but a lot of them say weird stuff. lol. No but seriously he can think, say, ask, dream whatever he wants. I am not going anywhere with him. And if he is jealous that is his big poophole.

    The only thing I am a bit worried about his how my contact/relationship with Libra guy is going to affect their friendship.

    Oh well.

  • keldjoran: im voting for the light blue jeans and the t-shirt. 🙂 how exciting.

    about gay guys: you are not even bad, i had a friend, he called every time we went out asking what colors i will wear, cause if i wear red, he will wear read too. LOL

  • *** was for g-a-y 🙂

  • i'm in Australia flowso. you?

  • sorry i left out the c

  • Europe, Amsterdam area to be more exact.

  • Flowsco- "I'll give you an example. Libra guy got a cake from me last month. I made that with love and good intentions. He liked it. Then when he called me to thank me he automatically said: Oh you know I love cake you GOT to make me a chocolate one. I said: NO, I don't have to and if you want any you got to earn it. His reaction? OH"

    Ok this is where I would have made my mistake-- I would have baked the chocolate one, not because he expects it but because I know he likes cake and to me it would be a thoughtful gesture--- to which he would eat this cake and I would be sitting home waiting for the phone to ring-- and it never would-- until he wanted more cake! Your right!

    I will just drop a check in an envelope with two simple words "thank you". I must ask-- will he think I am using him? I've suddenly become a tad flirty and he agrees to the payment plan and then I become all cold again? I dunno-- advice?

    I am indeed in a pickle with my job. When I say "close up shop" it's a must. I've invested everything into this project. It didn't start out that way, but that's what happened. If I have to start over with a back up I'll need to pay another retainer for their services to start plus what they charge.We don't have that kind of money anymore. We'd wind up losing everything and go bust.

    Although, I do believe that with every falter it's our oppertunity for a fresh start and change. If I lose it all, I'll just start over. I don't want to start over--- but I will-- there are much worse things in life.

    Flowsco- do you think this business with your cousin will affect Libra guy? Is Libra guy the jealous type?

    Ok Keldjoran it's the count down. One more day-- Oh, I'm going rock climbing today wish me luck!

  • Katie- what is the deal with this guy and his birthday? I don't get it? I understand people hate when others make a big deal about their birthday-- I am BIG on that. I HATE when ANYTHING is said about my birthday or when I am asked how old I am. I am VERY blessed to look younger than I am and I HATE people's reactions when they find out my real age. They say things like "your how old??? I never would have guessed it" or "that's f-ed up, I thought you were younger"--that one is usally from a younger guy who askes me out-- like hello, I'm not lying, just not telling 😉 or "wow! I would never have pictured you to be so old" OMG! I can go on, and on.

    So I do understand the B-day thing for that, but why can't he give you a day & year? It's not like your a Vodoo witch or something! --lol--

    Stranger- I understand about the "wanna feel loved and special" thing. With some of these guys the fact that they are involoved with you-- to them-- means they love you and your special and that should be enough in their twisted brains. I had a hard time at first with that too.

  • moonbeauty: no, my problem is not exactly that he does not want to tell his birthday... what made me angry is that he tries to make me feel guilty that i forgot it, though he told me. well he hasnt told me ever. and im still angry. and he is giving me silent treatment for the second day... not that i care... i think i have right. i'll see what his next move is. but i dont really expect anything good coming out of this relationship...

    good luck in rock climbing. 🙂

  • Wait a minute, he is not talking to you because he said you "forgot his birthday" which has not yet passed, and the truth is he never told you???

  • moonbeauty: i'll explain. LOL i asked more time already when his birthday is. he never told me. but after a while when i asked again, he stated that he already told me once but i surely forgot. it is not true. we always joke about it all around, so far it never got serious.

    and these days im fed up with his behavior in general (i mean all the last almost 2 months of weirdness). so he asked about my birthday in a mail, cause he got confused between two dates. and i told him if he fogot, now we can make a deal... he tells his and i tell mine. and for that he answered still picking on me in a funny way, telling that while he told his to me already, and i forgot and since then im trying to convice him in vain that he never told me, he didnt forget mine, he is only confused between two days.

    i guess he expected that i go on with the here and there funny teasing, but i didnt. i wrote him back that i know that trying to convince him is in vain, and that i know he never told me his birthday cause i would never forget something important like that. but nevermind. and actually i think that getting confused about two days is kind of forgetting my birthday. morover cause i've never mentioned the 12th. and that he must have confused me with someone else. so there he has the answer now.

    i guess when he read my mail and got something totally unexpected, it was like a punch in the face and now there's just big silence. Keldjoran thinks he wants to make me sweat with silence treatment. i thought too, that since for 3 months (that we are together) i've NEVER EVER got angry for anything, and now suddenly yes, he doesnt really know how to react. he sends every day groupemails too, nothing there either... big silence... dont know...

  • So this b-day thing is like a back and forth joke between you two, but you've had it with his off beat behavior and when you sent off the last email-- to which he was expecting a joke you flipped on him?

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