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  • I am a seer and frankly I feel it is a curse because I cannot enjoy life. Many times I see things years before they happen and the info I get well --info for me I get tends to be all negative warning stuff not a lot of butterflies and rainbows. I decided to give up on the romance crap it was a waste of time to believe because all I got was heartache.

    I met someone recently lately and now I feel too jaded and crusty and I do not want to hurt this person. He seems like a very special person and I hate to think I would be sorry if I said no to someone who might offer me love and companionship.

    Being empathic I seem to have problems breaking ties to the ex who after hypnosis ( my first by the way) it seems I had a deeply traumatic past life connection to. I had dreams about him 20 years before meeting him and still feel him around me. IN fact when I do my tarot cards he is in the around me position a lot sadly. I have been trying to move on from him since I first met him.

    The new person I would like to have hope but it feels like sand running through my hands.

    We are at a distance and when I hear his voice or we chat these feelings go away. Sometimes I cannot tell what is psychic and what is not. Anyway, I hate to admit I need some guidance and life direction here. If anyone sees anything it would be appreciated. I am not one to come onto psychic forums but what I read on here I like you seem like nice folks.

    I f you want a read back let me know. thanks


  • Hi Mysteriousbones,

    I'm not psychic and I can't offer you a reading just wanted to say that I feel bad for you it must really suck to feel like what ur subject says. I have friends that are psychic and they somehow have found ways of blocking or controlling what when they see what they need to see. kinda like a light switch unless they dream it lol! hope you find a solution that works best for you too. This forum is very cool many nice folks out here. Wow, it is a blessing and a curse that's how many of my friends describe their ability. I just want to know are me and my love interest ever going to be in a serious relationship? I want to have a baby and I want to know if it will happen with him? these seem so trivial next what you guys go through. hope u find a solution soon :0) and welcome to the forum!

  • Hello Mysteriousbones,

    I do not have any psychic gifts but your problems sound very sad. I am not sure if this is a gift I would ever be comfortable with personally but there are some wonderful people on the forum who will definitely be able to help you.

    I have been through an extremely emotional and painful last seven months and some days feel completely tired and worn out with trying to cope with my hurt and that of my three children but talking on this forum has given me hope.

    Good luck with what you are going through.

    Many blessings


  • Thank you Geraldine

    I appreciate in your not feeling so up about life you reached out to me.

    I have always felt like God gave me this ability to help other people. And

    I have been very fortunate to see my predictions come true for other people.

    There comes a point when a person wold like to have something for themselves

    however sometimes all this is is just to be able to have safety and a sense of peace in our lives

    not the things we thought that would come to us...

    I try very hard not to feel sorry for myself as I work in a job where I speak to people all over the US that share their

    lives with me everyday and I feel very fortunate. A sense of gratitude is sometimes all we can ever muster.

    I also thing depression and sadness is seeing reality in life and seeing a lot of truth but a sense of humor is what we can use to over come this the best.

    Bless you



  • Dear idk78,

    Thanks for your words,

    In regards to your wanting a baby I feel that financially you could not support a child

    right now that you cannot even support yourself right now and that you tend to "dream" a lot about about a family life in order to hide from the pain from a lot of things that you don't want to go back to fix/face in your life. You instead think it is better to move forward and make everything over and new again. I feel that this might not be the best course of action and the universe is not providing you the best mate choice to be a parent for a baby.

    Instead of making life happen through what you want maybe think about why things are not happening and what needs to be worked on in your life before a baby comes a long.

    Take Care,


  • Hi MB !

    Just got in, it is very late, but saw this and had to respond. I will try and get back to you tomorrow. We have much in common from your post and could have a great chat!

    'til then!


  • Yes I would like to hear from you 🙂

  • I debated all day wether to send this. It was written late last night and finally ....

    Hi MB !

    First, thanks for your offer of a reading, but I don't need one currently. IF I do, I'll know where to find you : )

    I've been a mess lately, probably irrationally so, but I haven't wanted to reach out to anyone going through their own trying times. Selfish, yeah. I hope you understand, sometimes it is necessary to just presevre self.. When I was younger I felt this to be a curse --- I shut it off by not listening or heeding warnings. Again, it was self preservation --- What could I do? I was a kid without the ability to understand ' the monsters' and interpret what was coming at me.

    I got older and realized I have the power. I'm not a powerless child anymore. The power to figure this out for myself and the power to change whatever path I'm on or offer (free will ) a different choice to a loved one or friend. You are not powerless either.

    I was married for 20yrs. From the very beginning, every single tarot reading kept bringing up another man as my mate. I kept insisting he was Not My Mate he was so & so , that is why he is there. This, pointing at another card, is my mate. In my 10th year of marriage, I began to have dreams of another man and another life time. I had figured my abilities out by then so I knew without a shred of doubt, I needed to stay away from this man when he came into my life. The intense feelings and attraction was so strong, there was no way in heck he was going to ruin my marriage! During this time I was fighting to keep my marriage -- Well, I got divorced and 15 yrs after those dreams I met him.

    At this point, I was on a completely different life path after divorce and didn' t want this person who I knew was going to rock my world, to interfere and change a darn thing! Every card reader, my own card reading & dreams, even my ex-husband said this is The One ---- I was so stubborn, for 8yrs! I knew how I felt about him, I knew all the good and bad about him from dreams

    I just didn't want the changes he would bring --- everyone told me I was nuts! LOL! We've been married for 2yrs.

    All those wasted years …. I fought desperately to keep a marriage which ended ( forgot to say, I had 'audio confirmation' on the first husband) And I fought to keep another wonderful man at arms length. Happiness is a choice. Your gift is a choice. MB, you can use your gift to bring happiness if you chose and not bring what I called, the monsters. As a kid, all I did was "feel & see' things. My Mind was unable to figure it all out. Use your mind, not your emotions. Step back a little to feel the power of your mind over your emotions to work thru your gift and the choices it brings.

    Often I read or hear others talk about not being able to read clearly for themselves. I soooo understand this! As I said, recently I was a mess for a few days--- a basket case, then I pulled back ….. if I can give hope, choice and the power to others, Why can't I give that same gift to myself right now? My emotions, my sensing --not actual visions---got the better of me. I asked for help, something I don't do either ! I know now, I didn't really need it, But it wasn't until I asked and received responses, that I worked it out for myself.

    A part of you is choosing to stay trapped in the trauma (past & current life)of the old relationship. If you choose to 'see' all that ( tarot, hypnosis, dreams) why can't you choose to pull back and let it all go? Releasing the old will bring in the new. Why aren't you seeing this new relationship? Part of it is --- you are not crusty & jaded, just stuck.

    I believe that heartache is a part of life and everything will always be okay. I believe that saying, Change your mind, change your life. I believe, Mysteriousbones, you do know the answers.


  • Mysteriousbones, I cried when I read this,I don't know why...I guess i felt allot of sadness in your post,and I am noway psychic and I am not asking anything of you."I just felt the need to say that:)"

    I just wanted to let you know that I hope you can get some peace,someday and let love in...I see that you and Laie have allot in common and I hope she can help you.

    May God and his Angels surround you with a beautiful light filed with love and finally peace within your heart.

    This below is what made me cry.

    "I am a seer and frankly I feel it is a curse because I cannot enjoy life. Many times I see things years before they happen and the info I get well --info for me I get tends to be all negative warning stuff not a lot of butterflies and rainbows. I decided to give up on the romance **** it was a waste of time to believe because all I got was heartache."

    Hugs,Sheila from Vancouver,Canada


  • Mysteriousbones, I hope that you are doing okay..

    Hugs,Peace,Love and Light


  • I just wanted to say I totally relate to what you said. I have just gone throw all these negative dreams, each one coming true of what events played out, and it was torture just waiting for it to happen and hoping it would pass. I dream negative stuff too about other people than him. Everytime I ever went to a pyschic, they always pick up on him right away. I was in a similar situation but not quite the same. I met a guy I thought seemed special, but I know I had been trying to break up and close the door on the that ex. When I closed it, I decided to be just friends with this intrigueing new prospect instead of my normal pattern of getting involved right away. It was one of the best things I ever did. I talked with him for a year and a half and decided though I kind of developed stronger feelings for this person, he was not a compatible mate. I saved myself a much greater heart ache. I also came to realize I still really loved my ex, and that it was going to take along time to erase our thirteen years together and I needed time to process all the changes in my life. Hope this was helpful.

  • Oh and about my ex, it hurts really bad but he can't change right now bc he is in an addiction. Im not fun anymore bc I cleaned up my old ways even though he loves me. I guess I secretly play the waiting game in my heart of hearts that he will man up after all these years and treat me right. My son is another big piece to the puzzle, and i have to protect him and do what is best. It makes me feel very alone. As for that guy , I am friends with him still, but he is acting strange, keeping me distant and telling me he is dating someone but asking me if I am dating someone which I thought was strange because he asked out of no where. I can't stand the emotional rollercoasters over the years , and now I feel like I am on two. I can't concentrate on myself, I feel half alive some days. I wish I could be free of the ex mentally if he does not really care, and let myself move on and trust. But I see all men the same and have no faith in there honesty or sincerity. I wish this friend would leave me alone if he is going to act weird, and I wished I didnt care about any of this nonsense bc it feels like a waste of time. I have learned that even if I don't dream it but my gut senses it, my gut is right. It was right about the ex and my friend. hope this helped some.

  • Thank you so much for your words it really made me feel better.

  • I really can identify with your words. Especially this waste of time feeling. I am fortunate I am an artist so I put a lot of my energy into this however the heart needs love so a hobby cannot do everything. I am glad to hear you have a child out of all of this. Though it is hard to deal with this child I feel. There is a good and bad to everything I suppose.

    You know I read a really good book by Robert Moss called Unconscious Dreaming and he spoke about a woman's dream in which she was a child and had nightmare of a woman on a park bench with no nose. The woman creeped her out. The dreams haunted her for years. She meets a man and get married to him the mother and he both had a genetic problem with their noses. The mother had a nose job but the husband had to have one completely rebuilt from plastic it was false and the woman had no idea until after she knew him awhile. So the mother in law hated her and was unnaturally close to the son and turned him against her . They ended up destroying her emotionally to where she wished she had never met this man she had to quit her job divorce and move across the country. SHe realized the dream was a melding of the two people together .

    You and I have had similar dreams.

    ANd you are smart like me shutting off and changing the future events Moss write about this in his books. I went to one of his events hoping he could help me. Instead he told me ( he is supposed to be psychic) that someone I know put a curse on me.

    Now I am a practical person I don't really go for a lot of this metaphysical stuff. I mean you sound like me if you have these abilities you really don't want them a lot of times they can piss you off...

    It is like LET ME LIVE MY LIFE --STOPE TELLING ME THE END. Or tell me the end but tell me when it is happening not like so many years in advance I don't need to obsess on it.

    BUt anyway he just looked sad at me and said "Hope you feel better" like I was a nutjob " and walked away.

    Sometimes my abilities makes me see to deep into people however and I see thru their layers and how they use stuff meant to help people to make money and I am not down for this at all.

    On the subject of this friend of yours you are correct on this weird vibe I get it as well. I get a thin tall and dark with pale skin feeling from him he is a loner and quiet ( is this him?) He has a lot of emotional adjustment issues and I get like the feeling of a mirror thrown down and shattered like he is a reflection of many different things inside. This may indicate a personality issue problem which might be very confusing for you.

    With your ability you probably have a healing vibe and people will be attracted to you that are well...hmmm broken so well I don't need to tell you this you know and you know what to do you are very smart.

    Do you live in the country I see gardening you love. I feel this restores you like nothing else...

    The energy chord with the ex is strong. I find if you look at it as what you needed at the time to get into that relationship and what is different for you now this helps release the bonds.

    I feel him as a thicker stockier man with brown hair kind thinning and very aggressive he feels like a bull I feel steam out his nostrils.

    I hope to hear from you again 🙂



  • S,

    I wanted to ask you if you ever feel other people's emotions when you are around them?

    cause you do have gifts you are psychic but more in the empath mode.

    Look up empath .... 🙂


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  • Thanks so much watergirl. And yes we all need hope. The power of hope when it dims in our life makes it bleak. I guess after you hit 40 you realize a life without a mate might be a dog!

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