Urgent assistance needed, please

  • peaceful spirit,

    well, i am starting to gain more objective insight as i take in the perspectives here tonight. what you said about first step having to do with knowledge in my soul, well, i guess maybe we all really 'know' or have that inner voice of guidance but some of us, like me, tend to be rather stubborn. it's when i hear another voice that resonates with my inner voice, i perk up and pay attention and actually actualize it and allow it the glory it deserves, as does the 'awakener.' like, you awakened that voice, you and others here tonight. really truly has impacted me and my resolve to preservere and overcome. your words mean more than i can say, very toching, yet soft as it is so very hard to realize. we love to stay awake in our dreams; it's tha waking up part that can be unsettling, yet when it is a gentle nudge with a true purpose and meaning, it's easier, more pleasant and ultimately worth it. we respond to that more when we are at our most vulnerable sometimes. almost like we need that wake-up call, that push to rememeber that we are alive and matter like you said. i read your words and this salty liquid substance started to fall from my eyes. i don't know why, but i am learning. you are a beautiful soul to have shared with me in such a meaningful way. again, so much gratitude, and love and light and sunshine and rainbows and sweet dreams... la la la. 😉 i like how all the different colors radiate their warmth and illuminate our souls. that is love. to share it is like planting a seed and i can already feel life coming forth within, once again. when i start to spring up, the light will shine on me and guide me and i will rememeber love again, for myself, for others, in peace and harmony like it was in the beginning. she's going to be just fine.

    peace, love and happiness,


  • I hope you had a wonderful day Chris. Keep your faith and all will be well. We all have challenges in our lives to overcome. I just know that you will be ok. I feel it in my heart.

    Stay strong and keep in touch. Bless your heart my dear.

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