Need insight should i stay?

  • birth 9/12/60 in a on again off again relationship w/ a cancer man whom i love dearly.i known that he truly loves me , but i am not the only women in his life. its been 9years this way . i dont have a hard time with him being or loving her. i have learn to love myself more because of it. but she tries all she can to come between us. we have tried to be friends but she seems to blame me for all she doesn't have w/him instead of being thankful for what she has w/him . constant emotional guilt before he leaves her house and comes to mind. i live and was born in ohio. his birth 7/11/64 hers is 8/17/63 i know a great deal about cancer,leo and vigro astrology . please any understanding & knowledge will be most grateful. love & peace to all

  • I am sorry to hear that. But I am surprised that a Virgo would settle for sharing and for 9 years? What is your rising sign if you don't mind my asking. And you say you have good self esteem. I wish I knew what I can say that will help. But my feeling is you already know what you should do but want confirmation. Only you know how much more you want to be second. But I don't share and I am not a Virgo. So you will do what is healthy for you when your ready.

  • my rising sign is cancer , moon in gem. there is no cause to be sorry for all that is real is love . there are no wrong or right for all is in divine and perfect order. i like to think i am a highly evolved person in all is one . light ,dark its all the same must have one to have the other . just cant seem to understand why know one understands they always say it is self esteem. truth is i am a very confident person and thats one of the things she has a hard time with .i seem to make her feel insecure rite down to the cloths i wear i always seem to come out better no matter what in her eyes.

  • No, she is not with the program because she is getting the short end of the stick as far as her needs are concerned. Her love for this man is not subject to your rules. You are true opposites. All love good? Who on this earth has not been loved by someone who in their minds love you but don't live as if love were a VERB--actions! People have done some evil in the name of love. I see you and him do come from the same planet and you are right, self-esteem is not your issue--you are detached in the kind of way that protects you from getting attached with the same needs as most others. You are who you are. I suspect there's a heavy Mars influence in your birth chart that keeps you from the kind of intensity that comes with committment--you are really alergic to messy feelings. The man you love is a lot like you--there is a strong compatabilty. But he's not as heavly influenced by the stars as much as nurture and childhood. He has a real choice and has not made that choice yet. It's easier to be with you and you are safe cos he knows were you are comming from. BUT he yearns for more. His higher self calls for a relationship that will heal his past. He has a harder time understanding her because she represents change and he has to rethink things to get along with her. She is very resentful of you on many levels but mostly frustrated because she feels you are a bad influence on him and you hold him back from the kind of love she has to offer in helping him heal so he can progress to expieriencing true intimacy. She doesn't get you anymore than you get her. Right nowl the power is with him. She DOES have some self-esteem issues and a very big heart, the kind that comes with nurses, teachers and caregivers. If he doesn't choose her exclusively she will leave within a year from now though it may take a few breakups. He will find another unless he changes--I don't see him and you together exclusively. If anything I see the possibilty of him breaking off with you . You'd move on just fine.

  • I have a friend who is a Cancer and she is the strongest woman I know. I mean she will go for the throat when she is angry and her husband played around on her from the time she was 12. They had three out of 6 pregnancies that lived and she wouldn't marry him for many years. Because he was a player. She would find out and go looking for the woman. Beat the crap out of the woman as he was getting out of the place as fast as he could. After they got married and her youngest was almost grown she found out about him messing with a Korean woman at work. She hit the ceiling. She went out and ran the credit cards up buying furniture and a new house so she could lock him in. That didn't stop the playing. She finally agreed to a threesome just so she could have some control of things. To my knowledge he was still playing around after his heart attack and didn't stop until she moved him to Arizona and he found out last year he had cancer. He retired after the heart attack but it was only from work not playing. I can see she wasn't going to walk away and they are still together.

  • cayceatlantis,

    If you don't mind, I'd like to give you your reading off forum. I feel that its too personal and, frankly, I'm a little uncomfortable with how quickly people react to this sort of situation. If you would like me to give you what I am getting, let me know.

    Take care and know you will be ok.

    Blessings and Light

  • hisbablove , yes i would very much like and appreciate what you are getting. don't really know how you do off forum. peace

  • This post is deleted!

  • hisbablove, hi in hoping you will see this soon i have made contact . very interested in what you think. peace

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