Fresh new start - help me up, pleaseeeee!

  • Hello everybody,

    I'd like to ask for your kind help - regarding a reading that I've done on my relationship. The context is: after lots of turmoil, me and my boyfriend decided to move on together and forget all the bad past between us. To start everything all over again, as if we never met - and to try to get to know and understand each other better. To get more intimacy from each other...

    So I've done this reading, to help me see which are the chances for us to build something together postively: i see him: Strength (self control, power of the will) i see the relationship: 8 wands (change, determination, power) he sees me: Knight of Swords (oh, I must admit I have the bad temper and impulsive actions of this knight!) he sees our relationship: Temperance (equilibrium)

    5.something about the relationship that the querent (me) has to know: 5 cups (regrets that have to be overcome)

    6. outcome: Fool (new beginning) - this is exactly what we agreed on, to give a new chance to our relationship, forget bad things, start again positively. Is this our new chance together?

    What do you think, guys? What are your opinions on this? What are our chances to succeed this time?

    Thank you.


  • This post is deleted!

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