Tour of Yang Gong Fengshui Track

  • Hello ,everyone. It is very nice to introduce a nice type tour of fengshui ,it is yang gong fengshui tour in China ,we will bring you different and mystery experience.please join us ,the detail introducing as follow:

    Tour of Yang Gong Fengshui Track

    Chinese Fengshui is full of mysterious attraction , It is inherited by people for several thousands years. During this time, it was promoting and developing all the time. Until now ,it can be used in many aspects, for example, for building shop supermarketTemple ancestral HallfactoryhouseGrave city and so on .

    A.D.834 the great great Fengshui master----Yang Gong went upstream along Ganjang River and went through eighteen dangerous shoals with secret book of palace about fengshui got into Great basin Ganzhou. After he arrived in Ganzhou, he began to find Dragon and look for good Xue. At last he discovered Yang Xian Ling ( also named Yang Gong Mountain), on the top of this mountain, you can see all the Ganzhou city well, later he researched and taught disciples, also wrote Fengshui works on Yang Gong Mountain.

    Yang Gong helped the King of Ganzhou to design the city used Yang Gong Feng shui. Later, the King won the war and his army became more and more stronger. He researched Fengshui in Ganzhou city more than 40 years. Therefore there are a lot of Yang Gong Fengshui works(more than 100 cases designed by Yang Gong, we can bring you to discover the effect and mystery of them) in Ganzhou.

    Our Ganzhou Yang Yun Song Fengshui Culture Research Association provide a better platform to exchange Yang Gong Fengshui for all the people from the world. We hold a programme in Ganzhou such as “Tour of Yang Gong Fengshui Track”. We will bring you to review Yang Gng Fengshui cases built by Yang Gong and his disciples 1000years ago. Through this part ,you will well understand how to do Yang Gong Feng shui by youself, also you review how Yang Gong to do Fengshui 1000 years ago. At the same time , the world well –known fengshui master LiDingXin will bring wonderful explainding for you.

    The classic yang gong fengshui cases as follow:

    1. ancient Ganzhou city designed by Yang Gong 1000 years ago

    there are a lot of cases ( total watergate Ba JianTai shuo Liang Temple Yu Gu Tai Bai Jiang Tai Ganzhou garden and so on ),some of these cases designed by Yang Gong.

    2. Bao Hua Temple

    designed more than 1000 years ago. Fits Yang Gong FS

    3. Bai Ru Ancient Village

    designed more than 1000 years ago,FitsYang GongFS .

    4. Guan ancestral hall

    designed by Yang Gong more than 1000 years ago.

    5. Yang Gong Ba

    The Yang Gong Ba Dam’s original name was “Mang Tong Ba”,its name was changed to remember Yang Jun Song

    6. Tomb of ZenWen chan’s parents----designed by Yang Gong more than 1000 years ago.

    8. Birthplace of Lu Wang

    Lu Wang was the King of ancient Ganzhou city. This case will explain why Lu Wang can become the King of Ganzhou city.

    9. Tomb of Lu Wang’s mother----designed by YangGong , how Yang Gong help Lu Wang to become the King of Ganzhou city.

    10. Bu Qing pagoda----this is the best teaching case for new students.

    11. San Liao Village----the first village of chinese Fengshui Culture. Yang Gong choose place to live for his disciple Zen Wen Chan and himself . later a lots great Fengshui master come from this village , done Fengshui for King in Qing Dynasty. For example BinJing city The Ming TombTian Tan and so on. Also there are many Yin and Yang house works designed by famous masters in this village. For example

    Tiger shap Tomb, snake shap ancestal hall, Family group tomb and so on.

    There are so many classic cases bulit by Yang Gong and his disciples 1000years ago, now it is hard to introduce one by one, so please join us, give you a different experience.

    The detail as follow:

    3days Yang Gong Fengshui Track Tour total fee: 800USD

    6days Yang Gong Fengshui Track Tour total fee:1200USD

    8days Yang Gong Fengshui Track Tour total fee:1500USD

    Yang Gonge Fengshui is a characteristics culture of Ganzhou , it is the best place to research and study Fengshui ,also good place to vist Fengshui works build more than 1000years ago. our Research Association is approbated by the government department of Ganzhou . please join us ,I am sure that you are never disappointed!

    The total fee :(inclusive of Food, Transportation, 3 Star Hotel Accomodating 2 persons in a room, out-door audits and researches, pick-up from the air-port,insurance,lecture notes and study materials, class-room facilities.)

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