Lucid Dreaming

  • Hi all, Does anyone else experience lucid dreaming?

    If I am having a dream that I do not like where it is going, I can change the dream outcome.

    Anyone else?

  • Soapmaker>>> Yes, I can do that. Lucid Dreaming? Is that what it called? I've been in a dream, actually say in the dream "this is just a dream" and themn continue to change the direction of the dream to something more pleasant. What does that mean? I also have this "feelings" I don't think I'm pyschic, however, I 'm usually right. I can't tap into it all the time it just comes and goes. Does this have something to do with controling my dreams?

    Also, my daughter has asked for your advice on "any Topic" could you please (when you have time) read what she wrote? I've told her what I think, but I'm mom~ya, know. Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Oh my goodness Soapmaker, I used to have them all the time! Sometimes I would "go back" and change the outcome, otherwise I would feel very strange and unhappy if I woke up. Then I was under some stress and anxiety for a while so my dreams stopped all together. I missed them, but they're back now : )

  • Hi need to,

    Yes I go back and change the outcome! To make it more a positive ending!!!!

    No Mysto, but thank you ever so for asking.

    Light & Blessings

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