Pices woman and capricorn man

  • How compatible are these two?

  • I've been seeing a capicorn for over 6 years now, I'm Pisces, he is so vague about everything. He tells me he loves me, wants to be with me but never makes any moves in that direction. He can go days without speaking to me, which cuts my heart in half, so I think he's not that into me, but when I try to break it off, he won't let me go. It feels like an emotional roller coaster ride with him. I've changed my cell no, my work and blocked him from emails but he always finds a way to contact me, then he feeds me with all these fairy tales I want to hear, telling me how much he loves me but nothing ever changes. I love him deeply but I'm becoming to emotionally distraught over the entire relationship. I hope yours is going better.

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