Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • Keldjoran – HA! He is being nice with his wallet...and begging?? wauwwwwww hahahaha. Sorry couldn’t resist. Gosh.

    You’re on guard? Don’t blame you...I would be too.

    Okay. We can be sweet and attentive, really we can. When you mean a great deal to us we will occasionally shower you with attention or get you something next to the bedroom story.

    This guy is confused big time. Not by what you did or so... just him. He noticed that you’re different and slipping away and probably figured he would have to show some kind of normal human act to get some time with you. Though, I don’t agree with him bringing Mr. broken legs too.

    I agree with Moonbeauty ....VOLUMES!! I get a headache thinking of the endless possibilities.

    You see Kel. If you knew that next to his issues you were compatible and that you had a future together just the two of you could have considered and play with the idea to stick it out with him....yet this guy ...uhmmm noooo

    To stick it out with him the coming years you would have to be someone with a mas.o.chist streak or something and an icy heart to do that.

  • I dated a Scorpio for 7 years, he cheated on me twice that I know about, though I suspect more. It was abusive, lied all the time and apparently was a sex addict. I'm glad to be rid of him.

  • Stranger2 - - Keldjoran has a point...

    = ummm are you listening to yourself? I hate to sound like an unsympathetic *sshole but you sound like you're making excuses for him. So what if you hurt him? He's a big boy, he should be able to handle it and talk to you about it in a calm manner, not pick an argument =

    You should go back a few pages and read what you wrote and let it sink in. Read it as you were a stranger yourself and looking in.

    I know it’s hard when you yourself are standing in the pool of it all yet sometimes it’s good to look at it from the outside. You see people can give you their opinion with all the good intentions because they would want you safe and happy yet you are the one that has to make things happen in a positive way.

    The pictures you posted has me worried. And I hope that you share with the other ladies so they can give you an insight. If I am not mistaken one of them is psychic or empath. If not ask The Captain for a reading mention that I sent you and explain your situation. A new thread just for you.

    We all have your back but you have to change things for the good. See what other advice or insight you get. Stay strong.

  • SCorpio men are very charasmatic possessive jealous highly sexed so yes they are capeable of cheating i knew one and he was married and had 5 women on the go so that should speak volumes NOT TO BE TRUSTED

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  • Flowsco, Keldjoran! HELP! SH!T I am indeed in a mess!!!! I emailed him back all wrong because I was trying not to be too hard yet not trying to be too soft, yet trying to still be business and SH!T now he has won another round or should I say I just gave him the point! DUCK!

    2:30 am ME "Hi, are you awake?"

    9:00 am He "I am now"

    10:00 pm ME "sorry, I was working late and I know your a night owl too" "Catch ya later"

    No response.

    I didnt want to ask the question because I fixed it and after going over it again I'm glad because he would have thought me to be a moron (which I think myself right now). Now he must think I am a pathetic, desprate woman who obviously cant get over him and yada, yada, yada AND I have to see him in apx 20 days for a meeting! DUCK< DUCK

    I think some hard ignoring and at the meeting do my end and run out of there like lighting- try to have NO or little contact to save some face.

    Why is hindsight vision always 20/20? I need some ducking glasses! It sounded perfect when I sent it off. Sounded not too mean, not too nice, now upon the re-read it sounds SO STUPID!

    How on earth did I ever get the postition I am in? Are My bosses crazy?

    Dammage control? Please?

  • LMAOOOOO Quack, quack, quack .....

    Don't take it so hard. I thought you didn't respond at all. You did so that is good.

    No need for damage control. Let's leave it that. I think he also knows he is seeing you in 20 days. So he is also thinking how to act and it all depends on you what do of course.

    LOL don't try running at the end of the meeting. You might bump into someone like I did. Panting and dizzy thinking this is my get away moment and then "DUNK" hit into something or someone...LOL. Well I ended up in the arms of a feisty old gent that was wayyyy to happy to hold me. I was so glad I didn't fall because I was wearing high heels and a short skirt. LMAO

    What a sight that would have been!!! lol

    Your bosses aren't crazy and if they are it's a good thing. You got the spunk that is needed and your getting things done. I also have blackout moments when I think I don't have what it takes or tired.

    So breathe and relax!!

    Shorty -- I'll let her explain herself. 😉

  • Okay. Lately I notice I keep missing a word in my posts. Got a major headache for days now and I think faster than I type and so "jump" words. I hope you guys don't mind. 😞

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  • keldjoran: Katie - You're falling into the same pattern that I fell into, which is good. This is what I ended up doing when I got tired of Scorp being so indirect, and in a way, it's very empowering. You'll see that he'll become more direct and this gives you back control. I'm happy to see that you're following a similar pattern that i did because I feel 1000 times more in control and empowered than I did only a few months ago.

    Katie: thanks for pointing me out the mistake. i won't do it anymore. anyways what i thought will happen actually did. 🙂 i was direct and he told like 'oh yes, since you are back home again, i wouldnt drag you out... etc." and that he will let me know in an hour whether he is coming out or not.

    my first question is: are crabs really so indecisive? cause it makes me nuts. or is it just the testing-checking how i react?

    dunno if i reacted in a proper way - i let you decide that keldjoran - but i wrote him back that he should not worry cause i took it already as a 'no', and we'll see each other some other time... i thought this is the only way i can save myself out of the game... like not begging but cutting it short and saying in a way: 'if you are so unsure and cant tell me straight away then dont waste my time.' actually i kind of thought that some more times he does this kind of 'i will try to see you, dunno yet etc etc. blablabla' im gonna tell him right away that he should next time tell me to meet when he actually can.

    other thing i thought (but that is coming from my point of view, and not a crab's view and possibly we work differently) that HE CANT POSSIBLY MISS ME AT ALL. cause he hasnt seen me for 3 weeks.... but still not that eager to meet me. what do you think keldjoran?

    and one more question... does cold and snow and generally winter might cause depression to cancers? cause he is all the time telling that he does not come out of home much at all. and i really see him sending group e-mails a lot all around the clock, so he really is at home.

    and this depression thought came to me too, cause for xmas he gave me a self-painted plate that said: 'happiness is like freckles, there's more when the sun is out'. can you decode this? LOL please mr. secret agent... does this mean anything at all, that i should understand?

    yes, im nuts, and im fine with it. :):)

  • other thing i wanted to share with you for long. you know why i think that my crab is really really a hard nut to crack?

    cause as you all say crabs are anyways generally very drawn back, like a lot of own time etc...

    imagine my crab is living out of his country for over 10 years. he is in my country for 3. since then he hasnt been home and has not seen his parents. from certain dropped conversation parts i deducted that he has a bad connection to his mother.... he has almost no real friends here, lives alone, as much as i know, we are his 'best' friends here....

    and i thought if he created this little lonely island for himself for so long... probably also got hurt quite badly in earlier relationships... it would be very very hard for me to move into that island where he spends his life... if you know what i mean... what do you think? it is quite a lost case no?

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  • keldjoran: no worries, there is no hurry. 🙂 i just have to write down things/questions when i have them, cause sooo much thoughts are circulating in my system that i would forget them.

    ohhhh, btw. I HAVE A FLAT!!!!! lol hello brand new life! 🙂

    and about your stuff.... cant even guess how your scorp took such a turn... i mean i still dont trust him, but definitely out of his cave...

    'we'll find someone...' means a third person to do a threesome with? dont you think he is testing you in whether you are not just talking but really wanting to do it (i mean yeah, men can separate s-e-x from feelings and probably some women too, me not, but if he is really tricky, you wanted so much a serious relationship with him, if you really want that, would you be in for a threesome? it's probably just me overanalyzing things... but if someone wanted from me a serious relationship and then i would offer to do a threesome and that someone who is sooo eager to be ONLY with me says yes... i might would start to think...

    i just sense there has to be a reason for him so much pushing this threesome question...


  • sorry, there was no '2./' LOL

  • Keldjoran….whoa!! Stop the presses. He is on a role isn’t he? Okay focus.

    1. What do you want now? It’s romance weekend in the stars and he is really trying to get that plan out of the way pronto and it sounds that it doesn’t matter who with as long you are there for the ride.

    2. If you do follow through with Scorp plan where that does leave you with your intentions with Libra?

    I am going to hang around for a bit. Badddddd headache. But if I can assist you I will do my best.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • keldjoran: it's again me, the STRICT CONSCIOUS. LOL

    i see this Libra question quite messy. what makes you think he will ever work up the courage to date you... and anyways it is not normal at all that he does not dare to date you cause he is afraid of scorp... are they in a relationship? no, then what? will he sacrifice his life with hanging on scorp while scorp is banging the whole neighbourhood? sorry to be tough on this... but it takes a lot for a person to change and it is a very bad omen for me that he lives in scorp's shadow.

    and you are again jumping from one foot to the other... (like i am, but at least i have only one man in the picture LOL).

    again flowsco's question but in a wider range from me: WHAT DO YOU WANT? would be best first decide, on a football game you cant switch between teams all the time. so first of all whom do you want? and then focus on that... i mean imagine, you get kind of involved with libra, and then mr scorp decides to play his tricks on you... what will you do? i think we agreed some days ago, that until you have him even the tiniest bit in your heart... there is not really a fair way to deal with any other guy.

    sorry if im too open and straight but i kind of worry for you getting into an even deeper mess. 🙂

    and thanks for the congrats for the flat! I AM SOOO HAPPY. 🙂 i can start a new life.... we"ll see what it brings. 🙂

  • LOL we wrote the same time. thank you so much for your insights. i feel a bit better again. 🙂 well i decided to go on fighting the battle... i kind of feel like im in more control with myself emotionally. 🙂

  • Katie – Congrats girl. Enjoy your new pad!!

    Keldjoran –

    1. Okay I understand where you are now yet how are you going to translate it this weekend? I mean tonight is the movie date no problem there right? Yet tomorrow is another story. Perhaps you need to be upfront with him sometime soon. You know that chat that didn’t happen?

    2. If your choice is Mr. Libra you both need to take the risk in feeling Scorp sting. Only you got to be sure the both of you are in this together. Scorp can’t keep having his way as a little boy. And you all can’t remain fearing this man. It’s ridiculous.

    He is throwing everything at you. Now you got to be smart and pick and choose. lol And yes clear this mess up with Scorp first before getting Mr. Libra involved in that way. It will give you a much deserved breathing space. Believe me ... I did just that.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I will be going to bed. I was under the weather yesterday as well after class. Singing is going well and nooooo I am not the guitarist 😛

    If my head clears up I will be back later on.

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