Wat up with the Cancer Man ??

  • I have in a relationship with a Cancer man for 2years. I really love him and we have been on and off for the 2 years. Its like he has one foot in the door and one out the door. I use to date him in high school and we found each other as we got older. This and we have one daughter togather as well she is one going on two. I do love him but right we really dont speak and cant really talk to on another at this point wit out hangin up on one another. he does have a temper and always wants the reassurance and i tell him and all but when we break off im always the one going back this time and standing my ground and it looks like he is to. I just cant get throught to him. I do love him and would mind being his wife one day but he said he not ready to settle and of course he feel like we rushed into things but I know him for High school to now both of us being 30yes old he 7/15 me 7/23 I think that was are very much alike but apart in diffreent ways. I just want to know is it really over or will he come back. I tryin to stand my ground this time . wat u think?

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