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  • I am really concerned about my first brother as he is in some trouble and I am wondering if he will be ok and how this will all turn out. ( His BD is 06/09/61)We must have been with each other in another life as we are very close and this issue is scaring me. I am also very concerned about my husband as he has lost a lot of weight in the last couple of months and everyone that sees him thinks he is really sick, I lost my job last year and lost our medical so he will not go in and says he is just fine. I don't think he is fine as he is very tired all the time and is moody. I have talked to him about this, but he does not see it this way. He use to be a great husband and person. Can you tell me anything about him to help me get through this time as I don't know when to say things or shut up and say nothing. Please help with any advise you can give me. Thank you so much. (His BD is10/28/59) (Mine is 05/08/60)

  • Sporty48, I am getting that your husband's entire system is run down and needs a big boost. I feel in particular he needs a lot more fruit in his diet, especially apples and bananas and figs. And I mean A LOT more fruit in his diet. More than meat or anything else. it will clean him out and give him more energy. Does he eat a lot of junk food or unhealthy stuff? He has to cut that out for a good while. He doesn't devote enough attention to himself and his health. He hides how he is feeling and hopes the ill-health will go away on its own. Feeling better physically will help him feel better mentally and emotionally. He must lose his over-attachment to material things, which can drive him to over-exert himself in order to obtain them.

    Yes, your brother is in trouble and he won't listen to anyone's advice. Until he becomes more flexible and less intolerant and more ready to ask for help, there's not much anyone can do for him. He doesn't want to appear weak or helpless. He also has trust issues, both with himself and with others due to his past mistakes. He needs to work hard to remain honest and be more open and sharing about himself with his loved ones. He has a tendency towards secretiveness and escapism through addiction and can be emotionally manipulative and deceptive in order to gain the upper hand over people. If he can develop faith instead of doubt and give up trying to control others, he can overcome his dark side and have a much happier life. I know you love him and fear for him Sporty, but he himself must put in the effort - other people can only help him if he's willing to open up and trust enough to confide in them.

  • You are awsome, you told me some of the same things I was thinking, about my brother, and of course some things I did not know. My husband does not eat a lot of junk, what is funny is that he use to. I don't see him eat much of anything lately. He has lost 60 pounds and looks older in the face and his body is skin and bones, not healthy looking. I will try to get him to eat more fruit and see if this makes a difference. We lost a lot this last year and I thought things were going to get better, but they have not yet. He is so negative about things and I try to get him to see the good or positive, but it is not working. I never thought we would split up, but it is getting real close to happening as I cannot take the negative when I am dealing with everything with him and I am trying to think positive and do positive things. It seems like when I try to talk to him we end up in a spat, he needs something really good to happen and I don't know what that is. We only have the truck, camper and each other to lose, we lost everything else this last year. I lost my job after 21 plus years, he lost his business of 11 years, which he still could get back if times would change. I lost my house of 23 years, everything went to collections, no medical and took a big hit in my retirement, ect.. the same story everyone else has. My brothers best friend got us to do his janitorial job 6 days a week and split it in half with us even though we are doing all the work. I know in my heart this is temporary and it is helping us out for now, he is angry about the whole thing. Well I better go as he just got home. Thank you for your help and have a great weekend.

  • Dear TheCaptain, One quick question about myself if I can ask? Should I be looking for work out of my town and move or am I doing the right thing by concentrating where I currently live? Thank you and God Bless!

  • Things will improve for you both in June when a job offer will see a breakthrough in material concerns. Stay where you are for the moment.

  • PS Your brother's best friend is ripping you off. Tell him you want a lot more money or you're out.

  • One health tip I can give you both is something I have been doing for a year and in all that time I have not been sick at all. It is probably the cheapest and best thing you can do for your health. Take half a teaspoon of ordinary bi-carb soda (I think it's called baking soda in America) in a big glass of water, with a little squeeze of lemon or lime juice for taste, an hour or so after every meal and at least an hour before the next one - that's three times a day after meals. It balances the Ph levels in the body so it's not so very acidic all the time. The acids need an hour or so to work after a meal and then you can take the Baking soda drink.

    It really works! Many illnesses can be traced to high levels of acidity in the body.

  • Thank You for all three helps you mentioned. funny you said that about the brothers friend as that is what we were just talking about as he was suppose to be showing up and has not been. I will talk to him this week as I think he is avoiding me because he know this is coming up. I hope the job offer in June is not getting paid from the state for day care as that is what is in the works, but for whatever reason it keeps having issues come up. Thank you for your help! Interesting about the baking powder as I have been thinking a lot lately about home remedies for health issues. Thanks again!

  • Oh and make sure it is baking SODA, not baking powder, and the kind that doesn't have any chemical additives like aluminium.

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