Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • keldjoran: hey you wont fuck up, dont worry. in your place i'd be really cheerful and nice, enjoy everything but not get too cudly or emotional. and then everything will be fine. im sure you will enjoy yourself a lot. dont stress. :):) and update us... LOL

  • Katie1982: " i know how much he wanted to know whether im going to the cinema. surely he expected (like always) that i hit on any occassion when i can see him and i will be there... and then he might can stand me up.... but i wrote him back that i wont go to the cinema cause im going to a gig. so dont worry, i behave aloof, i just really WANTED to show i am angry. and honestly... in the position where i am now, i am sooo much protecting myself and all the time expect the worst treatment from him, that i think he cant do anything that would surprise and deeply hurt me. i decided to wait and wait and see how things go, and dont misunderstand me, i still dont want to hurt him or take revenge. i still feel the same for him, i just dont let my emotions overflow me and make me vulnerable. "

    FlowyAir: I think you have this aloof stuff down! I think you are handling it perfectly. I give you credit it takes willpower and inner strength and patience to lay down this groundwork in your relationship to turn things around in your favor. On another note, I read somewhere that Scorpio woman tend to "make men really work for it upfront", they come across as they really don't need the guy, and they don't just fall prey when all the charm is laid on - it seems to work for them.

  • keldjoran: update again, just for your amusement... so he answered my email of today already. LOL where i say that i cant go tomorrow to the cinema, cause im going to a gig and some other answers for his quesitons, but all cool and nice, only distant.

    so he answered a totally stingy mail. like sarcastic answers on all my comments. and then with lot of question marks on the topic what gig im going to and where... but really from his comments i felt the sharp knife on my neck.

    and then like 5 minutes later he writes a group mail on the topic of a gift we are preparing for one of the friends for her birthday. telling that he went to order the t-shirt print but they didnt speak so good english so would i be so nice to call them, and i might should go with him to assist him the next time (cause he does not speak my language just lives here) and told thanks like 3 times....

    dont you think he is a bit lost? and acts impulsively rather than think over what to say? or you think it is still calculated?

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  • Moonbeauty

    I understand more now. Yet I have this to say. I am not saying that Scorpio guy is all bad. Nobody is all bad. Only thing is that due to the events that happened recently it seems that all the good intentions in the beginning kind of gone out the windows.

    That’s why I said to you without knowing the core of your story that I am disappointed that he resorted to get you were he knew it would hurt you most which is your pocket.

    Sometimes we are unable to fix things ourselves and do need outside assistance. In my eyes it sucks when the one giving you the helping hand is able to have almost total control of how you progress or not.

    I personally think this is the best time to separate the business from the personal contact.

    This isn’t working.

    He being honest about the responsibility of having your kids on board well ok, I can understand that. I wouldn’t want not to know if someone I am interested in doesn’t like or want my child. Yet again it says a lot of that person himself.

    Where I come from if you like and want the mother you got to take on the kids also (Total package). We woman in general would take on their kids because we are in love. And more so they expect you to take on the kids.

    My stepdad (a Scorpio) didn’t like me much well still doesn’t when I was little. Yet he was in love of my mother. This man behaved so badly that I myself decided not to live with them. I got one son Libra guy has a few. He met my son and he understood if he wants me my son is part of the deal. Until now they get along. His kids I haven’t met yet. But I can see that he cares deeply for them. I am picky like that.

    What I want to say is too me your looking for a guy that doesn’t want to get marry and that you can depend on and be happy.

    Just look at the whole timeline here. Yes, he is/was your angel in disguise concerning “the mess”. You as a woman you were intrigued and were looking for something. Felt challenged by his ways and did something about it. He was dishonest. You corrected the error and he felt betrayed. You re-established business contact and he saw a chance to serve you some payback time for putting him aside. In a nut shell you both gave each other what you needed at that moment.

    You see he also can’t distinguish and separate business from personal. You forced him to do so. At this point it doesn’t matter who started and who ended it. It just shouldn’t have happened under the circumstances he is in. This is married.

    This situation has given you lots of headache and stress. Love shouldn’t be like that. Yes, you can be challenged but when it just get down to not being yourself as everyone knows you, as you know you. Then there is something fundamentally wrong.

    You can continue to pull out more reasons and excuses yet what is it getting you now and in the long run?

    My rule is never ever having someone else have control of your life but you. So what he is good in and is assisting you get savy in that department. If that means extra work for be it.

  • Night night people. Got a bad headache. Singing was fun. And Oh..I won't be able to see Libra guy in concert next week. The darn tickets are sold out. I am not sure if I can get last minute tickets. We will see.

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  • flowsco-can't he just let you in for free? or you might be able to get last minute resales online. i've done that before. singing sounds good. i've been meaning to do something like that-never sung in a group could be interesting..

    keldjoran- hmm. well you know, theoretically, we are together.. but i havent seen him for a week and a half. nothing new there. i got sick. after he s.exually refused me. then he invited me round to toss a fukn salad. lol. (toss your own salad) anyway the fact is by then it was that time of month and i was in pain, plus other sickness so reaaly needed just simple t.l.c. but he didnt call. only txt. yeh he's prob feelin rejected cos i didnt come over, when he needed me. well i needed him desired him the night before and the past previous 2 weeks damn it! rejection doesnt sit well with me either. he knows that already. sigh. i feel battle weary.but im not going to be a consolation fuck or a pity fuck or whatever. im feeling really anxious though that he is screwing another woman. makes me feel sick. theres alot going on under the surface though.. the thing of our future.. can we live together again? could we ever have children. i only have a few years left of procreation time. fuck it truly does my weary head in.i know that if i have children it has to be a safe supportive loving environment. man we fight so much, i would hate for that to be in front of my kids. at the moment i dont feel like seeing him. well actually o would love for him to come around and be his s.exy loving sweet self that i have known before. but im at a loss now. it is like there has been too many rejections now between us back n forth, that perhaps the only way we can come together would be if a huge storm blew us out through the roofs of our homes and into a wide expanse where we literally get blown through sheer force of nature into each others can only hope and dream) maybe then there will be no more control. just surrender.

  • Hi everybody. I was stuck at work all night. I even missed my rock climbing 😞

    Flowsco- I think your posts are forcing me to remove the rose colored glasses in this situation. I am in fantasy land. First-- I'm not budging on the married thing, second-- I was glad he was honest about the kids thing. I don't want him to meet my kids (too confusing for them. They have a dad and don't need two). I don't think accecpting my kids if he did meet them would be a problem I think coping with them would be a more accurate description.

    I love my son to death, but he's a handful even for me and he's mine! -lol- he can wear a person out at times.

    This Scorp has too much power in my situation. I am going to stay 100% professional. When my mess is resolved I'll see what's up.

    " What I want to say is too me your looking for a guy that doesn’t want to get marry and that you can depend on and be happy."

    Your right I do. That's exactly what I want. When Scorp did that cr^p with the money he forced me to realize I can't depend on him. He can turn on me at any time if I don't do/act like what he wants. DANGEROUS.

    Time to put some thought into how tto deal with him and get my head on straight.

    Thank you flowsco. I think I needed that dose of tough love --lol--

    So everybody else-- how are all of you?

    Flowsco- what type of music do you sing? Has Libra heard you ever?

  • feel better flowsco. Oh, one thing-- cant he let you in as a guest? or were you trying to suprise him?

    Keldjoran- good luck tomorrow! I am sooooooo envious! simply pea gree.

    Katie- I just caught up. Keldjoran your a cancer male-- why can't she just tell him what's up? I'm a Cancer and I love it when people like me-- and tell me so.

    Stranger- "i only have a few years left of procreation time." awww --lol-- don't feel rushed. You'd be suprised how much time you really have and how easy it all comes when the puzzle pieces finally fit.

  • goodnight all. I had a rough day-- and I get to do it all again tomorrow-- lucky me-- yay!


  • Keldjoran: Hmm it's hard to tell what he's doing:

    1. He coudl have just been hurt somehow that you weren't going and he's trying to pinch you back

    Katie: funny if he is hurt... since he said he does not know yet whether he is going... meaning he always leaves a door open for himself and that is not good enough for me. and lots of times he didnt come to events cause he went to a gig... i dont think i cant go to a gig myself. and i think it is only being 'afraid' like where im going and with whom etc.

    1. He's trying to get you angry again so that you flip out at him and he has something to hold over your head, emotional manipulation

    Katie: well that wont work this time.

    btw. he sent me another e-mail at night, still a bit pinching, but less 'agressive'...

    anyways... keldjoran, have the most of fun possible tonight. i keep my fingers crossed. LOL and a nice weekend for everyone (moonbeauty, flowsco, stranger) :):)

  • Hi everyone,

    Concert tickets. I am going to check the last minute resale. At the venue where he will be they offer resale like 15 minutes before the show. Ugh.

    I was planning to just show up. Then I changed my mind the man had enough shockers for now. LOL.

    I haven’t heard from him as yet. And I am not sure if he can get me in for free since this is the first time he is working with this artist and he is very particular about his reputation etc. So I prefer to buy my ticket myself and enjoy without too much hassle. lol @ the groupie comment Keldjoran. He would love that.

    What do I sing? I like R&B, Jazz, Acid Jazz and Rock the most but in general I will try anything to see if I can do it.

    Yesterday we had to sing with I am a drama person when I am at home so it was kind of weird having to let that kookiness out between strangers. LOL But we did manage as a group.

    The teacher said that I need at least 4 lessons (1 lesson per week) to loosen up my upper body and get some control on my breathing techniques. That I need...believe me. The teacher said yesterday I got a big voice. :-S

    I think I am going to keep this up for the coming months. It is fun and carefree most of the time so you do get to relax and go with the flow.

    I found the advertisement by chance. I actually bought a magazine to read about the horoscope for this year but there wasn’t any prediction only how you yourself can calculate and discover what’s in store for you. Anyways there was a picture of the class and a catchy story.

    Stranger 2 – I found it’s a new year let me try something new and in a way I picked up something I do have a passion for. So if it’s something you’re considering by all means do.

    Libra guy hasn’t heard me sing. One day we were talking and I asked him if he could sing and he begun to make some I told him to keep quiet. lol hmmm he didn’t like that because another time we were talking about music and I was explaining that I used to sing and he said: Well since you are not doing anything professional you don’t have the talent. I have a talent to play drums. LMAO!!!!! I was like aahhh I struck a nerve huh and now you’re trying to get back at me. You’re on Mister. So no, he doesn’t know I picked it up again and I am not going to tell him anything until I am good and ready. I might serenade him if he behaves.

    Moonbeauty - - That’s a bummer that you missed rock climbing. I was looking forward to hear all the hilarious pieces of the pants ripping, people being flatulent, hanging on the cords and screaming all over the I hope you can make it soon.

    Girl, you’re more than welcome about the posts. I meant every word I wrote and pleased that it’s helping you somewhat. Keep your wits about you all time. 😉 And stick to your guns what your decision is concerned -> “I am going to stay 100% professional. When my mess is resolved I'll see what's up.” <-

    Loving a Scorpio can be heavenly especially between the sheets yet that is not all a relationship is all about. So don’t get blindsided. In my case I keep telling Libra guy: “You don’t really know me…so find out more about me first.” We both have dirty minds but I would like more substance than exercising out all the things I would like to do with him...:)

    My exes that’s the most I hear them talk about (the s*ex) so I am trying something new this time around. And I managed till now. No kissing, not much cuddling and its working fine. That day is close though but I am happy with the progress till now. Besides I like the romantic side of everything and the time to process things.

    Keldjoran - - if you see this before you leave. Believe in yourself and relax and have fun. Be honest and don’t apologize. Be you!

    • uhmm that has to be: ....but I would like more substance than exercising all the things I would like .......

  • Hi Moon, I am no astrologer nor tarot reader but at the end of the day 80% to 95% of men cheat no matter the star sign.

    An experienced Moonluv

  • Oh Moonbeauty is that not funny I am a cancer too and my nick is Moonluv .... 🙂

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  • sound more like me. You go Tiger!!! Remember to breathe while being hot...LOL

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  • Keldjoran, Cancers can be nice yet the one that I know that likes me just don't rock my boat on the Va-Voom department. And he isn't shy!!! lol

    You see looks is not what I personally go for. The person has to have some inner elements to even have my attention. If they can keep that up perhaps I will look further.

    Too much men walking around with that hot air tank underneath their arms. Ugh.

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