Is my friend drinking ??????

  • Dear friends,

    Being new to the forum I wasn't sure where to post this, so if you see this twice, bear with me. 😃

    I have a close friend whose wife just had a baby back in sept ( 9/16) of this year. I know he had some doubts about getting married as he only agreed to common law marriage, not a full legal one, and this was when she was in her 2nd trimester already. He has never said out loud that he doesn't think the child is his, but now after the baby has been born, I think he has some doubts. My main concern however is that I have a suspicion that he is drinking. His cards always come up with drink, deceit, confusion and fighting. I would like to be sure of that before going to him and asking him if he needs help. I know many think I should go ahead and ask first, but he is a very kind, generous although proud man and if it isn't true, all **** would break loose.

    Any help, thoughts, advice ???


  • Trust your doubts. There is a lot you don't know. Asking him questions will not help you. Any suspicion expressed will not be met with an honest answer and will only convince him to cover his tracks a little better. He plays the sympathy card with you. Something will come up in the next four days that will be like a missing puzzle piece that clarifys the picture--things will start making sense. Something he says will run cold in your veins for a moment--- then he will smile and say oh he's just kidding but you will feel uneasy. Don't dismiss this feeling--no matter how nice he seems.

  • Thank you for the insight, although I must confess it did unsettle me a bit. Still, the truth is better no matter how unexpected or unsettling it may be.

    Sometimes I wonder if this is not karma being revisited. Before starting a relationship with his current "wife", he was married and had two children. He always told me that his marriage went sour and that he got a divorce prior to starting a relationship with this new woman. But my intuition tells me that things happened too soon for this to be post divorce, that they were already having an affair. But then who knows, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.....

    I personally do not know he's new wife, although people who have met her say they don't care for her. When he was married to his first wife, I know he was grounded and more approachable and that he has changed since his new marriage.

    If I may ask, could you elaborate a little bit further about the "things I don't know". Are you saying he may be leaving her? As I mentioned before, even if she stole him away from his first wife, there still is a newborn baby involved. Guess, life is just complicated.

    And is there anything I should look out for myself?


  • I think you already know there is a need for caution--you've felt uneasy for awhile. The cards echoed your fears. With this new marriage you are sensing a pattern though you can't put your finger on it. You asked if he is drinking. I see a sign saying selfdestructive. Selfdestructive people harm themselves in many ways--drink, drugs, risky relationships, and often sabotage anything good that attepts to come their way. If you knew more about his relationships with his wives and what really went on behind closed doors, I think you would be looking at another man. I do see you getting a glimps of that man soon---like I said he will say something that will give him away and you will feel it. Spirit tells you enough to be ready, to be strong and to believe you can learn from this. This is a chance for you to flex your intuitive muscle and be your own guide--with the help of the spirits who watch over you. Spirit says to ask this man about his mother.

  • So true, I have been feeling uneasy bc so many things don't add up, yet I have seen him go out of his way both professionally (he is a high-ranking healthcare executive) and personally to help many people. But as you said, sometimes what goes on behind doors and on a personal level can be a completely different story.

    I will definitely keep you posted and thank you so much for your gift of kindness.

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