Is he drinking ?????

  • Dear friends,

    I have a close friend whose wife just had a baby back in sept ( 9/16) of this year. I know he had some doubts about getting married, he only agreed to common law marriage, not a full legal one and this was when she was six months pregnant already. He has never said out loud that he doesn't think the child was his, but now after the baby has been born, I think he has some doubts. And I have a suspicion that he is drinking. His cards always come up with deceit, confusion and fighting. I would like to be sure of that before going to him and asking him if he needs help. I know many think I should go ahead and ask first, but he is a very kind, generous although proud Leo and if it isn't true, all hell would break loose.

    Any help, thoughts, advice ???


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  • Well if your that close you could go to him and feel it out. Ask how he likes being a dad and how family life treating you. But Leo's are funny. If your not close they want the would to think that everything is sunshine and rose colored glasses. If your close the usually spill over like the foam on a beer. I think you could say well if you need someone to talk to you know where I am. And wait. Peace and harmony hope its not what you feel.

  • I should have proof read.

  • Thank you for the bump, Wenchie !!!! =).

    Libra, don't worry, I understood what you meant.

    While we are close friends, I don't feel we are close enough for me to ask that question w/o having some strong basis for it. Sometimes I wonder if this is not karma being revisited. Before starting a relationship with his current "wife", he was married and had two children. He always told me that his marriage went sour and that he got a divorce prior to starting a relationship with this new woman. But I intuition tells me that things happened too soon for this to be post divorce, that they were already having an affair. But then who knows, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.....

    Either way, I am still concerned since as I had mentioned before he is a kind and generous man who has helped many, both personally and professionally, and hope that if he is in need of help, someone will be there to give him a hand.


  • Tell him that you are concerned about him. Tell him you sense something isn't right. Ask him if there is anything he would like to talk about and let him know you are there to listien. This will open the door for communication to flow freely. If he wants to talk he will. This way you don't have to be as direct with the drinking question. lol

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