Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • My sisters current boyfriend cheated on her when they were on a sort-of-break. Worst of all the girl looks very much like a transvesite (she is known for that it's no exaggeration)! And it was on a boat. They had been dating for about 6 months I believe, at the time it happened...and they broke up after that for a while because of the incident and I think he slept with her a few times then as well?? She gave him hell, the serious cold shoulder and he learned his lesson big time is what I hear. The good thing is, that he was honest about it and was the one to tell her (even though they were on a break) and he felt terrible guilt. They are back on now and he seems to love her a lot. He told the girl never to talk to him again and that she disgusts him (as she was stalking him and also my sister) while they have been together. My sister and him have been together about 1 year I think. I believe it's just the sexual appetite of Scorpio that got him in trouble seeing as she was not attractive (in fact the sexual attraction was probably because of her bizarre male looks) nor did she have a good personality.

  • yes, Scoripo men Cheat & lie very good at both ! I should know I am married to one for 30+ years. Why, do they cheat: no it is Not the Bedroom< no it is not you , they are very easy influenced by their freiends. my husband has had mid_ life criss more times than I can count. No,bye the way it is Not money either. No, it is Not insecure, Not any of the reasons others have mentioned at all! They are the best at lying Wow can they lie. If they drink, and with friends or family who don'tlike you they will leave actually leave the state. My mother -in law has done Everything in the world to break us up. Why ? she doe not like me, why, I am good for her son. We had a very strong, corp. well, no fights he just went to a bar and starting drinking with a recently divorced friend, and left. of course his Christain mother always lies about where he is sso does the rest of the family, they leave for no reason other than someone talked them into it indirectly.. My mother-in law and the rest of his family hate to see my husband succesfull and happy and have money, another reason they hate me and they hate that i sent him back to school, to get his GED and continuing education, another reason they hate me, stupid right? Yes, they cheat for stupid reasons, like, a family member is cheating, a freind is cheating, their teen boys, are dating, etc. never nothing really to do with you . Once my husband had a head injury a very bad one i was the only one their to help him, none of his friends, or his oldest son by another woman. or their friends, or his family the day he got hurt he went a certain way home to find me a way i would 99.9/10 way i would go home that day i took the interstate when i got home he could not move of course by that time he was drunk and told me i was the only one who would help him how much he loved me , trust me counted on me ,how his milliom dollar cotp, created with just $65.00 and old van and some hand tool could have never made it how he was sorry he had left me that time he went to a bar and was drinking with his recently divorced freind, and how prooud he was I held everything together, etc, ok, later( this was a very bad head and back injury,) one of his uncles died no i did not attend the funnel , his family acts life it is a reuunren and big party event, etc, our family have private fummels etc, while his went drinking with his cuz Sandy who husband had killed his self over the fact they had been married several yrs, no children, she had an affair with his bussiness partner and had a baby not his he found out when the child was just a few days old, she lost radid weight, became a tramp, ( too stupid to be a whore lol) and a drunk, it was her dad who died he said he was going out with her brothewer a certain one he had not seen for yrs,she also was a very bad mother going to bars with a montior and leaving the child alone, several men in her life yes, cps knew they did nothing ,Will that night i keep her newborn son for her so he would not be left alone. had the child for a month, when she finally came to get him she sent roses, cute sure, whill my husband had been drinking & party with her for for a long time no he did not come home that night from the funnel, he was gone for a little while, this time with the heas injury her mother his aunt put the idea in his head to leave me yet again reason: if yoy can't get along better to be apart" now this woman just lost her husband so had her daughter same year more or less, she gave him money to leave on this time it was the worst due to his head injury cause cChristmas eve he went to the bank, took out a loan i did not want to sign by this time we had paid off our home 3 times remolded inside and out the corp, doing great 8 van on the road, yes, we had a great sex life , money no problem, while he took a loan out on the house our home for several years, started selling vanns, lying off people , by this time His family had him on cokei had a bad injury will he left his family gave him the money to leave on finny they can always afford $700 to $800 dollar plane tickets to leave on but i always have to sent the money for him to come home on that time he was gone for 2 yrs. his family told hime another woman was his wife and her 2 boys waays his kids that time was very bad time our son was almost 16yrs old had a neverous break down our daughter whoa was 8yrs old had emotional problems he can home once of course his family sent for thar woman to come here they tried to commit me action off everythiing down to our daughter swing set, for $800.00 a fortume was lost our childrems lives was destroyed for life he later kid napped our son I did not know he had him of couse his Chistain family lied I did not know if our son was dead or alive picture was on milke cartons our daughter was afraid of being kidnapped also, she cried so did I every day and night a living hell was what we went through of course hhe allow our son to be horrible abused by his family and that horrible woman by the way no, she was not pretty, or had no assets physically, or money, or was not good at sex, she keep him on coke and drink, finally he recalled me he told me later he dream of me all the time thought oof me all the time and never stop loving me, but his family had him very confused due to the head injury the state police (bye the way if you have a child kidnapped the local or state police will not help find them in this state) call child find they found my son thank God but he had been so abused emotionall, physically, spiritifully, mentally, horrible things had happen to him yes, my husband allowed it , well state police in Ga, found him thank you child find call me gave hime a bus ticket to come home on, when he arrived all his front teeth had been knocked out, and well you figure the rest out, no this was not the end no he went back and forth and I had to have him hospitalized several time it was awfull yes, I had his teeth fixed the next day, he had black eyes also, of i called cps and the local police who would not help nothing was done of course his sister keept getting worst yes, his lying family was overjoyed that they destoyed my innocent children, we lost our home, the corp, most of all the children lives was ruin, the worst, well yes, later he came back, because of the children, yes, he has left severAAL TIMES, AGAIN THAT NIGHT MARE HAPPEN 17YRS AGO ! Yes, every man or woman under that sign I have ever known is a very good liar and cheats on their wifes, due to influnces that they are exposed to. It is Not you my dear. I am a leo but not like the decrption says . Have I forgave them all , Yes, hate only hurts you no one else have I forgot Not, why a leason to be learned to help someone else. Yes, they cheat no because of money, insecurity, or sex. It just their way,do they love their wife or husband yes very much they just her gunable. Hope this helps someoneout their !

  • I've been casually seeing a friend for about 6 months. We've known each other for 5 years. I'm a Virgo, he's a cusp libra/scorpio. We started off talking a fair bit about stuff that had been going on. Not his break-up with his ex, who I am also friends with, but every so often he will bring up my past, which I am always honest about, but he knows it upsets me that people are talking about me 10 years after some of the stuff happened (I was a bit of a slut). Then I ask what he is up to on his day off and he acts as if I am a member of the Spanish Inquisition! Just wonderin, Geez!

    I noticed that a few of you mentioned that they can be quite insensitive and all or nothing, that definitely rings true too. Truth is I am quite happy with it being casual, don't need to always be with him the whole time or spend all our free time together. I do love him, just don't feel the need to be all Bella and Edward about it.

    He cracks it occasionally and takes my number out of his phone for whatever reason, but always comes back sooner or later.

    Does THAT all ring true?

    According to compatibilities we are a really good match...

  • Angelique do you think maybe his behavior stems from his up bringing? I myself don't know any Scorpio's who do things like your talking about. He is from a parting family. They do things totally different from the way you were raised. Let's not group all Scorps in the same box.

  • To some people break up means just that. You are now free to meet and be with others. Definitions are totally different for the person setting at home missing the other half. When in a break up is it ok to see someone else?

  • Want to jump back in to Tell My truth.. …When I was younger I Was thoughtless…and careless with others heart…I had a lot of suitor’s (Not S*xual) Cancer girlfriend told me not to tell anybody, how many times I had been proposed too I didn’t understand at the time.. the Seriousness of Dealing with Matters of the Heart..

    But it was because… I was Not In Love with Any of them… I was always told to date several guys expand my horizon get to know what all is out there to make a better choice.. & well that’s what I did…Not realizing that some folks get real serious & consider a date a phone call, seeing them more than once, talking and getting to know them..a relationship…but for me it was not…and when I did feel Love which was years later… I told him straight out, and there was no room for questioning….

    ….I have cried since knowing love, over my carelessness, but especially for one particular Scorpio Man… I now know that he loved me, Very Much and I didn’t reciprocate even did something’s that weren’t nice. And I feel bad that I was careless with his heart… so keep in mind that sooner or later they will think back on you and realize how much you cared for them, and it will hurt….Now I can’t speak for all Scorpio’s this is my personal experience...You have to be In Love to give that way ( Peace & Love)

  • I am a scorpio woman dating a sag and he says the same thing as shinyluv but he loves me anyway and we are working on the arguing issues. We are not bad women at all and are very loyal to our man! More so than many other signs because we are deep in our love & values and don't browse & window shop love relationships like the less serious signs.. No we are not the cheater types by & large and it woul;d take a lot to do something like that once committed.

  • Thats interesting, blue116, my brother and sister are scorpio twins. My sister has been with her husband since they were 18 (they just turned 33) and is quite happy. They got married and had kids quite early.

    My brother was a bit of a player as a teenager /young 20s but has also been in really full - on relationships as well - to the point of his ex threatening suicide when they split up. He is now in a long term relationship (about 8 years and 2 kids) with, oddly enough, a Virgo! Interesting because he and I clash and always have, and then ended up with a partner who is the same sign! I know they fight, and he picks fights with me still. I wonder if me and my guy are similar? I hate fighting but never pick a fight just for the hell of it, which is what I think my guy does, and I think sometimes he likes the drama.


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  • Hi guys! I was super busy with work so I just had the chance to log on and I am S-H-O-C-K-E-D!!!

    OMG Keldjoran I know I should so be moving on but I still need to vent a bit. How is your Scorpio? Have you read some of these horror story posts???

    Nicka32 Wow yours blew me out of the water! I don't get it. Please explain this to me like I'm a 2 year old. You said that your a Scorpio male and if your not getting what you need in your relationship you will cheat. Ok now I'm just asking-- not looking to be mean or hurtful-- just really courious...

    When you cheat... are you honest with the "new" girl? Do you look at her as a "temporaory fix" for your problem? Do you ever develope feelings for these temp girls? and if you did what would you do? Do you know that you may/or may not depending hurt the temp girl's heart? and last why not just break it off with the girlfriend. Even if you had kids does everybodys happiness count? I would think it's a lot to risk for just sex.

    I mean these as real questions. I am soooooo confused. Please break it down for me. As a fellow water sign, a Cancer girl I would be SO greatul for the insight.


  • I have no idea if this may pertain to your question. However I am a homosexual male who fell deep in love with a scorpio. He played the part and did all the right things, for a long time I believed that it was just the two of us. Turns out it wasn't, as time went on he revealed that he had a son and started revealing to others around me that he had a girlfriend. I began to question him about this, he denied everything with the girl, said she was nothing and claimed that they were friends. He would even go as far as looking at me in disbelief. Well like any good libra I decided that hope and faith are gonna play its part. I came at this guy from all angles: played the good friend< strip club anyone? for boobies and beer, then I tried the total he lets be brothers, but he still couldnt make up his mind as to what he wants. I fell in love with hima nd until I find someone new or I come to my senses... I feel stuck. For some reason when I try to leave him, he hangs on and he comes back and he says anything not to lose me. I hurt everyday and everyday I love hime. I am stupid, I know, so is this a pattern? I dont know. i believe that we are all capable of hurting someone in some way...

  • I'm a Sagittarian woman and I've been playing this SAME exact cat-and-mouse game with my Scorpio guy for around 3 years now... Let me tell ya. Reading up on other Scorpio posts has only proven my every assumption of their sign. CONFUSING. haha Me and him are as different as night and day. I'm positive, he's negative. I'm the light, he's the dark. Sun and Moon. I swear. It seemed to make the most cosmic attraction. So different, but so passionate about the same causes. Where we do meet up, is in the most epic of ways. We confessed our mutual attraction and tried to see how it would go. He seemed to be the epitome of my "perfect man" the more we talked... he just needed to let go of all his pain, and give it over to me, confess it, so I could relinquish it once and for all and fill his pain-body back-up with love and the light of life. We got super close one night and it almost seemed surreal. But he ran away the next day and left me in the dark. When I finally brought it up to him he told me that he wanted to be with me, he just didn't deserve it... He wanted to change, and it melted my heart that he saw that in himself... but I never really saw him try. I tried to move on and, of course, he guilted me into "giving up on him like everyone else". Then when I promised to stay and care for him, it was back to being lost in the dark. Every attempt to help after that just seemed to push him further away...even though he admitted to wanting to change before I saw the need for any. We'd make plans, and he'd bail... more than once. At first he had all these excuses for why he did that to me.. past pain, ect. He'd try to convince me it was him, not me. But after a while, he just stopped apologizing. He stopped caring. I tried to play his game, seem disconnected. I tried to back off and give him space to "figure his **** out" but when he left me in the dark for sooo long, and was jealous of my close relationships (JUST friends) with his friends, he found an ex-girlfriend to bang. I lost it. I could no longer hold in my pain and I exploded on him for feeding me such pretty lies while being so careless, selfish, immature and insensitive. But that's their game. All talk, no action. Haha at least in my experience. Sting you once, kick you out. Then they pull you back in to feed on your pain. It's sad, but true. They like the chase. He wants me when I'm done fighting for him. He tried to guilt me into "ruining his already bad day" by finally speaking out and saying what he already knew about himself and what all his friend's wouldn't dare say. I'm never mean intentionally, but sometimes the truth hurts and can't be silenced. I read this on a post earlier, and I have to agree.. "Scorpios are more ruthless than vulnerable".. but, again, the need for power or to inflict pain on others is just weakness in disguise. So maybe they inflict their own suffering on others? Strangely enough, he never seems more attracted to me than when I "**** him off" or call him out...I think he recognizes it and see's the strength and power in truth. They also love independent women. That's probably why he always wanted me when I wanted to give up and move on, and why he ran away when I chased after him. I still feel like my honest heart, adventurous spirit, positive energy and loving light would do him wonders. He has SO much potential. I know him too well to just walk away...

    My oldest sister is a Scorpio as well and me and her used to butt heads and fight every minute when we were younger. Through growing up and discovering our similarities, we've never been closer. We're quite the team. She found herself a Sagittarius, and he's great! They almost divorced because she cheated on him though... only just recently have they been trying to work things out. I hope it does work for them, because they make quite a team themselves. Sag and Scorp relationships always confuse me between being a prefect pair and perfect disaster. But if there's one thing I know... you can't MAKE someone change. You can want it everyday of your life, but never see it. You have to BE the change you want to see in the world and in others. Only then will it start to spread. Just let your light shine, be an example of true, selfless love. The flame will catch on. And when you shine so bright, you attract what really, truly, loves you. Not something that wants to steal and feed off the warmth and love of your soul.

    Hope this helps? haha I'm still confused.

  • Amandababa! I think we are seeing the same guy! LOL I know exactly what you mean about the push pull thing, so I have just given up and let it be now. We're both pretty busy anyway, so its cool by me. Sounds like my one - I have been saying for a while that I think he quite enjoys the drama of our fights (and they are by no means dramatic - I refuse to be a drama queen - closest I have got was walking out on him at the pub one night). So if I have a problem, I say my piece, we bite at each other and don't talk for a bit and then its all good.

    A few weeks ago we had a doozy of a drunken argument (neither of us remembered much) but he rang me the next day and we had a talk, told him he took me for granted and had been selfish, etc etc. The thing I HAVE noticed is that he seems to think that by saying "Yeah I know I am" that kind of makes it OK in his head.

    I also feel pretty strongly that he is going through a bit of depression, which I have been through and am still dealing with, and I know what would have helped me had ppl pointed it out, ie selfishness, rudeness, etc. You don't want to hear it, or realise that other people are noticing what you're doing, but it does at least make you think about what you're doing at some stage.

  • The more I read the more sad I get. It would seem that these men (and ladies?) are a tourtured soul.

    I would think it must be very sad to always want the chase. To me the chase is fun but at some point I want the love.

    I have to say that if your a hunter (I'm not, just an analogy and no offense to hunters) do you want to take a deer that died on your door step? Would you hang it up and say "Look at my dead deer"! NO, you want to hunt the deer, shoot it, and stuff it (or what ever they do) mount it on your wall and then you would proudly say "Look at the deer I shot! It's a Beauty"!

    As for the deer that droped dead on your doorstep-- your going to want to call sanitation ASAP to get rid of the thing. You want NOTHING to do with it.

    I understand the chase and the thrill.

    I think-- now I may be wrong--- but please Scorpio men work with me-- the way it seems is that a Scorpio man will do what he wants.

    1. He does not want to answer to anybody. If he chooses to answer to you it is because he wants to-- not because he is forced.

    2. He wants all the freedom the world has to offer but gives none.

    3. He wants everybody to expect nothing from him-- and if he gives something (his affection, a gift, his time) that the other person will realize that he rarely gives anything so what he gives you is a gift to treasure.

    4. He wants everything from you-- your love, attention, your time-- but also wants you to have your own life so you don't depend on him THUS he will never be in a position to let you down.

    5. He wants you to realize he picked you. If you chase him-- you may get him-- but only on HIS terms. Thus his terms may be he can do whatever he wants aka treat you like crap.

    6. If you let him take advantage of you he will. It's kinda like if you leave a bank vault open, he'll keep taking money until it's closed-- then beg you to re-open it so he can get more free money-- and when it's finally locked he'll leave-- why? because he has gotten all the money he can-- and there is no reason to stay with a locked vault.

    7. If he loves you-- and only if he loves you-- with all his heart-- will he be the kind of man you can close your eyes with and never have to worry-- unless he starts to get bored or unhappy. Then he will leave, stray, whatever.

    I think on the surface he is a tough, hard, mean, cruel, selfish man. I think he wants to be good but more often than not gives into the dark side of his feelings. He would rather hurt you than you hurt him.

    Kinda like when you get a new outfit-- if your not certain if it looks good or bad, you'll ask for an opinion. If one person says "wow you look great!" and another person says "hmmm-- I don't know, it looks good but the color is off". We are more likely to believe the second person.

    That's a Scorpio way of thinking. They seem to always want to think the bad. Well, they might actually be thinking which person has more to gain/lose from the different opinions. --lol--

    My point is they appear to always think people have angle and can't just be happy because well, it's fun to just be happy.

    I don't know. Scorpio men please explain it to me? I am sooooooo upset.

    Why do you cheat?

    Why do you risk everything you have for your own selfish needs?

    Why do you lead people to believe you love them and want to be with them, is it to fulfill your needs?

    Do you know how much the other person hurts and does that affect you?

    I'm not asking meanly, I really want to know. I must say after reading some of the posts here I don't think I am the only one. Advice pleeeezzzzzee --lol---

  • Oh and when I said the other person I did not mean woman #1 I meant woman #2. But please fill me in on both. This post is full of #1, #2, #3 --lol-- girls.

    We ( or at the very least me) just gotta know. help us fill the gap and heal a bit.


  • Hmmm everybody is entitled to their own opinions so here is mine.

    Sign wise yes we aren't the easiest people to understand but it all boils down to where this individual is coming from what nest?

    I have to stress once again they don't cheat without a reason and the reason you might never know because it could be something they gone through from small. It depends on the upbringing in how they treat females. My brother grew up in a household runned by women eventhough his father also a Scorpio was living there. His father did some cheating in his time and looking back it has to do with the example he got in his time. But my brother don't have this behaviour because he seen how we move as women and what we value.

    People forget that experiences makes a person. If anybody before you mess up by the time it's your turn you might get the load of s*** on you. Unfair???? Big time. Been there done that. The choice you have is are you going to go through the motion while this person is messed up or you choose for yourself and move on. I know taking the step isn't easy but is needed.

    A Scorpio male that is in this state isn't going to answer your or anybody questions honestly and isn't honest with you or the next person that comes along in their lives. Because the mask they wear soothed them many time and they got comfortable.

    I tried untangling my ex-Scorpio mess. And I got the worse sting that possibly could of been shared out. For a split moment I thought it was all my fault and that made him go astray. But that isn't true because the one that came after me has been dealt the same hand.

    I can even tell you ..I have a great relationship with his family and they all know that he is the one that messed up. They even acknowlegde that he being like he is has to do with things that happend to him way before I entered his life but he doesn't want to deal with it.

    After 6 years that we split up he finally understood the unjustice he did to me and some others before me.

    So if you have these question and you still want straight answers I would suggest confronting the male Scorpio and see what you get to hear and draw your own conclusions.

  • Hmmm-- I did confront him. I asked him everything that was on my mind. He responded with a lame answer that "things wern't fun anymore-- you got too serious-- your too much to deal with on that level".

    that is sooo not true. I never chased him. Never. I never crowded him I am too busy with my life to be up all in his all the time. The fact was when we met I was getting divorced and he said he was working on leaving as well. As my seperation became final I told him that I don't need to be exclusive 100% I just don't want to be a second choice. Somebody he has to sneak around with.

    I started to back off when I saw he wasn't moving in my direction. I actually told him first that I was finished.

    My question now is why? Why lead me on, why risk everything, why make me believe he was falling in love with me. My feelings for him were pure. I don't get it. It's left me confused and bitter.

  • Moonbeauty. To me he tought of you as fun because you was independent and ready to move on from your previous relationship and he liked that because emotionally you didn't really needed him at that point so he felt safe and saw in you a likeminded at that time.

    When he felt your pureness he couldn't handled it due to issues he has. Probably (and I hope so) he didn't wanted to hurt you further because he knew he couldn't respond to you as you would want him to. I think you saw through him and he wasn't in any mile ready to fully commit emotionally again. My best guess is you made him feel things he really don't want to.

    Sorry hun. I hope that he comes to his senses before it's too late but for you taking a stand and told him that is over that is a very wise move. And when he does come back because the chance is there that he will. Please do not forget what happend now.

    They seem to process things very slowly before it's completly filed.

  • Forgive me for imposing myself on your thread. Love and light to all!

    This message is for everyone who has some love to spare.

    KAY in the Psychic Forum needs our assistance, so please give her your love and wisdom now at the Wondering about the holidays thread.

    Thank you!


  • Flowsco I think your right. Your response has made me feel so much better.

    I think he did feel "feelings" for me. I also think he did not want to hurt me. He knew his behavior was causing me stress and heartache-- I never told him, but I think he could feel it.

    I knew he was falling in love with me. I'm not being conceeded-- I just felt it. I actually was getting a bit nervous by it because I had just got out of my marriage. I think this was causing him a lot of distress. i don't think he wanted to be in love with me. I think it may have thrown him.

    He did like that I was breezy and fun. I think we clicked-- more than he was expecting. He was up front and honest and told me he had affairs before. That didn't bother me as I was not looking for another husband just somebody to have fun with.

    What you said makes sense. I put him in a place he did not want to be in.

    Thank you for the insight.

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