Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • Wow Cancerlady27 that stinks. That would hurt me so much if I had known my ex cheated on me when I was pregnant. Some women do pregnancy great they glow. I do not glow. --lol-- I did not like being pregnant one drop. I looked like hell and felt like hell. That would have pushed me over the edge! How did you make it with out killing him??? --lol--

    As for my guy-- still have heard nothing.

    cricket-- cricket-- cricket-- lol

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  • Depends what else is in his chart. Lets face it, there are people who cheat no matter what the sign. I am dating a Scorpio and he is loyal as heck, but, his venus AND mars are in his sun sign. His moon is in my sign virgo. It's me who has to kind of work to be the "good girl" as my venus is in leo...and leos have a tendancy toward the roving eye.

  • Quick update--

    I sent the contract to be signed by him with no note just a quick "thankk you". He signed it and sent it back with no response. Just opened it today. Ugh. It drives me nuts.

    Will I ever win my guy???

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  • I don't know anymore if we are playing the waiting game. It feels like we are sorta-- kinda? I don't know. It feels like 10 years since we last spoke.

    It actually bothers me that he is fading out of my mind. I don't want him to.

    I guess his silence is his choice-- and I'm not it. I refuse to call or be number two. The problem is also that he has somebody to take his mind off of me. I, on the other hand do not have somebody to take my mind off of him.

    Am I hitting a new level of pathetic? Think it's time to throw in the towel?

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  • You sent him a gift??? Did he respond??? Funny I saw something perrrrrrfect for him --and I got it-- lol-- but I put it on the side. I figured just in case--lol--

    I like your spin. I kinda think the same way sometimes. It helps me not to feel so bad about the whole mess. As for being his #1 and him getting a #2-- that I would not have any control over. Not with him or anybody for that matter.

    I think when a man or a woman is happy in their relationship they wont stray. They wont want to. the best I always hope for is that if I am happy and "he" whomever "he" is-- is happy then hopefully we will have a shot.

    The biggest ho's and players change all the time for the right one. Maybe the problem is they know that we could be the right one and they don't want to change their life for us yet?

    And yes, ladies and gentelman, children of all ages, here starts the over analizing---

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  • "If we were the right one for them, wouldn't they have already started to change for us? I mean I've been dealing with mine for 8 months and you have been dealing with yours much longer, how long are we supposed to wait?"

    I have NO idea --lol--. What I have decided to do is just live my life. What do you think of this theroy--

    Maybe, if I go on doing my thing and living my life and being my own woman, when we do see each other again (we have to speak to each other next month unfortunately because of work) he will see that I can function without him.

    Could it be he wants-- not to be 1. depended on 2. No to be responsible for anything but himself. If he can see that I can "detach" and only need him for love and nothing else then maybe I have a shot?

    I don't think he is happy where he is. However, only HE knows how HE wants to live. If his relationship is that bad he'll leave. If it's not-- he'll stay BUT I don't think he is going to leave to get mixed up with somebody he has to "take care of". I think if he does leave he will want a "free-feeling" relationship. If there are to be any anchors he will want to be the one to lay them down-- nobody else.

    I would be ok with that-- if he was single.

    OR he decided to stay and make a go for it and I am just wasting my time. Well, i'm not 100% wasting my time. I still am going out and having fun-- kinda/sorta trying.

    "God sometimes I just want to strangle him...and then jump his bones" --LMAO! that was me like every other week!!!!

    Do you think if you feel a "click" with somebody do they feel it too??? I could swear he did. i think it scared him a bit. Ugh.

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  • "I often wonder about this too. I've told my Scorp how I feel (maybe that was a bad idea), but he's never told me anything beyond "I like you but I'm not looking for a relationship".

    Wow that had to hurt. Men, I find for the most part are honest-- unless they are a Scorpio man and then-- all bets are off.

    "I question whether or not the connection was there, but then I think, if the connection wasn't there, would things have progressed as far and as long as they did? So if you judge by their actions, I would say yes they felt the click too"

    I like to think he did.

    "do you know anything about his current relationship? If you do we could analyze it ;)"

    I could not stop laughing at this --lol-- you are soooooo funny. No, I don't. All I do know is that anybody man or woman will not risk their family if they are happy unless they are a selfish, stupid ass. He is not selfish or stupid-- and he has a great ass.

  • Oh, he called today. He gave me an "update" on our project. He really didn't need to. He was nice when he spoke to me. Kept it all business-- so did I. I had to send him some documents through email. I did and just wrote a quick description. NOTHING PERSONAL IN IT and there is no need for him to respond as I left it VERY close ended.

    This is what I mean about their 6th sense. I just decided to give somebody a chance-- JUST DECIDED THIS LAST NIGHT TO MYSELF! I called the new guy back this morning --finally-- he's been pursuing me for a couple of months. I called & wished him Merry Christmas & then accepted a date for dinner and movies next week. He's a handsome man, funny and nice-- but not my Scorpio guy.


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  • LeoScorpion, he was born in Frankfurt; that's basically it...he has moon in Aquarius, Virgo rising, Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio. So you can see where I get confused about "intentions"--esp when it comes to female friends. Do sex and friendship and love get mixed up with each other for him?

  • Wow! He text you??? What did you do?

    He sent me another "work related" email. I opened it up and read it and was thinking to myself-- This makes no sense to me. I think he sent it on purpose-- or not-- BUT just to be on the safe side I didn't respond. I thought it may be a ploy to get me to respond with something like "what does this mean"? or something along that line and open the door to some communication.

    No sir. If he wants to talk to me he can call like a gentleman. I must make him WANT me. He's gotta work for it-- right?

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  • I dated a Scorpio for over a year and he was very loving faithful & committed. I tried to get him to break up with me by not sleeping with him for 4 months & he still didn't stray. He was like a loyal puppy dog.

  • the best way to get under a Scorpios skin, i to imitate and become one. one trait i admired about my Scorpion cousin (who's like an older sister) was....when we argued or i disagreed with her, she had a way of making me come back to her and apologizing even when i wasn't at fault. just by giving me the silent treatment....made me crazy, was almost as if i couldn't stand her not loving me. so i grew up wanting to be able to have that same effect. the same power. i wanted so much to be just like that i would never have to feel the pain and humiliation of a Scorpios wrath and anyone elses. once i learned her craft....she wasn't able to manipulate my mind anymore or make me feel bad or guilty. now, my cousin approaches me and apologizes first. and she explains everything she's feeling and thinking without me having to ask. but guys... dont give in! be strong. was going crazy about a Scorpio too. but was taught and raised by the best. well enough to recognize the same patterns. and as i've been walking along minding my business and pretending my love interest is not even in the room (for my sake)....he's been following me and hangin' around when i'm by myself. i have no intention on making a move or giving him the go ahead to make a move. i'm accustomed to suffering in silence. my family didn't raise a fool. and with all the similar views in this forum about this particular astro sign.....its confirmed....Scorpios, in my experience, can be scary....but very valuable teachers....they can teach us how to be strong beyond control. to be wiser. and just as powerful.

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