What do you dream about and do you dream in color?

  • I have very in depth dreams about climbing on vehicles with a guy I have never met and repailing back down and just having fun.I Also always dream in color they say that if you dream in color that your very creative.

  • I dream about my friend who I'm worried about and I always dream in colour which I've been told is rare.

    The only black and white dreams I have are nightmares.

  • Yes I always dream in color, sometimes I dream like last night, about cosmic reactions like supernova explosions. I've never met anyone who dreams in black & white but some people told me they're not sure. Then again I have only asked a few people. I have a lot of recurring nightmares and sometimes very disturbing regular nightmares. I dream a lot about snakes and having to chop them in half lol like exterminating them! My least favorite recurring dreams are the ones where I can find any light to turn on in my house and sometimes they will flicker on and slowly die out and it doesn't make any sense to me (in the dream) because I feel like it's real life, and it's very frightening in the dream. Man, I hope I don't dream about this tonight after talking about it!!!

  • I am curious to know if a lot of people do dream in b&w, it seems like more would dream in color because it's all we see. It seems like it would take more creativity to dream to imagine your world in black and white. Maybe that was just back in the day when films were black and white, and our dreams are more dramatic they thought of them that way? Just a guess

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