An attitude of gratitude

  • I am so blessed to have been given and created the life I am leading now. Yes, it's hard work at times, but it's getting me where I need to go and that is extraordinary! I am so thankful for my parents, my family, my friends and everyone who has been a touchstone for me along my path so far. I am deeply thankful for Sondra Ray and her teachings that have opened me up to not only the possibility of God but the pervasive oneness that we are with God. This year has been momentous for me, from new love to complete transformation.

    Thank you Babaji, Ammachi, Jesus, Sondra, and everyone I am descended from. I am so deeply humbled by the abundance of the universe and I am full of love in thought and practice.

    With love and gratitude,


  • thank u god for everything u have given me n also for everything u have snatched from me coz i know all u do is for our u god.

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