Hans can u help I have a question

  • hello i was wondering if i could get some insight. i am trying to sell my home and would like to know if i will be successful. i am also not sure is selling my home right now is the right decision. my dob is 2/22/73. any help is greatly appreciated thank u

  • hello i was wondering if i could get some insight: you think to be over the others.

    i am trying to sell my home and would like to know if i will be successful: no.

    is selling my home right now is the right decision: no.

    my dob is 2/22/73: This speaks of changes and restlessness in your heart which can manifest in many ways. At the deepest level, you will probably be feeling a dissatisfaction with your current relationship or home situation and desire some sort of change. There is always the chance of a separation or divorce with someone you love, but there is an equal possibility that you will be taking a trip or moving to a new home. The highest manifestation is that of going out and meeting new people, telling others about what you are doing and who you are. You can make important contacts.

    any help is greatly appreciated: come out of your dreams, you must learn to trust.

    A wealthy man was returning home after a long sea

    voyage. A heavy storm overtook them and the ship was in

    danger of overturning at any moment. Everyone began to

    pray, including the rich man. At first his prayers were

    very vague, but when it became a question of life and

    death he called aloud to God and said, "If you save us

    today Lord, I shall sell my castle and distribute the

    proceeds to the poor." As it happened the storm abated

    and the ship reached shore safely. Then the rich man

    was filled with remorse. He thought the storm would

    have abated anyhow, and he had unnecessarily opened his

    loud mouth. Now that everyone had heard him, he would

    have to make good his pledge. This is why people pray

    silently, so that no one knows what bargains they

    strike with God.

    Everyone on the boat had heard the rich man's prayer,

    and as soon as the ship landed the news spread like

    wildfire. He thought and thought, until finally he

    announced his decision to sell the castle. Many buyers

    came, because it was the largest in the area. Although

    it was valued at a million €, the owner had

    imposed a strange condition. He tied a cat before the

    house and said he would sell the cat for a million and

    the house for one €. Whoever buys must take both

    offers together.

    At first people were surprised at such madness. Had

    anyone ever heard such a fantastic price for one cat --

    a million €? But buyers came all the same. What

    difference did it make to them about the price of the

    cat if they would be getting the property? So the deal

    was struck. The rich man pocketed his million €

    and distributed one € among the poor -- that being

    the price of the house.

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