Hope is a powerful gift to be shared..

  • Hope has given me personally the strength overcome a variety of obsticals I otherwise surely have never over come. From the Superficial physical attributes when the left side of my face was destroyed in a car wreck, to my first child escaping the brink of death, Losing my health, questioning my own mind, giving all of my being to someone who used, abused , and disgarded what was left of me, only to continue to bully and psychologically batter me with fear...

    I have survived and will be a stronger person for all the tragic events I have over come.

    There is a higher power that brings hope to those who need .. some times we are the tools that are used to bring that hope. Listen you will here it .. Listen and you will deliver.. Feel the streangth, empowerment, the knowledge that Hope is a powerful tool given,shared and taught ; a gift we all can give and recieve, if we choose.

  • Wingedhope, I agree with you wholeheartedly... I feel that you are a very strong person,despite your personal circumstances (Yours is a powerful message), You have overcome your pain by basking in the Power of Hope... There are a lot of people that could learn from you and the knowledge that you already possess, I Thank you for sharing...you have reminding me the power of Faith, Hope & Love...

    Please continue to share your wisdom...Peace & Light

  • very true

    the universe sends us challenges but it will also send us help if we choose to ask

    I've had my share of problems including spiritual and physical attacks since I was a baby

    I know why I went through all that hardship because I am meant to share what I learned through helpful people and spirits all my life

    they are sent because I chose to ask for help, as part of learning the lessons

    life challenges will always come, it is our choice how to deal with them that makes difference

    many people feel that life is hard because the universe is out there to punish them and so they lose hope and drift away

    well at least they can read this and understand it is not so

  • beautifully put! my wedding band has the Trinity carved all around it and for me, no matter what Higher Power you believe in ( or don't ) Hope , Faith & Love are the Big 3 ! Each reside within us, so many times in crisis we forget ... We contain the ability to lift ourselves. Winged Hope -- You've got it and will never, ever, find yourself in a place where you are unable to tap into it. It makes you smile, feel grace and share! Thank you!

  • If you learn to leave one little word out of your life it will help you in so many ways. The words is CAN'T. We let this stop us from going forward. To heal and do what we are meant to be and that's happy. I can, will, should all positive words to use in it's place.

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