Scorpio men-- is it common practice that they cheat?

  • Can anybody advise if it is common practice for Scorpio men to cheat? Not only to cheat but to have a relationship with somebody new while already in a committed long term relationship?

    Whats up? why?

  • NO. In general no. But I have met a couple Scorpios that have and the reason for them to do that is that they weren't happy in their relationship but couldn't leave due to any form of responsibility. Mostly it's kids and they didn't want to loose face. The other reason I know of is being insecure of not being what they set out to be at the start of the relationship with a much stronger personality (woman). Insecurity could be anything from education to money. On one or two occassion it could be the bedroom (believe it or not).

  • Really? I am a Cancer female and when my relationship (with a Leo) went sour I left. I did it because of my kids.

    So am I understanding this correctly... It's not far fetched for a Scorpio man to stay married and carry on an affair (he lied to the girl) for the sake of the kids, the money or because the wife does not --- in the bedroom the way he likes???

    I am a water sign and that makes no good sense to me. I don't get it. Seems selfish.

  • Any Scorpio men out there who can give me their take on this? I could really use the in-put. thanks.

  • I dated a Scorpio and he wanted to fuck every girl he met. I found out that while he was dating me he had one on the line at home (not married) and three others stringing along. He was or should I say IS a stalker. They want to know all about you, but until they let you get close to them, will they allow you to know who they are.

  • I had a bad experience with one, he left when we were following up on our plan to settle down. So the one that I know is not trustworthy. but then again these are two different people we are talking about so their personalities will be different, for each personality is determined by a lot of things like planets in their birth chart, upbringing etc

    I read your other thread, I think it's yours. the one with aries and libra before the scorp guy, remember that one? I've heard about faithful Scorps, and yes they are stingy in general. so their cruel remarks is kind of a trademark, doesn't necessarily determine they are cheaters or not. this means your guy may be faithful, only due to his secretive nature you can't see it. my rising is scorp so I can understand a few things they do, for I do it too sometimes.

    I may be a leo but I don't have many leo traits, especially appearance and need to be in the spotlight. I like being in a command, but behind the scene. I can sting, although now I manage to tone it down, but I still have it and still use it when I feel necessary. he is being stingy at you, but deep inside he likes you and secretly wish you will rise above this stinginess and prove yourself. mysteries are s exy, and we can go sadistic when trying to unfold them. this is where his stinginess comes from. it's like getting a gift, wrapped. instead of unwrapping the ribbon, we will use knife and cut through the box because ribbons (the outside appearance) matters not. it's the inside we are after and using a knife to get in, is faster. what we often forget, is the knife can also cut through the gift inside if we cut too deep. sounds similar?

    I can feel that he is still interested in you. but he has to learn not to cut too deep and yet still open the box. don't hesitate to be stingy at him back, but if you still want him, try to not expose too much of your feeling. if he can see that he has cut too deep that the gift is now damaged, he will throw it away or 'send it back' in other words he will find another girl. he is after the gift, remember? what good is a damaged gift? try to remember this when you communicate with him. that is if you still love him. with them it's always all or nothing. if you can't bear it now, it may be good idea to drop it. he will drop you, if he feels you are a damaged gift, he sees the whole gift and disappointed for whatever reason even if it is not damaged, or he finds more attractive ones and probably have a lot of boxes to open yet.

    hope this helps. take care.

  • no, I know a lot of scorpio men who are sweet and committed, totally not cheaters!!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I knew one in my early 20's who was a total cheater, but did a complete turn around later on in life, like a completly different person, for the better. I have been weary of scorpio females latley though, because it seems more important to be right then honest at times with a few I've met, I probably exasperate them too with my way laid back attitude, they seem all about getting accomplished, which I do admire, but I'm cancer and more whimsical, fly by the seat of my pants one minute, then devastingly serious the next, I've noticed I tend to get along with the same signs over and over in people, or I won't , and occasionally one will come along that suprises me in a good way, like another scoprpio I met after being weary of them, she turned out to be a very inspiring person, you just never know. we just might cross each others pass for one reason another either way.

  • i am a sagitarious my boyfriend is scorpio yes its true he like to talk to the girl.and he is liar but i still love him, he always doing a mistake and he not tilling the thruth, but i fell that he love me to.

  • Im a sag and my ex was a scorpio..he was literally the sweetest thing on earth to me, a little boring at times but sweet. There was'nt ever any cheating going on ( that i know of??), both he and i had a high sex drive, so we made it happen. Infact sometimes he was too honest if u can believe. The only reason i will say that it did'nt work, because he's addicted to gambling. He could'nt make a sane decision about his life if you paid him too. I started to get tired of being his mom, sister, cousin, friend and other half. They need ALOT of love. As far as scorpio woman, there too needy, and will argue about anything ( a real headache). I have NO scorpio woman friends...and that's ok with me.

  • shinyluv. Can you please explain why you think us Scorpio woman are too needy?

  • Oh I never met a Scorpio woman that was needy. And I can't think of very many Scorpio men. Just my grandfather and he was very quiet. But the women I know aren't dependent at all the work hard and make most of the money due to having their own businesses. And most of the Sag women I know are extremely busy and most own businesses or have been to college and has very high paying jobs.

  • LibrasLair. Hi. Glad to see you around again. Yes I do agree fully with what you wrote so that's why I was wondering why that statement has been made. I thought maybe I missed something. Since 60% of my close friends are Scorpios and I haven't experienced neediness from them in any way. To be honest our independent scares most men away.

    I was with a Scorpio male and eventually he cheated because he didn't feel needed and had issues with my knowledge/education.

    My younger brother is a Scorpio and he is in a healthy relationship for years now and has been true all this time.

  • Let me tell you my grandmother was 5'1 and my grandfather oh 5'5 or 5'6. My grandmother a Sag. and she made his life tough on occasions but I guess they put my mom in the middle even to talk between them when they wouldn't talk to each other. But they were both married once before and they were married for over 57 years when my grandmother died. And she was a little spit fire. And they just loved each other to pieces.

  • His birthday was Nov. 4th and hers Dec. 9th. They were something else when they were much younger. She was a ministers daughter and it's true what the say about minister's kids. She had two sisters and wild isn't the word for it.

  • My thoughts on Scorpio men, I only have knowledge of One, but he was honorable, loving, passionate & sweet as honey... I really don't have anything bad to say about them.... I am a Scorpio woman and I have to say I know a lot of scorpio woman and not one of them is fact everyone of them is about handeling their business & staying on top of it ...come to think of it all of them are Sweet, As for me personally I will admit I may be a lil needy but the only person that ever see's that side of me is my Husband when I need to be cuddled or Loved up... I have been called stingy once by a Gemini who was a very good friend...But I was glad to be considered stingy..because my girl was seriously spend happy...and she was proud of it 🙂

  • I can say that as a Scorpio, if I don't get what I want or expect in a relation, I'll go out and get it one way or another. It most likely means cheating because I feel i cannot break up with my girlfriend due to obligations I most likely and usually feel I owe to her

  • @ Nicka32 - That is exactly what I have experienced around me many many times. I hope you guys can talk and resolve whatever is lacking. I personally think when you are like that innerly little by little you dye. I hope you understand what I mean. You are not your full self and pretend to be something your not. I left my Scorpio guy because he didn't dare to break it off when things didn't work out as we expected.

    @ KittyGalore - That kind of neediness is healthy...LOL

    @ LibrasLair - I haven't seen much Sag relationships around me. The only one was of my aunt with a Scorpio. It was a very turbulent relationship. It wasn't always clear to me how much they loved each other. They did stick together for more than 22 years. And uhmm yeah he did wander. Complained to me once that she was too strongminded and closed him out often (hmm family trade?). And I recognize the not speaking to each other part ...I also played the role your mom played. 🙂

  • My ex fiance is a Scorpio and he cheated on me then left me 4 another woman (the next door neighbour) then cheated on her with me twice.

    So my answer is yes.

    Wouldn't be surprised if he cheats on his now wife.Wouldn't surprise me.

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