Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • Amandababa -- The ironic thing about my ex is that before I met him I always said I will stay far away from a Scorpio male. And go figure his deep voice draw me in and the rest was history. Why I wanted to stay away? Because I knew we could be complex human beings. Only thing is I fell hard for this guy big time. My mistake in this...I didn’t give myself the time to get to know him before getting involved. I think if I have I would have kept him as a friend. Yes when we open up it’s for real. And we when make friends it’s for a life time unless you really mess up. I have friends that complain to me that they know me and hang out with me but don’t really know me. That is true. It takes years to really get a glimpse. Friendship wise many people can take the time but when it comes to love ..... different story.

    I am glad you confirmed that not all Scorpio’s are the same male or female.

    I want to add my son is also a Scorpio 15 but I am watching him like a hawk and I try to keep him in touch with his feelings. That all actions have a reaction. I hope it helps him when he gets older and into relationships. He was also very private about his feelings and I worked very hard for him to open up. It’s not healthy. I wasn’t like that when I was a kid but his dad was. So that’s why I said in the beginning it has to with what nest they come from.

    I am happy that your resentment is over.

  • Flowsco did you need my in put on cutting off your nose to spite your face? Honey I'm on that cusp h e l l yes I have done it and more than once. Just tell me I can't do something an see how fast I do it. Unless I think someone is using reverse psychology. I have found that rebound relationships are very rarely lasting ones. Being friends and not giving your heart away in this case is very hard. Be careful my friend. keldjoran sometimes you have to introduce what you enjoy in shall we say a relationship. And when that person see what a benefit it can be for him as well he should start to become more creative as well.

  • LibrasLair their is no games on my side on any level. I have been having a hard time keeping it all in. I have been falling in love from day one. It's just very hard to trust all these unexpected feelings that are deep not knowing how the other person will react. In addition to my story here about my ex. I happend to run into him and his spouse yesterday at the inlaws yesterday very confronting. But I was happy afterwards. I was happy because I felt free and knew that I can move on with this Libra guy. And I know that I made a right decision in not rushing in the beginning and didn't act on animal instinct. I have been honest to the Libra guy about what has been bothering me and why I was silent and what my fears are. Unusual for me but I did it because it was necessary. Now I can fully enjoy all that I feel and give this relationship a proper go.

    Put that stinger away 🙂 And thanks

  • hey sagscorp im new here but im trying to contact you my scorpio just came back from india a couple months ago and i understand fully what you are going thru maybe hes the same one..what part of india is he from, what is his name and how do you know its his real name? tell me more about this scorpio we have been together for 6 yrs...

  • To answer the questions of the neediness of scorpio, I've dealt with a couple in my life. I'm a sag and very strong minded and scorpio guy liked this. With the scorpio woman being needy with me, i'm not sure what it is. I've had a couple of lady scorpios in my life, and i love there drive, hard work, and go getter attitude. I spend time with them, and they want to be around me constantly, (which is alright sometimes) but when you start telling me what to do, and the people you want me too have in my life, GET REAL!!!!!! Both were doing to much and not even being themselves, i just wanted them to be themselves, and thats all. They both ended up wanting more than friendship..hint.hint..and no i'm not lesbian. I think it's because they were in love with me...In general though, lady scorpios are good people. Strong, loving, and caring. All i desired was for them to be honest with themselves. Both friendships are ended and i've deleted both of there numbers...i'll always wish the best for them:)

  • Very sorry that you had bad experiences with a couple Scorpio women. I think that its the individual and not related to the sign as a whole. Maybe the generalization is a little off when mentioning neediness. Sad really, that you won't have any futur Scorpio women friends. A lady friend of mine who is Sag, has been in my life for 16 yrs and the reason for that... she never lied to me (and she is a good liar), she is always real about the fundamentals. We respect eachothers life and space and we can speak about anything as real friends can. And that dear shinyluv, has nothing to do with neediness but has everything to do with self awarness, self respect and respect for others. Most Scorpio women are true and trustworthy to a fault. So....Good luck with your futur friends 🙂

  • My boyfriend was born November 4, 1954. He is Scorpio with moon in Aquarius, rising sign Virgo. I am Aquarius, moon in Cancer, rising sign Pisces. With his Mars in Aquarius & Venus in Scorpio, it is hard to tell if his female friends are potential love interests, because he believes in 'validating their sexuality' with touching and compliments, etc. This is so confusing to me...would you consider that cheating, especially if he started out that way with me?

  • scorpwolf, your right and i'm learning to pull out the zodiac signs and let people just mess things up no matter waht sign, race, color, or creed they are. I won't lie I do miss the friendship, but it's not worth it if I have to sleep with someone or keep having someone chase me. I do sometimes thinks it's my personality. I'm so easy going and laid back. Some women see this and instantly think they have to make a decision for me (not true). i rarely have any female friends come to think of it. In the past it was always the leo girls doing the same thing to me, as my recent scorpio girls. I just want to be me, I just want to be easy. I don't want to write off anybody by there zodiac sign, but i will always open my eyes alittle wider for scorpio and leo girls..i put my heart in friendship as well and tend to get hurt by friends. I try to learn my lesson. As for you i'm glad you have a really close sag friend, I'm sure she likes you for all the same reasons...(plus you both are take charge, work hard, and reep the I will apologize for the neediness remark though...that was just putting one sign in a box...thanks for writing back and best of luck to you in everything you do hon:)

  • shiny that is funny

    I always find Sag females as good friends but I never want to be close to them

    in fact I did have a close Sag friend at school that was upset if I make friends with other people

    so in the end we just stopped being friends altogether

    I believe none of these Sag females are liars and they are genuinely caring

    they probably see me as little sister, always curious about things

    and that might make them feel like mothering me LOL

    they truly are helpful when I am sick and going after my dream they always help

    but then again even with my own mother I'm not close

    so in general I don't feel closeness to females and even when I do,

    I have a tendency of wondering around and disappearing on them

    which is a bad thing I need to work on this, everybody needs a friend, right?

    I do have best friend though, Aries and Virgo, they are caring but not so much like mothering

    so when I do disappear on them, they just let me be, they know I will be back

    those females you mentioned, so they were in love with you, LOL of course

    that's why they want more than friendship and being possessive telling you what to do

  • cuspglyph

    what is his birth location and time?

    I will pull out something it might help see things clearer about him

  • leoscorpio, your crazy:) We are very protective of what we feel like is ours, and yes even friendship..i laughed when you said they would get mad if you talked to other people, i'm still like that today for the right people, (i can still see through muddy But the leo girlfriends i had were always so aggresive and controlling,,,geezzzz. Some would try to feed me....yes grown women trying to feed another grown real. The leo and scorpio that did want "more" from me were too much...leo was trying to control when i sleep, eat, use the restroom, or even pass gas...scorpio had so many feelings involved that she would cry everytime i talked. out in public, in private, i felt so bad sometimes because i did'nt know what was wrong until my mother said, " i believe that girl is in love with you." Yea my moms a leo which adds to even more of my im really close to my mom and my two bestfriends today, ones a taurus and ones a cancer and they hate each other, go figure:)

  • Update. Sorry I haven't posted I've been licking my wounds as us Cancers do.

    So we had a blowout. I told him I could not work with him with his nasty attitude. First he sent me a text that said he met somebody else. Then 20 minutes he sent another text that said "I was kidding. The truth is I started to look at my life and--- well--- you understand"

    So I repsonded by telling him that I was happy he was in a better place in his heart and that I hope he has a very happy life with his wife and I wish him only the best. I also told him that I learned a lot from him. That by knowing him I have grown and changed --for the better-- and because of this I know what I want in a man --lol-- and it's not one who has a wife. But I said it verrry nicely.

    He text back in the middle of the night and wrote "you misunderstood me when I told you I was looking at my life".

    I text "well, what did you mean then?"

    He text "nothing"

    I text back "well I still hope your happy and I meant everything I said"

    So far no response.

    Is this a test? a game? a mind f--k? WTF!

    Any input pleeeze.....

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  • shinyluv

    wow they tell you when to sleep? sounds like they want to sleep with you too LOL

    hey you never know, you're straight now, but what about later?

    I knew a couple of Sag males married or in relationship, we had good fun together and then they said 'maybe we can go further' LOL

    you guys are experimental 🙂

  • What happens when they go on a networking site like "Twitter" and all these 'followers' show up and start trying to have some kind of 'relationship' with your guy when he is still calling you romantic names, etc. I had to confront this dilemma (he actually brought those followers up on the site), but even after supposedly supported in reporting them as spam, those followers--and a few more!!--are still there, and some new names are communicating with him! "Twitter" is hard to reach for any real customer service, and I don't even know if he cares! He has moon in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio--so I don't really know what his motives for keeping in touch are...any feedback?

  • Hi Keldjoran, yes that is mine. I needed a second opinion --lol-- my girlfriends and Starbucks-- BAD COMBO! --lol-- but I think I have said that already.

    So this is what we came up with (not in Starbucks this time-- in McDonalds-- I LOVE the South West Salad with no chicken and extra lime) . He is keeping in touch for the sake of keeping the window open. Strange, men like him are so black and white. My BGF is saying that he is still interested and is trying to get me to cave-- which I will not do. I think it's a mind f--k too. What I don't get is the why? Does he really think I'll cave??? Last time I checked I don't have a "MORON" stamp on m forhead! It's either he is free-- or not with me. I keep stressing this point. Feels like battle of the wills --lol--

    Oh and FYI I think that is soooo cute you saw my "detox" thread and knew it was me... and followed it.

    How is your Scorp guy? any luck? also you said "you have used this tactic" what did you mean? use it how? Inform me-- inform me-- I need- I need --lmao--

  • O-M-G! It just dawnd on me like the sun. He wants me to THINK about him because HE is not single but knows I am and at any given time being I am free I can mingle and date and HE is scared I might meet somebody else!

    He is trying to keep me from meeting sombody with this BS of his. It's a total mind f--k!

    Yes? Could that be it?

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Keldjoran I LOOOOOVE your advice! I mean really love it soooo much! You are 150% right! He is totally mind f--king me. The best thing I did was say that I hope he was happy in his life as I am in mine.

    We Cancers always do that-- open up too much-- and then our Scorps run away or close up. I am going to ignore him completely. Even if it's a work thing. Last time I checked nobody died because an email went unanswered.

    Your last line made me frown a bit. "It's really a no win situation for you, he won't respect you if you fall for it and you'll be without him if you choose to try to win his respect". Please don't shoot me-- but I hope you are wrong on that. I really want him-- single.

    I really want to win this one.

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